Quote Wednesday #17

“When you’re up there on that mountain running you realize. You’re not running to lose weight, you’re not running because you should, you’re not running because some P.E. teacher told you to. No. You’re running for you, to feel free and alive.”

-Me (What I hope to be is the Cross Country page quote in next year’s year book 😉


My Faith Monday #4

July 6, 2017

Hello to the internet. How is everyone doing? I’m sore, but I’m doing quite well. I am so focused on training it’s ridiculous, but I love it. I want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and has liked and subscribed and commented on my post, that means everything to me.

So I decided to do a My Faith Monday post because my faith has come a long way. In the last post I described that you get into habits with faith and you find the most amazing things happening (My Faith Monday #3) and I also go over how to get into those habits. This is the evolution of those habits. My body hurts so much but I’m pushing myself more and more in every run. I call on God when I need strength, and sometimes the pain is eased, or even better the big guy blesses my playlist with that epic track that makes me sprint after already running for 30m. And when you’re a band trash freak with Spotify, but not spotify premium because you can’t afford that as a teen (shameless self promo Spotify ispat1000) and you get blessed with that epic track it means everything.

Speaking from experience when you call on God when you’re going through a hard time times can get even harder, but you have to keep the faith. Because when things seem to get worse God is working in your life. It may not seem like it but when it gets hardest is when you need to have His faith and support to help you face your fears. That’s the hard thing, when you call on him, and things ultimately get as bad as they seem they can get that’s the time you need to stand up and face your fears, because it will always get better.

I was so scared of Cross Country for awhile. Scared of the pain, scared of falling, and failing. But I made a commitment, and although I may be slow, I am running the right amount of miles I should be. I had to face my fear. Sure I go through pain, but when I get out there to run I feel free and alive, and I feel stronger than I ever could be when I sprint when everything hurts,  it’s like cutting through air and sometimes I actually scream because of how much  it hurts but I know I can handle it. I’m not pushing myself too hard. It may be hard, but Philippians 4:3 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (I wrote that on my Nikes, that’s why I remember it. )

So remember when you call on God amazing things can happen and he will meet you halfway, as long as you take his hand and face your fears, you will never be alone. Things can always get better.

Thanks again for all the support, please like and subscribe, and comment for more, and check out my Instagram @thatgirlissie I post every time a blog post goes up.

Remember I’m speaking from experience, I’ll catch you on the flip side!


Fitness Friday #4

Hello my people. Ha! I feel like Jessie Paege… (one of my favorite youtubers). How are you? I hope you’re having a nice day. I am back at it with another Fitness Friday, and as most of you may know, I am training to be on my high school’s cross country team.

Cross Country is a sport that requires a huge physical commitment. Now I’m no skinny gazelle with a high metabolism… Ha! Ha! No my friends last time I was weighed, I was weighed in at 173lbs. I’m very proud of my body no matter what the number is but when most people hear that I weigh such a high number they are quite surprised.

Cross Country is honestly a killer for me, but I wanted to do it, so I’m doing it. Lots of people don’t think I can do it, including my coach, but it doesn’t matter. I have my great friends and my parents who support me. So this is my Fitness Friday on how to make the cross team.

Disclaimer: I am not at all a expert on this topic, and my methods differ depending on your body when training and preparing for cross when our school starts.

  1. Cut the crap out of your life: You should be eating decently healthy. Personally I believe that it is okay to eat dessert or something every other week or just once in awhile. I mean it’s summer! But it’s also not mission impossible to look up healthy recipes online. A youtuber that I love to watch is Kalyn Nicholson, and in her most recent vlog she discussed how she read that to start or break a habit takes about 60-90 days. So she’s starting he health food challenge where she can only eat whole foods and nothing processed for 60 days. I decided to do it with her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so gonna eat some processed food while I’m doing it because it’s summer. But I decided I can only do it 5 times… and the challenge ends on August 19th so… Comment bellow if you want me to do a Fitness Friday on healthy recipies that actually taste good. Cross country runners also have to drink more water than free willy. When you’re running long distance you need to be hydrated and you don’t run with a water bottle in your hands. You need to be so hydrated that your pee is not yellow, it’s clear. My friend Andrea and I will always laugh because we’ll be like ‘yo my pee is so clear, like literal cross running pee goals’.
  2. Set a schedule and do it! Most people during summer are lazy, but personally I’m always tired. My dad pays me for working for him by not doing little chores and stuff but by doing actual work, and chores. But by making a workout schedule I stick to it better. I workout twice a day. I do a mile run to warm up then I workout. Then in the evening I come back in, and I run again but this time it is a full endurance run.
  3. How to schedule it: So, our coach told us that we have to be able to run 5 miles before school starts. We will practice during the school year by running 10 miles, and average cross races are 3 miles with huge mountainous inclines. As I said before, I workout twice a day, because that’s what my body needs. I’m already in shape, but now I need to be Cross Country level in shape. Because it’s already mid June I’m supposed to be running 2.75 miles, almost three. The idea of this is that I increase the amount of miles I run every week. So next week I will be running three miles, then on Wednesday 3.50 then on Thursday 3.75 so next week I can run 4 miles then gradually increase once again. I’m usually busy doing stuff, so if I manage to do this I suld be running roughly 7 miles by the time school starts.
  4. Apps that help: I live by these apps for working out and keeping me on track. Nike Plus Training Club. This app has pre made workouts and categories for what you want to do. It tracks what you do, and also has achievements that keeps you motivated all the time. I am doing a four week endurance workout plan. I am on my second or third week now, I forgot. But you can put in what equipment you have, if you want to have runs in, how many times a week you want to work out, and more. I am doing the endurance week to get better for my running. I can change my workout schedule whenever I want, and I normally add recovery days where I have stuff going on. I have tried the whole workout app thing before but this one works it doesn’t feez and its consistent. (It’s also free.) The second app I love is Nike Plus Run Club. I use this to track my runs. It has a setting for indoor treadmill as well as running outside. You can set up the app to have a goal of going for a run for a certain amount of time, or distance, or you can do sprints where you put in the amount of time you want to do sprints for, and it tells you when to sprint or walk. I also like that this app doesn’t glitch, it syncs with the training app, and there’s someone telling you during your run if you’re at your half way point or how close you are and what your numbers are. At the end of the run or workout you put in how much effort you put in, and you can leave notes, I leave notes on my run to motivate me for next time. Even when I’m having recovery days, or not feeling into it I get an alert encouraging me to run.
  5. Inspiration: Inspiration is key and necessary if you’re gonna push yourself through this task. I find that Pinterest is where my inspiration lives. It also lives in my epic playlists that help me survive almost every run (Spotify ispat1000). I also have lots of inspiration from Instagram. Following people like Mackfit, and Pump Up, and seeing the amazing things these people can do really motivates you. Pump Up is another workout app that you can create custom workouts on. I don’t personally enjoy it because it always glitches in the middle of workouts on me, but Pump Up is also it’s own inspirational social media site for fitness.
  6. Cut the crap out of your life part 2: When you are running long distance, you tend to get tempted. Tempted to walk, tempted to stop, tempted to quit. You shouldn’t quit. Your mind starts to become your worst enemy because although everyone on planet Earth depends on music to get through a run, you can’t listen to music and run. You have to be self motivated, and you have to fight the demons that are telling you that you can’t do it. It takes a lot of work. Hell I started listening to everyone who said I couldn’t run, and then I ended up running my first 3.50 miles when this week all I have to run is 2.50 or 2.75. That’s basically running a whole mile ahead of schedule. I’m so much stronger than I think I am and so are you. So don’t give up. As Andrea likes to say “Pain is temporary”. But what really gets me through is “I can do all things through God who gives me strength” and it’s so true so if this is something you want, go for it girl! Never give up.

Cross County is really hard, but so is everything else in life. I told myself I wanted to do this, and so I’m doing it.

Shoutout to Melvin, a close friend of mine that recently told me that he loves my blog and always reads it and genuinely enjoys it. I haven’t seen him in over a year, and him saying that meant the world to me, so thank you love. Also shoutout to everyone that has been liking and subscribing to my blog. This blog means the world to me so I appreciate everyone that likes, comments, and subscribes to be a part of this with me.

Thanks again, and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.


My Life Monday #5

June 12, 2017

Hello my people, the people of the internet just scrolling through, the people who are following me and decided to read this, the people that have seen this on WordPress or have seen my instagram, long story short, hello and welcome.

So looking back… I haven’t posted in two solid weeks. I absolutely hate that. So, the week of finals for those of you who hung with me through that madness, I survived. I scored higher in Spanish than I thought, and did relatively well in Geometry, got almost a C in Adv. English (I could rant about that one, but I won’t go there) and I didn’t really pay attention to the rest of them, my mind was basically in the zone to do whatever it took to study, and I didn’t really care to know the outcome, I just wanted to be done with it, but I am back.

On top of trying to study, I was also trying to run for cross country and work with my animals for fair… I know that doesn’t sound as difficult as it really is. But goats can be a pain, and I worked almost as hard as I could because I wanted to win advanced horse showmanship. By the time I was done with finals I was so happy to go swimming with my friends on the last. Friday I had to gain as much rest as possible to prepare me for the 4am and 5:30 am mornings that came with the adventures of fair. I also had to pack my stuff and get organized. I know myself well now, and I’ve done enough fairs to know that before fair my shiz must be together, and I must gain extra hours of sleep to make up for the hours I will loose… I also know I must pack a pillow.

On  Saturday I had a horse show all day. I was blessed to receive first in freshman showmanship and second in advanced… (so close to winning advanced as a freshman, there’s always next year.) I also did a bunch of other classes but if you want to hear about that comment below.

Anyways, next day was fair day, we took the goats down to the fairgrounds, where their was so much non compacted dirt you couldn’t always see straight. I got so many pimples and so much dehydration from this barn… dirt in everything! The only people showing goats this year were some seniors. Let me tell you, these seniors were the nicest people you will ever meet. Abby, Marissa, and Darek. I normally get anxiety by being around people but I forced myself not to get anxious and it made out for a great experience with these great people. They graduated, but in FFA you can come back and show one last time. Which is cool, but it was nice to not be the loner sometimes and they always made people feel included. Shoutout to Abby if she’s creeping on my blog again.

I did pretty well at this fair, 2nd in market, 2nd in showmanship, and 1st in breeding. Definitely an improvement compared to the last county fair.

I ate so much junk food though. Their was this little kid, Marlin, his heffer died, and his dad took him to fair so he could have the experience. So, we gave him an experienced… he decided he liked barn duty and cleaning the barn for us, so we had him to that, and I paid him in food. Lots of it, I spent like $20 on him. We had some good times that little kid and I… ate so much junk food.

Victor also went to this fair (refresher: Victor AKA Kevin, my best friend since 2nd grade). So we had some lit times together. On the first day to pass the time we played blackjack, and I took his money  face *devilish smirk* (not all of it of course.) Some days we were bound to our separate barns, but on the day I got my new camera we had a photoshoot… we actually had several, and we explored the fair grounds. It was super cool.

“Issie, don’t go in there” Victor said nudging me over back to the track.

“Come on Victor, live a little” She said pulling his hand and smiling.

Basically sums up the entire adventure.

Finally, auction day was upon us. I was so happy to get rid of Squirt (my goat). He was sold for $8 a pound… that’s really good. I was really happy, but I had to wait around all day to auction him off, so Victor and I had another photoshoot, and his mom bought me food. It was getting to be about evening time after I sold, and my mom was with me so we ended up looking around at the exhibits, and I was dying over the photography, and the sketches of Ed Sheeran, Tyler, and Josh from Twenty Øne Piløts.

Eventually we left and I slept hella good, as usual. The next night was awards night, and I was blessed to receive a plaque for winning 1st in freshman horse showmanship. Hours of boredom later, finally left the fairgrounds for good this time, got the check for my animal, and went home.

Today is June 12th, basically my first day of summer. I slept in, put on my music, snap chatted my friends, ran, worked out, cleaned the house, put on my makeup, got dressed. Good times man, I’m feeling good. So that’s where I’ve been for two weeks. I don’t want to do that again, but I had no time to prep posts. On the bright side when I update the blog for July and August, it is going to look amazing!

This blog means a lot to me, so if you find me tolerable, please like and subscribe for more, and follow me on my instagram @thatgirlissie for sneak peaks of July’s photos.

Catch ya on the flip side!


My Life Monday #3: Where I’ve Been…

May 21, 2017

Not that any of you were worried, but I clearly was gone for a week… no big deal this isn’t like a youtube video when a beauty guru is gone for awhile and then comes back saying that their life was changed. But I basically didn’t post for a whole two weeks. Heck, I posted Quote Wednesday #12 on a Thursday!

As you already know two weeks ago I went to fair, so the week after that I was catching up on homework. The week after the first of May I had no time to write posts because all weekend I was still caught up with fair, once I got home the first thing I did was sleep, then the next thing you know it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted. I have caught up on all my late work, but the reason why I didn’t post last week was because a teacher assigned a big project, and I was caught up in that.

I’m getting my blog back in order. I know I don’t have that many followers, and I don’t have many people that like my posts but this blog does mean a lot to me and I appreciate everyone that has subscribed and does like my posts.

It’s almost the end of the school year, I’m counting the days until June 1st… (11 days) But because of that I’m also going crazy getting ready for finals. In addition to that, my school gets out on a Thursday, and on Saturday I have a horse show, and on Sunday I am going into the fair with my goats for another week of good vibes and crazy. But if the week after school gets out is fair that means I have to balance studying with finals and working with my goats and horse.

It’s all good, but if I do start drifting from the blog, that’s why, but I plan to be completely consistent over the summer.

With all that said let me let you in on some of the fun stuff that has been going on the past week.

My school puts on this thing called mud volleyball. They make every class 25 minutes and we get out at noon. The teachers still try and teach us stuff although nobody is focused! The Ag department BBQ’s and it’s freaking amazing! they have several games of corn whole for anyone, and they have canopy tents for people to chill. They have grass volleyball courts but the fun part is the three side by side courts with canal water being pumped into them to make the mud. It’s a blast.

This was our team, Victor has me on his back, the other girl next to me on Adam’s back is my bestie Andrea, and Angela and Miguel are on the bottom. We were the Eliminators… and we didn’t last past the first game.

My girl Andrea

But that’s fine because the school hired a DJ, and it was basically a big dance floor on the grass, everyone was barefoot dancing their life away. Of course I was freaking owning it because I love to dance. I was sometimes forced in the mosh pit of sorts, but I prefer dancing off to the sides sometimes with Victor because I have trained him from 6th grade how to waltz, chacha (well he already kinda knew how to do that), the swing, the twist, and a little bit of salsa. It’s so much fun doing the chacha and breaking into a twist then spinning into him and having him dip me. We’ve never really had lessons on dancing, but sometimes the middle school would have dances and we would dance together and it would look like crap but four years later to 9th grade we make a great duo.


So I danced like a crazy person for about five hours until the day ended. JoJo played volleyball with us, he’s actually crazy good. His dad plays and coaches volleyball, he played on the JV team, but then got moved up to Varsity. He left to play video games after playing volleyball but I begged him for a picture.


Before I left school I went to the ag building. So for the entire week before this day I had been campaigning to be my FFA’s chapter reporter, so I went to go check and see if I had got it. I didn’t get the position, but while I was heading to my dad’s truck I saw Andrea and Victor so I took a pic with some of my favorite people.


That was a great day!

The week after that my FFA chapter was holding and award ceremony for all the kids that participate a lot. They gave out tons of scholarships, made food, and thanked everyone that had been supporting us.

I won Outstanding Freshman in Agricultural Science and Outstanding Greenhand because of all the stuff I had taken part in this year with my FFA. I also won a spot in the point award trip. They take the top 20 kids that participate in the FFA they take them on an all expense paid day trip. I think we’re going to Santa Cruz. I’m pretty stoked.

I’ve also been hanging out in the band room a lot, one of the fair’s I go to has a competition for who can write and perform the best original song, so I have been working on that as much as I can. I have to figure out the strum pattern for the song before school ends and recorded it before school ends if I want it to sound especially good, because the band teacher will let me use the box drum and record it in high quality.

In addition to all of that I’ve also been trying to train a little bit here and there. Because this week I have a cross country meeting to attend, and I must admit I am quite intimidated, so I’m trying to be as ready as I can be for next season. Although I understand I won’t be able to progressively train until summer break.

So that’s where I’ve been doing and what I’ve got going on. Please like and subscribe for more. I hope you have a good life, and comment bellow what you’re excited for in summer… or don’t, your choice.

Catch ya on the flip side!


Fitness Friday #2

Not that this will be the most interesting thing in the world, but I find it quite helpful. Fridays are always the hardest, I never know what to do on Fridays, I don’t always get the time to edit pictures but if you have any ideas for what you want to see on Fridays, please comment bellow. And as lame as it may sound, we have over twenty followers on the blog now… *lets out a sarcastic yay* so thank you for supporting me and please continue to. Now on to Fitness Friday.

If you guys read my last life update post, you would know that I have been super busy, and I have not been able to work out everyday, but I am trying to work with my animals almost every day. It’s not always the same, but what does help is eating healthy so basically this blog will be about how I meal prep.


Breakfasts are normally super good. I normally just try to have one main thing to eat that is filled with protein, because with protein you feel fueled for the first part of your day. Sometimes I just throw a bunch of fruit, frozen berries, and yogurt into a blender. If it comes out thick I will put it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon. I a bit of honey, granola, and berries on top. Note: honey and lemon juice are great for the skin so I try to use them in my food often. Another good idea following the smoothie theme is that you can freeze fruit in a bag, then take the bag of frozen fruit out when you want to have it then you take the bag of fruit out of the freezer and blend it. Berries tend to give you lots of energy. But if I’m not feeling like that I will take two eggs, spinach, cilantro, parsley, tajin, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, carrizo and whatever sounds good, and I just scramble it all with the eggs. Super protein filled, but you just have to pace yourself on the amount that you are consuming. There are many other breakfast foods out there but these are my top three so finally I am brought to the mug cake. This can be a healthy mug cake, or even a healthy dessert. Comment bellow if you want the recipe, but I make a breakfast mug cake ad I add blueberries for even more pizazz.


I try to make a sort of main course, then add snacks to it. For example last Sunday I made a pizza. The pizza was made of a gluten free bread, and I’m going to be honest I am no vegan or vegitarian, and I was raised by farmers so I know that organic isn’t always better, but this bread was whole grain, and it had less fat. Not to mention it was super delicious. (I was surprised that it was the first time I tried it). I covered that pizza in cheese, meat, veggies and spices. I cut the pizza up into moderate slices, and I had a slice every day. I would pre package the slices so in the morning it was a sort of grab and go. If you want the recipe for the pizza, just ask in the comments.

Another idea for the main course can be a shaker salad. I would make a salad, and shove everything I wanted into a Mason Jar. When lunchtime came I would put some dressing in it, shake it up, then eat it. I put everything but the kitchen sink in my salads just as well as the pizza.

The sorts of snacks I add to these to make a full meal is fruit, apple slices with peanut butter, trail mix, things like that.


I normally don’t meal prep dinner because I normally have time to make a decent dinner.

So thanks for reading, tell me what other things you want me to do. Comment bellow for those recipes. Next time I think I will try to better plan my post and add more pictures to show you. I also want to try to do Filming Fridays, and my friends and I are getting together so we can film some videos. I can’t film videos every week, but maybe once a month at least. Thanks again for liking and subscribing, if you find me tolerable please like and subscribe for more. Oh, and check out my instagram @thatgirlissie so that you can continue to see my photography, because some of my friends are having me take their prom pictures and have agreed to be in any form of social media promotion of themselves as possible.

Happy Easter!



March 30, 2017

It’s actually March 29th, Wednesday. I’m sitting here trying to get the blog squared away for the rest of the week. I tried to pull a chapter of The Telepathy Twins out, but it ended up just being horrible. Nothing’s wrong but I’m getting into a rut I think. It’s so stupid. Life is fine and dandy but something has to go wrong in my mind. Nah, not this time. I am literally fighting my mind a bit because while life is being all fine and dandy my mind is doubting itself trying to screw everything up. NO, NOT THIS TIME. I’ve been doing a lot of work. I’m trying to get my grades up, maintain the blog, clean the house, take care of my parents, work with my animals to make show goats out of them, I’ve also been trying to get over my anxiety, trying to really be closer to God and try new things. I guess it runs a person down. Now I know my mom is reading this, and saying you should take some of it off of your plate, and I should, and I think I will. The most time consuming thing keeping me from being able to do all these things is my mind, not this time. Geez man, I procrastinate, and my mind just makes up all these reasons why this thing I need to do is going to suck, and I don’t do it, or I do a bad job.

I had a pretty big week last week, but I need to bounce back. Maybe with experience this will come, but I want to be able to bounce back faster. When I got sick last week I totally shut down. I started eating bad foods, and when I would go to write, I just wouldn’t. Not anymore.

So the goals:

  1. Take care of my parents, and let them take care of me
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Work out every now and then
  5. Walk the animals twice a week
  6. Have a social life
  7. Do things
  8. Do your homework
  9. Keep in touch with the people you love
  10. Do more of the things you love
  11. Have a relationship with God got damn it let your guard down to let Him in

Life is actually pretty great, but I think my mom is right, and this is going to sound crazy but the devil tries to get in our minds and screws everything up. It sounds crazy, but I’m crazy, and I’ve had a lot of crazy happen to me in my life. Nah boi, not today mind, not today satan, I got God, and I got a good life.

I literally took the day off today. It was great, I tried to get as much work done as possible without overexerting myself. Could not get everything done. Not enough hours in a day, What’s that one saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Oh, damn it’s 8:13pm oh crap it’s almost my bedtime!

Catch you on the flip side!

Oh, hey, thanks for the people who stuck with me, and keep liking and subscribing although I was feeling like poop. I appreciate it, if you made it this far, please like and subscribe for more.


March 7, 2017 10:14am

Or assignments aren’t ready to do, and JoJo hasn’t mentioned if he wants to play Pokémon Showdown, so here I am. How are you? I am doing just dandy, I finally finished chapter four of The Telepathy Twins going up on Friday, and I am somewhat excited for it.

Today is going to be an epic night, I’m staying here after school to go to JoJo’s volleyball game, then grabbing my burrito and playing some dodgeball. Our FFA group is having a Burrito Dodge Ball meeting, where we have a dodge ball tournament, and we have a burrito truck come to the school. My friends and I are struggling to find two more people to get on our team, but whatever.

I can’t stop listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album, I don’t know what it is. I think my favorite song is by far “What Do I Know?” It’s just got good morals, good words, and I love to dance to it. Second favorite is hands down “Galway Girl” I will spontaneously pause in class and sing “SHE PLAYED A FIDDLE IN AN IRISH BAND, BUT SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH AND ENGLISHMAN, KISSED HER ON THE NECK, AND THEN I TOOK HER BY THE HAND AND SAID BABY I JUST WANT TO DANCE. MY PRETTY LITTLE GALWAY GIRL” while also singing the guitar patterns… I am an insult to all guitarists, but that’s okay.

I want to thank all the people that like, and subscribe to my blog. To be honest I love this blog so much, and I am constantly on it, and trying to promote myself as a writer, and photographer. So thank you to all who comment, like, and subscribe, even the people who take the time to creep my photography instagram. I post a picture every time I post something. I have had this blog going for three months now. I don’t has as much foot traffic as I did when I started this blog, but I have came a long way. I don’t have a billion subscribers, but I have enough to be able to reach people, and make a difference with my writing.

Don’t want to give an awkward promo, but my best friend whom I always talk about, JoJo has started a blog and decided he wanted to continue with it. But he wants to know that if he puts the effort in it will be worth it, so if he gets one comment he will try and make this a constant thing. http://www.chaoswriterblog.wordpress.com he’s insanely creative (emphasis on the insane), he’s got the best stories, so maybe give him a chance.

I have been trying so hard to get my grades up. I am on average one percent away from getting an A in all of my classes, and it is tearing me apart, but if I’m being honest I don’t have time to worry about it, I just have to get my work done.

Not to mention on top of the grad thing, I have been trying to eat healthy, but it’s hard when you’re a hungry teen and it’s lunch. Now I’m just trying to eat a shiz ton of protein to keep my energy up so I feel no need for food. Yesterday I did and intense ab, leg, and glute workout. I was so proud I did it, because it almost took two hours and a half… and I am so sore. But I enjoy working out, and as weird as it sounds I don’t like to eat junk food, I’ve heard that that’s something that happens when you start to exercise and eat healthy more. When I eat junk food my body instantly gets bloated, and I don’t enjoy it once so ever.

If you read this far, you are the true MVP’s, this is the first time in a few weeks I’ve been able to go on a life rant, hope you enjoyed.

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Thanks, catch ya on the flip side.


Fitness Friday #1

March 3, 2017

Soccer season for high school girls is officially over. That means that now I have to start training on my own. I am not completely out of shape, but I am always looking to tone my body, and build up more endurance. Man do I love working out, it gets everything out. Any frustrations, anger, stress, or even good vibes, anything, you can just let it all out.

Lately I have been doing cardio and glut workouts to shape my body, but starting this week, I will be doing individual workouts for individual days.

Monday: Abs+ Cardio

Warm up- run for 1-2 songs

Stretch- Yoga, stretch out everything

4 sets (yoga ball)- 25 sit-ups, 25 roll-ins, 25s elevated prank

Run 1 song, water break!

4 sets- 25 burpiees, 25 sit-ups, 25 crunches

Run 1 song, water break!

Cool down stretches

Tuesday: Legs + Cardio

Warm up- run for 1-2 songs

Stretch- Yoga, stretch out everything

4 sets- 15 burpiees, 15 jump squats

Run 1 song, water break!

4 sets- 25 donkey kicks (each leg), 25 lifted leg plank (each leg)

Run 2 songs, water break

Cool down stretches

Wednesday: Arms + Cardio

Warm up- run for 1-2 songs

Stretch- Yoga, stretch out everything

4 sets- 25 windmills (with weights), 25 arm curls, 25 arm presses

Run 1 song, water break!

4 sets- 25 push-ups, 25 butterflies, 25 pull-up’s

Run 1 song water break!

Walk 2 songs- arm curls

Walk 2 songs- arm pushes.

Run 1 song, water break!

Cool down stretches

Thursday: Gluts + Cardio

Warm up- run for 1-2 songs

Stretch- Yoga, stretch out everything

4 sets (roll out the yoga mat) 25 of the glut workouts Kyle Jenner does (or at least that’s what people tell me, I barley know who she is)

Run 1 song, water break

4 sets: 15 burpiees, 15 jump squats

Run 1 song, water break

4 sets: 25 lunges, 25 elevated lunges

Run 1 song, water break

Cool down stretches

Friday: Cardio

Warm up- run for 1-2 songs

Stretch- Yoga, stretch out everything

Just dance to anything and escape

I understand that the set up for my workout is slightly overwhelming, but I really wanted to share my fitness routine, and maybe my fitness would be better if I would eat less crap, but one step at a time, one step at a time.

Like I said, what I love about exercising is that I escape and get all my emotions out. But their is no way I would be able to work out without the playlists I’ve made. I have very diverse tastes in music so check me out on Spotify ispat1000

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Catch ya on the flip side!


February 22, 2017 8:43pm

Wow, the last two days have been miraculously beautiful. The puffiest of clouds, and the most colorful of sunsets. The weather has been nice too, in fact today I somehow managed to have a fantastic day at school, walk my animals and clean the pen (which in fact is hell), do my homework, and finally  I worked out, and now I’m sitting down and writing this! I am so productive. Not to mention it’s past 8:30pm and I am still awake!

Soccer season is over, and I am supper sad about that. Normally in gym class we work out in the weight room twice a week, but we’re not gonna be in the weight room for two weeks! And over that extended weekend I had last week, I ate a lot. Of. Crap. So I really needed to cleanse myself of all of it, and I lost motivation to work out for awhile and I actually did!

Warm up: 2-3 songs

Run to one song to get warmed up, do yoga, stretch

Abs + Butt + Cardio: As long as it takes

4 sets (yoga ball): 25 sit-ups, 25 roll-ins, 25 second elevated plank

Run to a song

Water break!

4 sets: 15 burpees + 15 jump squats

Run to two songs

Water break!

Cool down:

Run to a song

Roll out the yoga mat 4 sets: 20 bump-ups + 20 reverse bridges or 20 second leg lifts

Stretch it out

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