Winter Homecoming 2k17

Photography Friday February 17, 2017

Winter Homecoming 2K17

Picture one is my guy friends and I in Pre Wrap for our first winter homecoming. They asked for Pre Wrap and I told him that we had to take a picture together. These dudes are the coolest guys despite what the status quo of high school says. They treat me like one of the guys but respect me like I’m a woman. Ladies get yourself a man that can do both, these guys are single by the way.

Looking badass in Pre Wrap

I normally don’t like taking selfies, but I felt selfies were in order for this occasion.

I wore this all day, and all night when I went to JoJo’s homecoming game. I had a great day with him and his family.

Shaggy and Minne. Dress up days with my bestie.

I have had people come and go through my life, but these two guys have stayed constant. I have know the guy in the Minnie ears since 2nd grade, and we’ve always been able to talk to each other. The handsome man up top with my beautiful self is my best friend JoJo, him on the contrary I have only know since the beginning of freshman year, and he was the one who stayed, and he’s probably the best friend I will ever have.

Minnie and me.

Note about high school: always do the dress up days, even if it’s a low key detailing for spirit, always do the dress up days. And above all, whatever you do, take pictures.

My instagram is basically just a lookbook of the evolution of me.

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January 19, 2017 6:51pm

Hello beautifuls how are you today? I’m sorry for not blogging yesterday… if anyone cared. I felt very unmotivated. I can’t believe I felt that way, but I did. I want to thank everyone that took time out of their day to read this, like my last blog post and everyone that cared enough to subscribe and listen to what I have to say. It meant so much to me to wake up and see I had six likes and ten subscribers. I don’t care about numbers, but I do care about my writing and photography. So thank you, you are the true MVP’s.

I’ve been very stressed lately… I have several tests tomorrow and lot’s of homework to catch up on, and I am still struggling to write the next chapter of The Telepathy Twins by tomorrow for #photographyfidays… yes, I am making that a thing. Editing pictures takes awhile so I can compile them into a story. Who knows maybe I’ll show you some of my pictures and talk about them. Comment bellow if you want to see that. I’ve been having writers block (that never happens) but luckily JoJo helped give me some ideas ( back to the stress I was feeling, instead of moping about it, I took every second of every class and every lunch I had to do homework (although I had meetings at lunch, so when I got out I took what five minutes I had left to work). And, man does being productive feel good! I got so much done today, and learned the true meaning of multitasking. I feel like the bawse up in here like a total queen (more than I usually do). I feel like what always pushes me forward in being productive is IISuperwomanII on YouTube. When I’m not busy I watch her vlogs, and all she has going on, and how she says it’s a glorious day, and makes it so good. She has set a really fantastic example in my life. So blessed to be able to watch her on YouTube.

On a completely different note, I had a soccer game, due to weather my team and I have been unable to play for an entire week! But we did a fantastic job. We lost 0-2. Now let me explain. The first goal came in by surprise, but we fought until the very end. I was super aggressive… (more than I usually am on a daily basis… because  I hang out with guys that like sports so tackling, and punching is usually a daily) which was fantastic, because I was pushing girls over and taking the ball. I actually had a girl tell me to “Watch my back.” I had been pushing her around all game (like a good defender should) and she got so mad. I laughed because she’s so small she can’t push me back. I am very solidly built. My initial response was “Excuse you!” in a very sassy voice. I could have said if you would watch yourself you wouldn’t run into me or something along those lines, but I felt not go there. But then her snarky little team mate cuts in with the most valley girl voice and says “You heard her, watch it!” I was rolling on the floor laughing. I continued to push her… because she had the ball. The second goal was scored because they pulled and tackled our goalie. Their excuse: “Sorry, caught in the moment.” Our goalie’s exact words “I had to refrain from punching her in the face.” Such a funny game, but for no practice all week, I am quite proud of myself, and the entire team.

JoJo came to watch, he had just taken pictures for basketball. He was freezing, because being that their was a huge storm the day before the winds were picking up, but God bless, because it was a lovely game. Where as guys soccer had to play yesterday in a raging storms with winds ten MPH away from being hurricane levels. After the game I asked JoJo if he needed a ride, so my parents took us all out for dinner at Subway, we had a good time fighting in the line… As I had a moral debate Nacho Cheese Doritos, or Flaming Hot Cheetos. I changed my mind maybe three times. Afterwards we ate our sandwiches with our mouths open and talked about food. Then week took JoJo home where my Dad proceeded to tell him that we know where he lives then called him Precious.

I had a really great day, and I didn’t get everything I wanted done today, but everything will get done by tomorrow, and tomorrow will be a fantastic day! And yours will be too if you want it to be.

Good Vibes=Good Life

Catch ya on the flip side!


The Telepathy Twins: Chapter One

The girl and and her brother had to flee. Strangers in a strange place once again. This is the fifteenth time they had found themselves fleeing again. It’s always for different reasons, this time someone got too close. They have been to fifteen out of all fifty states in the United States of America. The girl’s name was Adla and the boy’s name was Adam. Twins in fact. If you don’t believe in telepathy, you do when you meet these two. trouble just seems to follow them like a shadow wherever they walked. it was never harm by choice, but their was an incident where people died at Adla and Adam’s hands.

It’s always a mysterious trouble that follows these two, never anything normal.

This is a view of what Adla saw outside her passenger side mirror as their uncle drove them out of California, never to return.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

“Where are we going?” Adla asked. “That’s for me to know and you to find out” replied Chase.  “So we’ll find out if you tell us” Adam said responding in a snarky tone. “Too bad I’m not telling you” said Chase. Under their breath you could hear the twins groan.

Adla just stared out the window as they passed by mountains, livestock, powder marshmallow clouds, and miles and miles of dead grass. But Adam on the other hand could not keep his sanity, he scrambled to untangle his ear buds. The only way to pass the time and keep the demons at bay.


“Home sweet home boys and girls!” Chase yelled so loud that our neighbours could hear him… if we had anny. “Not much of a home” replied Adam. Can’t blame him, I mean they were about to move into a house an hour away from town with a broken window and so much dust on the floor it looked about an inch thick!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Adla just looked at her brother and told him without even moving her lips that she didn’t want to be here.

“Want some dinner? If we head out to town now it won’t get too dark soon.” said Chase. “Yeah, town’s only an hour away” said Adam. “Look guys, I am trying to do the very best I can the human race isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and we both know that you two telepathy twins aren’t human.”

Adla just took her one bag of things and took it to a suitable room where she sat in a room, got a sketchbook out and a pencil and started to sketch. She was sketching a place far away, but in the corner of the picture in the shadow of the cloud in the sky you could see a face, and it wasn’t a pleasant one either.

Adam walked in and knocked on Adla’s open room door.”How are you feeling?” Adam asked. Adla looked up at her brother’s pale face and told him that she was quite shook but did not utter a move. “Your telepathy should not be a way to run away from your feelings” said Adam. “What feelings?” Adla said. As Adam walked out of her room closing the toor behind him with such a gentle touch. In fact, he didn’t even touch the door when he closed it, he moved it with is mind,

Adla and Adam were sent down to town to go get some food. In such a rural place like where they were at, the only restaurant there was a place where grease was a vital part of every piece of food they served. It would have been a two hour long torturing silent drive from town to home if it wasn’t for Adam’s playlists.

“I just want us to be normal” Adam said, “but that will never happen, so if we can’t be normal I just want us, want you Adla to feel okay.”

Adla looked at Adam and transferred a message through his mind and said it’s okay that I’m not okay.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Once they got home Adam kicked the door open as Adla silently followed holding the bag of greasy junk food. “Honey we’re home!” Adam yelled. No reply. “Chase?!” Adla screamed, and Adla’s not the type to scream because she could sense that something was wrong. They walked into the room that Chase was starting to settle into where he was going to make it his own, but sadly was unable because he had been shot. Bullet to the head. “What could have possibly happened?” said Adla aloud. With tears in her eyes she said it again in a louder screeching tone here you can feel the tears in her eyes as she asked the question. “What happened?!”

There was a note on his chest. It said you are unwanted as Adam too could feel a tear well up in his eyes. Only after fifteen minutes of their arrival their truck got shot. Adam went to go see what had happened. The shot blew the breaks off. Adam came back in, opening the door with his mind and mentally started gathering close and other important items he had just struggled with unpacking not too long ago. While Adla was mourning Adam was packing up her things too.

Adam came in trainkwilly and put his hand on Adla’s shoulder and told her it was time to go. As she spoke to him in his head, we can’t just leave him here.

So adam took the risk and took him outside where they buried Chase. Risking the chance of being shot. They had no clue where to go, they just knew they had to leave.


Luckily for both of them Adla could also talk to animal’s minds, so she was able to gain the trust of a horse named Dimond relatively quickly. They calmly walked out off the property trying not to make a sound, but with the two of them riding bareback on one horse with a bag with their things you could not be exactly running at full speeds. Adam was still listening to his music even in this hour of destress. And Adla just tried to stay calm as they rode out. It was now about four pm in the afternoon, they were almost out of the mountains so they decided to let Dimond go free, where some rancher would find him safe.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The telepathy twins somehow found themselves wandering into Dillonvale where they found an old pay phone.They have absolutely nothing, but they still scrounged up enough money to call for a cab, even if they can’t pay for one. God have mercy on their souls, if they have one.