Photography Friday #7


Hello, I’m Issie. For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s probably because I can do my makeup however I like and it’s socially acceptable, I also like supernatural stories and free candy any time of the year. Like my church youth does every year, we go to the corn maze near by where I live. I had a good time with Andrea (my best friend) and some other people in our group. Andrea decided that we were going to go into the haunted maze, hilarious because she cried, and screamed, covered her eyes, and attempted to latch onto my arm. Every clown we passed by, I flagged them down and pointed at her. They would walk right next to her and follow us and one even whispered in her ear “I’m never leaving” it was so funny. Once we got through the haunted maze she shook it off like nothing happened. We went into the regular maze, and walked almost five miles through it all. Three hours later we look at the clock and we finally realize it’s ten o’clock and so we decide to head home. It’s a great feeling spending time with friends, and being present in that moment. We got some good pictures too.

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The day of Halloween. My friends and I had been planning our costumes for a month now. We voted on our group costume for this year (Alice in Wonderland). It was honestly super fun. Although we got lots of attention and I’m not a huge fan. The yearbook took tons of pictures of us, and we won the costume contest that our school put on (we had no idea they even had a costume contest). It was such a good time. I love Halloween, and before that day I was getting super anxious about a lot of things, and as stupid as it sounds it felt great to be with my friends and to not care about what others thought and have a good time. I was the Cheshire Cat, and I went full out with my makeup.

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It was a good Halloween, and a good month.

Good Vibes=Good Life