My Life Monday #6

July 2, 2017

Wooooooooooo. I don’t know. I’m just writing. This is how my mind works.

How are you? I’m doing well if you were curious. Having one of the greatest summers of my entire life.

Sorry for not posting on Friday this was my week:

Let’s start from what went down at the beginning of this week. Working out is so, so difficult right now. I am in so much pain, and working and working out twice a day is killer on me. I was alo in a little rut this week of the month, so I will hopefully be ready the next day.

Monday I was doing the best that I could, but I was also out riding my horse in the evening when it was cooler. I put on a good ride and my legs were screaming. But I think one of the best parts were I got to see one of my favorite people in the whole world. She is addicted to horse riding and I only see her once a year for fair, and it was amazing to see her.

Look, personally I am a goal oriented person and I am doing things all the time. It is so hard to be self motivated sometimes but I find that without even knowing I have to be around people that work hard and are goal oriented to and have a good energy that helps me. Most of my friends in school are honestly too young to be as self motivated as me, but they feel me with good vibes, but my older friends really push me and help me to push myself. It’s all just good vibes and it makes me happy.

We worked really hard on my horse riding skills so I could kill showmanship, and I gave it my all.

The next day was the horse show. I was up bright and early, got down to the show. My beautiful boy Halo was all ready to go. We won second in advanced, second in trail, second in equestrian, first in western pleasure, and first in horsemanship. It was amazing, I gave it my all, and I had such a good time. I was with this family that I only see once a year but all we did was lift each other up and congratulate each other, and we had an amazing time. Good vibes.

Wednesday, Thursday were surviving, but Friday. Friday I got to see somebody that I love very much. We have known each other since I was 9. She graduated this year and I absolutely love her. I slept over at her house for what was supposed to be one day, but ended up being two. We were clipping goats for fair, and I will tell you, that binds friends together. It was so amazing to be with her, and around her good energy. Her sister is also amazing and made funnel cakes. Uuuuugh so good. Because we’ve been going to fair together for years I felt comfortable with her family and their was no awkward period where you try and be on your best behavior, it was all super chill.

Nothing but good vibes and lots of goats. I can’t wait to see her at fair in a week, and again before she leaves to college.

Saturday and Sunday were spent clipping goats. My allergies were going off. But it was great being with those people and to sleep in my own bed.

So anyways that’s why I forgot to change the pictures a few days ago and yeah. Wow I’m such a good writer… and yeah. Okay I should stop while I’m ahead, catch ya on the flip side.



April 23, 2017 6:47pm

My Life Monday #1

What’s cooking good looking? Isn’t it about time for an update? Well, you probably don’t care but I hope you read on. Today is the last day of spring break I am mentally hanging on by a thread. I went to church and everybody was talking about school, and I told them to stop using the “S Word” man that word sends shivers down my spine.

So, I have school tomorrow. WAIT. Did you feel that shiver too? I guess it’s just me. I thought I might recap Spring Break 2017.  I got a lot of time to relax. My friends and I made a lot of plans. I also did a lot of work, my goats are now in my opinion as fair ready as they can get, and I had a lot of good vibes.

My friends John, Victor, and JoJo all got together at my house so they could film at my house for their YouTube channels, and so I could film some things for a possible Film Friday. We took a surprisingly huge amount of Polaroid pictures, watched Nacho Libre and stuffed our faces with pizza, chips, and marshmallows. To top it all of I can’t hang out with JoJo without fighting, and we ended up fighting over the couch. It was a good night.

We took a lot of Polaroids…

My camera Brendon also broke. It scares me every time I think of it. I will probably lose my gig taking prom pictures for my friend, and that camera was like a piece of me because I love photography and now I don’t have a camera.

I am also starting to try and run more, I am running the mile at about 10-11 minutes, once I get into single diet minutes on my mile, I’ll start running two miles. I haven’t been consistently in shape, and not consistently eating healthy, but I am still in shape and still trying to eat healthy. I used to always show during the summer, but now I don’t have to! That means that although I have a lot of work to do, I can do actual full time workouts and have a lot of time to myself, and if JoJo isn’t always at summer camp, and some of my other friends are free we can hang more.

I should stop thinking about the future and focus about the present, because I have to pass my first drivers ed test so that when I turn 15 1/2 I can get my drivers permit. I don’t need to drive, but I would like to have my licence before I go to college, and it’s not like I’m going to have a car and be able to drive to school. Let’s be real high school isn’t a movie. I also need to get a handle on whatever the heck is going on in Geometry I love math, especially algebra but I have to understand how to take the numbers that are in the shapes and put them into the algebraic equations.

In all honesty despite how much I don’t want to go back to Hell (what me and my friends refer to as school), I only have to go for a week, because then the next week I am gone to the fair for another week with no school. But in reality I need to get everything squared away with my teachers so that I can keep my grades up. Last time I was gone for a week none of my teachers gave me the respected amount of time to make it up, not to mention every single teacher has a different confusing policy on how to make up the dang assignments.

But fair week will be great. So much junk food, and my friends and I planed a ride night so we can ride all the rides at the fair. It’s partially for JoJo’s birthday, the rest of the reason for having one is because all of my friends need to experience a ride night at a fair.

As usual this was all over the place, I’ll work on that but for now I’ll catch ya on the flip side.






Chapter Reviews

So, I understand the fact that I have written a bunch of stories off and on, and over time I surprisingly have gained subscribers and followers. I normally write a chapter for the sories every other week… if I can. The two stories I have right now are The Telepathy Twins, and It Girl.

It Girl:

It Girl is the story of Skyler the shy cello playing girl that keeps it safe, but lets her emotions out on paper, and Annabelle, the rebellious lonely girl that hides all her pain. These two bumped into each other once but it didn’t entirely go well. In the second and third chapters we learn about the characters, and how they feel inside. Towards the fourth chapter the two of them start to collide in each other’s world again, being that they haven’t seen each other since. We also find that Skyler is a girl of high anxiety, and has a crush too.

At this point if you can’t tell something has to do with the two girls, Skyler and Annabelle, but you have to continue to read to find out the hell high school puts them through.

The Telepathy Twins:

It was suggested by my good friend JoJo to write this story. A story of a telepathic girl and a telekinetic boy, and brother and sister. I love this story, so the two of them always travel, because they can’t stay in one place for long. They traveled with their uncle Chase, the only person that knew their secret when they traveled to Arizona something happened to him. The twins are 17 but still technically minors, and even they don’t know the secret of what is wrong with themselves. They caught a ride from a man who turned out to be an agent sent to kidnap them. Now they are staying at a diner with a man who is giving them a roof over their heads in exchange for labor in the diner. They have no idea what makes them special, but they have no clue who to trust.

I will encourage you to read my past chapters to understand and to keep up with my stories. I post Short Story Mondays, and Photography Fridays. I usually post It Girl chapters every other week on Short Story Mondays, and I normally like to tell The Telepathy Twins stories with my original photography so I post chapters every other week on Photography Fridays. I wish you happy reading, and if you could like and subscribe to my blog, and comment bellow ideas for the next chapters and comment bellow what content you want to see.

So, I guess I’ll catch ya on the flip side.


February 27, 2017

My Faith Monday #1

Hello everyone, I’m trying out My Faith Mondays for a chance. I think I totally have stuff to talk about. I have absolutely no clue where to start. Life has been good, but I don’t think my relationship with God has been as tight as it used to. I was seriously tossed into a hurricane last summer, and out of it all I was alone, but I figured out who I am, who I want to be, what I do and don’t like, what I believe in, and what I don’t, and so on, so fourth. One of the things I learned about myself is my top five fears.

  1. Not living
  2. Failure
  3. Being left
  4. Relationships
  5. Scorpions

So, I have randomly started being paranoid about my third worst fear, being left. I have been left by a lot of people last year, and it felt liberating, but I really cared about them. I have never had such a good set of friends until this year. Every other friend I had put me down. It hurt but I had nobody. Because of the summer I spent getting to know myself, I learned how to love myself, and adore being alone. But now that I have a good group of friends they mean so much to me. I’ve gotten close with a few of them. I’ve known my friend Victor since 2nd grade, and I actually confide in him sometimes
(surprising, because I have really bad trust issues). JoJo, now he’s my best friend. I’ve only known him this year, and to be honest I think he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and as a friend I love him and all my boys to death. We have just finally started to connect without having to play truth in our conversations, we can actually talk, but like last time right when we both got to know each other, and I cared about the other person, they decided to leave. Now I am so afraid it’s going to happen.

Back to the paranoia, so now that I have a group of friends I really love I have been so worried that they’re going to leave. I know they most likely won’t but last time I loved my friends and they left. I am fine with being alone, but as I’ve said, I really care about these guys. I’ve been trying to do a short bible study on my mobile bible app, to help with my anxiety and today’s devotional brought up something so important. If I want to trust in God I have to actually let him be within me. I have to actually let my guard down. Anyone who actually knows me knows I have real trust issues, and to even let God in now that I think about it is difficult. I would be hanging out with my close friend my mind would tell me not to get to close, and not to get attached because they were all going to leave me. You’d think I’d have more faith and less fear in both my friends and my God.

I can’t believe myself. The guys and I hung out for a long time yesterday, and they put up with my annoying self, and my inability to play pool, and I still think that they don’t like me, and that they want to leave. I have that quality that sometimes annoys people, especially now that people are so sensitive.I don’t think I’d be able to handle being left again if anything did happen.

Even when I went to church the pastor was talking about telling the people you care about that you care about them. Who knows maybe this is my way of saying thank you, and I love you to my friends.

In the end I think I need to get out of my own head, and let God in, because being paranoid of  being left. I have never had such good friends that I could depend on until this year, and it means so much to me. I am grateful to be able to have them. Freaking anxiety making me get in my own head.

This might have been annoying, but I really needed to talk, thanks for reading this if you actually read it all. Please like and subscribe for more.

God be with you, have a good life, and catch ya on the flip side.




February 25, 2017 11:25pm

Man was I determined to stay up past 8:30pm tonight.

Good day everyone! I sound like Joey Graceffa… I hope your day was good, mine was fantastic. If you care to hear about it, read on.

The day started at 5:30am… on a Saturday. I woke up early and eager (well, somewhat happy) looking forward to this photoshoot my Mom and I were going to go on. Wow, it was fantastic. I think I finally have the right stuff to change up the blog for spring! The trip was so much fun. It involved a lot of screaming “PULL OVER!” for this and that, but it was totally worth it. Some of it also involved riding in the very back of the pick up truck just to get the right shot. I remember I asked my Mom if she could take a picture of me. She agreed to, so I hopped into a position. “You’re not going to look at the camera?” she asked. I most certainly did not. In the end we got a lot of good pictures, one of which was a perfect high quality picture that my Mom took of me up close… with three chings. I looked fantastic. As usual. Getting to that scenic destination at first light was key, and it made all the difference in the world.

We listened to a lot of good music. I almost died when “Highway to Hell” came on. My Spotify is ispat1000 and I have such diverse taste, I am what my friends call me “Band Trash”.

I had a great time with my Mom, and for waking up so early I was doing just fine. We got home around 10:00am. When my father eagerly put us to work doing things around the house. I swear most of our ‘family bonding’ is normally found when we’re working.

With an hour and 3o minutes to spare I decided to get ready for my bestie JoJo’s ‘party’. Dude, I know you’re reading this, that was not a party, but it was the dopest hang out ever thanks bro. I got ready, and was honestly looking good. Now, I hang out with a lot of guys, and I am most definitely the short one of the group. I get picked on alot for it. But, that’s friendship. So, JoJo’s dad got in on it, and told me he got a special vegetarian pizza, and some salad for me, so I would grow. JoJo, tell him I said thanks for looking out for my health. Long story short I stuffed my face with meat lover’s pizza. We mainly hung out in JoJo’s garage which is a pretty dope hang out. Pool table, TV, video games, punching bag, lots of chairs, karaoke, and we had a speaker.

I learned how to play pool. I had no idea how to play the game, so I went up against my friend Victor who sort of knew how to play the game, and I won. I will forever rub that in his face, because that’s our friendship.

We watched Suicide Squad. Everyone had watched it except me. I didn’t cry. No way I was gonna cry in front of the guys! But I really liked it. We played more pool, drank a lot of soda and next thing you know it’s almost 11:00pm. So we sneak in a little karaoke for the road, then we part ways. But, I wasn’t about to leave without a polaroid.

In all honesty today was one of the best days that I’ve had in awhile, and I’m so blessed to be able to have them.

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Hope you have a good life, and catch ya on the flip side!


Good Night, Good Vibes, and Good, Good People


Music Monday #1

Happy Monday everyone! Said no one ever. Monday sucks, but what doesn’t suck is music. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. You listen to music in one ear bud and go about your day, and everything just has a certain vibe, and you feel more alive. In our playlists you can find the evolution of us, and I have been a hard core, band trash, music loving freak for about three years now.

Spotify: ispat1000

I have 5 playlists all with over 200 songs, and I am constantly updating them.

Now to talk music!

I have been into Hey Violet lately. They ar the band that sings “Guys My Age” All my friends know I’ve been raving about them so, so much. All of my friends know I talk about them way, way too much. Their old stuff is Pop Rock, and I love it. But if we’re talking about their new stuff, “Brand New Moves” is so good, and I have found that this band is so good at playing songs stripped.

Let’s talk about The Chainsmokers. Holy crap The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers released their new song “Paris” Not to long ago, I think last month actually. I just found that this song gave me the best good vibes. It made me think wanderlust, and made me super calm. Ugh it’s so cool. But the have released about six remixes so I am going to review them. And then review the new music video.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Pegboard  Nerds Remix)

I am not a fan of this one. This remix is my least favorite. It starts out with vocals almost sounding like a wedding song, band then it has this weird beat drop and complete transition into this sound that is nothing like the intro of the song and nothing like the original, I think this remix is all over the place and annoying, but that’s just me.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (LOUDPVCK Remix)

I like this one. The original “Paris” song is something hard to remix and doesn’t give many bits and pieces to remix but I feel like these people did a good job. Especially in the chorus, it feels like something that you can dance to, but not particularly, it’s got more of a remixed tone that you would use in the background of a travel video, or you would play in the car for good vibes.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Jewelz & Sparks Remix)

They use the original intro with a bit of a twist, which I like because it doesn’t give away too much. They add a nice beat, and you can tell the song is slightly sped up. The bridge is interesting. I like it. Chorus is definitely made for dancing, especially more hip hop dances, and dances that incorporate more footwork to a deeper beat. But this song always makes the original song more alive while still keeping the good vibes.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (VINAL Remix)

I like the intro, and it uses what in the original song is the final bridge to make the intro. The build up is original but still ties to the song. The song is pitched in a higher tone. Definitely better for dancing in my opinion. I’m not a fan of this one as much as the other ones, but this one is definitely beautiful.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Party Thieves Remix)

The intro is awkwardly sped up. It’s got more of a forest calm with whispering voices vibe. I’m not a fan, but let’s hear the chorus. The chorus has parts I like and don’t like, but overall I think the sound is unique. I may not like it that much, but It’s great to dance to.

Last, but not least.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (FKYA Remix)

This one is more contemporary, and I like it. It stays true to the original while being original in itself. This gives you shiver down your spine good vibes, this one is most like the original song. I really like it.

Now for The Chainsmokers “Paris” Music video

The music video has this girl sitting on a bed, with a fiery eye shadow. She looks depressed, and scared. As she wanders this home where she finds a bae window. Soon as she looks out it you get a view of the people on the ground. The house is floating she looks relieved, happy, and wanderlust. She seems so happy. She shouts out it, she leans out it, until finally she jumps. Halfway through she looks like she’s thinking that that was one hell of a bad idea, until she wakes up in her bed.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the new The Chainsmokers “Paris” remixes. If you find me tolerable and want more, please like and subscribe for more, until then…

Catch ya on the flip  side!


February 19, 2017 8:36pm

Now that winter is here, as lovely and beautiful as it is, sometimes it has you boxed in, so after church I spent an hour calling up friends. I was on the phone for an hour with JoJo listening to him and his sister argue about what to watch on TV, and added to the conversation a bit. Until Andrea and I figured out we can hang out.

If you remember her, I talked about her a bit. I gave her some advice a few times. We decided to hang out, then found out we’re only seven minutes away from each other.

We talked for awhile threw a yoga ball at each others faces (long story) took Snap Chats, made mug cakes, watched Finding Dory, and we took Polaroid pictures.

It’s a thing I do. When people come over to my house I take a polaroid of them, or with them, and the n put it on the wall. At the end of the year you reflect upon all the good times and all the people that love you and I put them in my journal.

I bring my camera with me everywhere, but I still don’t have any good shots of anything. Everything is fodder and almond trees are starting to blossom. That’s how you know it’s spring where I live. When the almond trees start to bloom. But now that the almond trees were blooming, and everything was flooded, you’d think you can find something.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at three in the morning and take my Dad to the airport. The airport is so far away though, that if it isn’t raining, it would be the perfect time to go on a photography trip.

My Mom and I we’re wandering around, and we found this spectacular view. We wrote it down in case we could ever make it back, but so far we haven’t so maybe if we’re lucky tomorrow and the weather grants us, I’ll get some great spring shots.

I hope you have a good week. I am going to have a good week this week, because I have Monday off EYY.

Catch ya on the flip side!




February 11, 2017 6:59pm

Wow, I just changed up the entire blog, and I love it. I am so proud of the look. Wow, it took a long time to get it that way, but I love the way it looked, I added some event calendars in the hopes that the calendars will make me pre write more stories. I am going for a photoshoot some time in the future, maybe with some friends, maybe on my own, long story short I love where this blog is going.

I am still trying to find a personal logo for this blog. I love logos, I write band logos on my hand all the time. I want an original logo like the Twenty One Pilots logo (|-/) because it means something to them.

I am also trying to find a name for the squad. For example:

Mylifeaseva’s followers: The Evanators

Meredith Foster’s followers: Merebears

Nikki and Gabby followers: The Delmar Fam

Alisha Marie (used to be Macbby11) Followers: Macbbys

Get the picture?

Anny ideas, put it in the comments. Long story short, I love the way my blog is looking, I am hoping to get more out of it once soccer season is over, and go even further. Thanks to all of my subscribers for putting up with me, and thanks to everyone who liked my blogs. Once again thanks to my Mom, Gabby my darling Gazelle, and JoJo who puts up with way too much of my craziness and reads almost all of my long winded blogs. So subscribe if you like, and subscribe if you like my content. Comment if you have any ideas, and I guess I’ll just…

Catch ya on the flip side!


February 10, 2017 9:51am

I have the hardest time keeping my life together. I’m doing okay, but I’m just trying to keep up assignments and make it through the endless labyrinth of clothes that is my room. Mentally I am doing just fine, but physically I am blessed that today is Friday.

Before I go to school, I check my computer to see the blog, probably one of the reasons why I’m almost late, and I have found that two more people are subscribed to my blog now, and several people find the need to like my blogs and I am very grateful about that.

I started writing this blog yesterday if I’m being honest, but once again life decided I wouldn’t post it.

Soccer season ends on monday… How insane is that? Maybe just for me. Normally I am the strong introvert with high anxiety of talking to people, but I was a part of a team. It felt great. I’ve been playing soccer for over six years now. This was the first year I got to be apart of a school team. Now, if I ever felt anxiety while talking to new people I sure as heck feel it when I talk to people from my school. When, in actuality I didn’t fit in all completely, it’s high school, but I made a few new friends, and got closer with a few people. I can say that #6 Andrea is one of my friends, we would walk to McDonalds when practice was canceled and talk, and I would give her advice, and I got closer with Itzel whom I have known forever, she was actually the Coach’s Assistant. Her sister got on the team, but she didn’t. We had a great time together, she would braid almost the entire team’s hair before games. I remember our P.E teacher got mad when Itzel showed up in the girls locker room when we were changing getting ready for a game, because where the team goes, Itzel goes too. Or as we call her Huera.

JoJo must be feeling it too, his last basketball game is on Tuesday. Although, he’s going out for gus volleyball, I have heard from many accounts that he is “kick ass at volleyball.” Excited to see some of his games, it’s a good reason to get out of the house, because it sounds like once soccer season’s over it’s all about FFA and livestock, I agree to disagree. It’s about having some livestock that will change the game for the three county fairs that I am attending, to eat healthy and stay fit for cross country, to continue to have a relationship with my friends, and to grow and expand with this blog. Now, that sounds good do me.

We have a five day weekend coming up this week, and my parents promised me a photography trip, so be expecting a change in the site, and some spring pictures. Maybe, just maybe, I can keep up with my stories once soccer season is over too, maybe I’ll have time to make a schedule, maybe I’m asking for too much, but I just want to try.

I guess Valentines Day is coming up. I could care less, I’m not exactly wanting a boyfriend. I enjoy being single, but every single person gets a little lonely now and then, but when I think about all the political drama it is to have a boyfriend in highschool I realize it’s too much work. I barely understand how to say ‘hello’ to a human. If you’re one of those that feels lonely, don’t be. If you have good friends make them your valentine, but I think the whole holiday is stupid, but I’m just in it for all the candy that goes for discount the next day. Ooh maybe they’ll have those huge teddy bears on sale the day after valentines!

I am so all over the place, like usual, but like usual, please subscribe for more, and if you find me tolerable please like.

Catch ya on the flip side!