My Life Monday #16

Helloooooo internet. It’s Issie! How’s life? I hope it’s going well. You know what? I’m pretty happy right now. School is hard, but I make it through.

Okay so what’s been going on in my life recently… Let’s start with FFA. I joined the Job Interview team at my school. For this I have to get recommendations, fill out an application, and create a cover letter. You choose a job based on the 7 Ag pathways. I don’t remember what all of them are, but I remembered one of them was animal science, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do because I have such an experience with animals. So, Job Interview you pick a fake job that is created for the sace of the competition. You fill out all the paperwork like you would do in a regular job application, and you get interviewed. It’s a competition, but it’s also a simulation of a job that you would apply for so that you get proper experience for when you apply for a real job that you’re interested in. I have applied for the position of a part-time Assistant Swine Herder. I am not too experience with swine but the job description just said you needed to have experience with animals, and I totally do.

Another thing I’m doing in FFA is Project Competition. I love doing this, I did it last year, but it’s a public speaking competition where the judges come to your house and you give a presentation about your animals. I love talking about my project and I just enjoy speaking competitions I think I’m pretty good probably because I’ve been doing speaking competitions and winning (if I do say so myself) since I was 9. But I have a lot of paperwork to fill out over this week for both of of these competitions, but it’s super fun.

Next thing in my life! Hmmmm. Music! Guitar. We’re starting to do do or Christmas songs for our concerts. I’m playing harmony and bass for different songs but I feel like I suck at this but I’m working on it but it’ll get better.

Formal was three days ago, and that was absolutely great. My boyfriend and I had dinner at my house. My mom hit dollar general and bought some table covers and cute paper plates and napkins. We had a nice dinner together my mom made this super easy pasta dish (my boyfriend’s favorite food is pásta). We also had fro-yo, and watched Supernatural on the couch before we went. When we went to the dance we had a good time. He doesn’t dance too much but he doesn’t sit up against the wall. He holds my hand and stares and laughs at me while I dance like an idiot. And when we slow dance I yell the lyrics to the Ed Sheeran songs that’s playing. Then he kisses me and says I’m cute, he’s right. I had a good night with friends, and it was nice to spend time with him, and my friends, and to not have to spend money.

It’s Thanksgiving break now, all of my teachers tell me to enjoy my break but it’s hard to do that when they give you homework. I have lots of things I want to do this week, and one of them is a fall photoshoot. I am so excited because the leaves around my home town are so colorful and their are so many colorful walls I want to take pictures in front of.

I also have my first game tomorrow, wish me luck.

But hey! It’s Thanksgiving, and I am so thankful for everything in my life, my animals, my school, my friends, my life, my country, my boyfriend, my sports, food, the fact that McDonald’s finally opened back up in our home town. There’s so much to be thankful for, I’m very blessed. I’m surprisingly not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, I don’t know why, but I do adore food so it works.

Comment below what you’re thankful for. So this is my life right now. If you liked this and you find me tolerable, like and subscribe below. Remember good vibes=good life.


Fitness Friday #6

How to Survive High School: Staying Fit for School

Hello people of the internet! Welcome to a Fitness Friday on ThatGirlIssie. So today’s post is all about how to stay fit for high school, and how it really will help you.

I know for most people my age, working out is something people would like to do, but it’s just too much work. Well, I’m here to tell you the best outcomes will be from working out three times a week but pushing yourself for a solid hour and making little changes to your diet.

First things first. Working out should be about setting goals to improve your body and lifestyle with reasonable standards. But at the same time anything is possible. So set goals for yourself, for example I told myself I would get abs and get on the cross country team, I just ran varsity in my first race, and my stomach is getting so much flatter. Also remember things come with time and don’t expect jurassic differences.

For most teenagers my age you goals should be about toning and tightening your body to feel as fit and happy as can be.

For a three day workout I would normally focus on one thing for each day. Say you workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make Monday a leg and butt day, Wednesday an arm day, and Friday a core day. You can easily look up workouts for these individual areas on Pintrest or YouTube. And remember, you don’t have to stick to this overbearing workout that you hate. You can make it fun by dancing, playing soccer with friends or just doing things that you enjoy.

The thing to remember is you will have to try and skip out on junk food if you actually want to see differences in your body, but their are so many easy healthy substitutes for all the junk food out there and it’s just a click away. When you workout three times a day your body is burning off fat but not enough where your metabolism can handle you intaking more food than before even though you think that might work.

To me, fitness is an important part of my life because being healthy makes all the difference when I get anxious or when I’m not feeling good. You learn more about your body and how to take care of yourself. What makes you happy, what makes you feel good, and that’s what this is about.

Comment bellow if you want individual workouts, and check out the fitness tab for healthy meals to prep, and old workouts.

Good Vibes=Good Life


Fitness Friday #5

Hey guys, it’s Issie so today I wanted to talk to you about going back to school. I have to do it, sadly. I hate going back to school, but that’s just me. Anyways one of my BIGGEST struggles in school, well I have many when it comes to school but one of them is eating. I have livestock and I love doing my makeup for school, so I never have time for breakfast, I also never eat lunch because maybe I don’t have money, or I don’t want to eat the crap they call pizza (but we all know it’s not) so then I go around begging for food all day, and when I do finally get home I binge and I watch all the YouTube videos in my subscription box and eat everything in sight.

That is so bad for your metabolism, because eating proportional meals around the same time every day actually boosts your metabolism, and that’s what gives you a flatter belly rather than eating one meal a day or crash dieting.

So because of that, I’m going to list some easy healthy recipes for breakfast and lunch.

Now before I start I’d like to mention I love to meal prep, meaning I make the meals on Sunday so I don’t have to make them throught the week.


  1. Toast a piece of bread, cover it with peanut butter (or nutella but peanut butter is healthier, remember to use it sparingly.) And cover it with whatever fruit you have in the house, maybe some chia seeds, or honey, or granilla. This is a light breakfast that gives you protein.
  2. One of my favorites is greek yogurt, but you can add strawberries, berries granola, chia seeds and more. I find that when you have a bowl of yogurt with fruit, I can last for hours because of the protein.
  3. Oatmeal, everyone knows how to make it. I personally like making it with pieces of green apple and adding cinnamon, and with the rest of the apple I have it as a side and I put peanut butter on it too.
  4. This isn’t exactly food but I love making a good green tea in the morning. Green tea can clean out some of your toxin as well as it gives you a slight caffeine boost if you are someone who likes drinking their tea with sugar, try replacing that with lemon juice instead. The lemon juice is also good for your system, and it clears out your skin.

Now all of these breakfast ideas aren’t exactly good ideas to meal prep because they won’t stay fresh, but that’s fine because all of these ideas take less than 10 minutes to make.

Lunch: (now this is the stuff you really meal prep)

  1. Turkey wrap- take a tortilla add some cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, turkey, and whatever else you want. This is an easy meal to make, and it is easy to meal prep. I’d also have that with chips and hummus or whatever other side you want.
  2. Noodle salad- with one of those kitchen aid things that makes you cut cucumbers into noodle form. I make lot’s of salads with just one cucumber and add whatever other items you like in your salad. Personally I like adding some meat to mine, but that’s just for some extra protein.

I also add a small snack in with my lunch because I am always starving towards the end of the day.

School can sometimes suck, and although this post isn’t exactly exciting I hope you guys are eating well, and feeling good. Hope you have a good year this year too.

Catch you on the flip side!