It Girl: Chapter Five

The two of them sat in silence for awhile. Then Annabelle started to break the ice “Some conversation we are having” she said.

“I’m sorry” Skyler responded. “If I’m being honest I thought that talking to be you would be cool, you seem really cool, but my anxiety always gets in the way. It did the first time we met and it’s still getting away now, I don’t have any friends so I wouldn’t know how to talk to you, I get it if you want to leave”

Annabelle just sat there, and looked at her, then looked forward.

“I’m not gonna leave” she said.

Skyler just decided there and take the approach of shutting up and looking cool like Annabelle instead of overthinking everything.

“Okay” Skyler responded.

The bell rang.

“What class do you have next?” Annabelle asked.

“Nothing, free period” Skyler responded. “How about you?” she followed up.

“Whenever I want is a free period”. Annabelle said while standing up on a chair in the band room dramatically.

The two of them, they had been completely unable to speak for such a long time decided to leave to hang out.

Annabelle jumped down form the chair, and stuck her hand out. Skyler with a curious look on her face decided to take her hand and they left out of the room running.

The End.

Chapter Reviews

So, I understand the fact that I have written a bunch of stories off and on, and over time I surprisingly have gained subscribers and followers. I normally write a chapter for the sories every other week… if I can. The two stories I have right now are The Telepathy Twins, and It Girl.

It Girl:

It Girl is the story of Skyler the shy cello playing girl that keeps it safe, but lets her emotions out on paper, and Annabelle, the rebellious lonely girl that hides all her pain. These two bumped into each other once but it didn’t entirely go well. In the second and third chapters we learn about the characters, and how they feel inside. Towards the fourth chapter the two of them start to collide in each other’s world again, being that they haven’t seen each other since. We also find that Skyler is a girl of high anxiety, and has a crush too.

At this point if you can’t tell something has to do with the two girls, Skyler and Annabelle, but you have to continue to read to find out the hell high school puts them through.

The Telepathy Twins:

It was suggested by my good friend JoJo to write this story. A story of a telepathic girl and a telekinetic boy, and brother and sister. I love this story, so the two of them always travel, because they can’t stay in one place for long. They traveled with their uncle Chase, the only person that knew their secret when they traveled to Arizona something happened to him. The twins are 17 but still technically minors, and even they don’t know the secret of what is wrong with themselves. They caught a ride from a man who turned out to be an agent sent to kidnap them. Now they are staying at a diner with a man who is giving them a roof over their heads in exchange for labor in the diner. They have no idea what makes them special, but they have no clue who to trust.

I will encourage you to read my past chapters to understand and to keep up with my stories. I post Short Story Mondays, and Photography Fridays. I usually post It Girl chapters every other week on Short Story Mondays, and I normally like to tell The Telepathy Twins stories with my original photography so I post chapters every other week on Photography Fridays. I wish you happy reading, and if you could like and subscribe to my blog, and comment bellow ideas for the next chapters and comment bellow what content you want to see.

So, I guess I’ll catch ya on the flip side.