An Ode to Being Alone

This is an ode to being alone. This is a story about a girl who loves to sit by herself. Why don’t people like this anymore? People rush around latching to attention, even if it’s from a negative place, but at least they are not alone. But why do they fear it? Do they fear themselves? I did once, I understand, but I also know nobody can put my demons in the corner but me. Every now and then they crawl back, but sometimes you need your demons to help you recognize when you need to let go of another darkness that has gradually put itself into your life.

People also have a fear of the dark. Especially when alone. The dark is nothing but another perspective of the day. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean we should fear it.

Maybe that’s why people don’t like to be alone, we have a fear that we might get killed, or kidnapped by ourselves, but maybe it’s the sub-conscience thinking that they fear because they don’t understand themselves.

Humans are a weird amazing species. If you sit down alone for a second and just watch other people. That’s what I’m doing. I have friends, by reading this, you probably think I don’t, I do. I love being with them, or around them, but they know me so well they know when I want to be alone it’s just because I’m in the mood for hanging with myself because internally I’m a pretty dope person. But they also know when to not leave me alone. When my boyfriend breaks up with me, or I have family issues, or I’m stressed, or anxious about anything they know not to leave me alone because it’s hard for me to open up to people or ask them for help if I need it. But I don’t have to say a word, they know.

As much as we hate being alone, sometimes we shouldn’t. To any unspoken rule that humanity creates, there’s always a contrary situation. I love being alone, but I need my friends. That though, is what makes me human.

I raise goats (I know, that’s a huge twist in the conversation). But I can spend $300 dollars on a goat to raise to take to market. But he isn’t worth anything if he doesn’t have a friend. Goats are social animals, and if they don’t have a friend they are less likely to gain as much as they should, because they’re lonely.

That’s us. Well, makes sense, God says we’re like sheep. Sheep are stupid, so are we. We get amazingly lonely because we don’t love ourselves, and we fill lost without our shepherd, but we replace our shepherd with invalid things in our lives.

So far, we subconsciously fear ourselves and hate ourselves. Most people do. That’s another reason why we don’t like being alone, we tell ourselves we aren’t and don’t look good enough so we, therefore, seek validation through other people.

When I ran cross country I went down two shirt sizes and one pant size. But I loved myself before I started running and changed my body. God and your Mama are proud of what they gave you, why can’t we accept it. Frankly, I love myself on the outside, and on the inside. And my personality has lots of rough edges, but nobody can understand me and love me as well as God and myself does. That’s why I love spending so much time alone. Yes, I may have some problems, and panic attacks from time to time, but at least because I love myself I can tell myself what to get better on.

This is an ode to being alone, because you, and I are really cool humans. When you spend time with yourself, you realize how awesome you, the things around you, and the people around you are. This is an ode to being alone, and all it has to offer. But it’s offerings come from us, so isn’t it really an ode to me?

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Short Story Monday #2

The girl opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit hallway.

She took her next steps confidently, as the blood was racing through her bulging veins. She drew her sword. The silver blade glistened in the florescent light. The gold handle; a perfect fit for her hand. She started thinking about life before this moment. When everything was normal She clenched the word even tighter as if the only thing keeping her alive. Standing in hall of what once was her school.

It was silent, but the noise in her head was louder. Racing with the thoughts: Why me? Why must I do this? She had just moved here, and now had to face something greater than herself to not only save herself, but the people around her in the miserable town of Cogsville. These people meant nothing to her, and she was a nobody to them.

Her heart was beating like a drum, loud, overbearing. She choked. Her mind turned against her. It was too much to handle. Her head was throbbing. She dropped her sword, crouched to the ground, and clenched her body to get through the pain. Her hands started to shake.

All her demons, everything was rushing to her. Her shaking hands lifted up the sword as she pierced her own stomach. She fell back with the blood coming out of her. Instead of saving everyone, she only saved herself.

The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #11

Adam turned his head and noticed his sister, dancing with a boy.

At first his protective instincts sunk in, but then he just laughed and smiled at the fact that for once in their lives, they were having a good time.

“Boys, before I take you up on that offer, I want to know more about the company.” Adam responded.

“Well how did you get into the party in the first place if you don’t know what this company is about?” Some man in a tux that was a part of the conversation.

“I uh, uh…” Adam responded not so smoothly.

The men turned into each other leaving Adam out of the loop of the conversation.

“I bet he has powers” The previous man spoke adressing the group.

“What are you talking about? He’s most likley just another Regular.”

“Regular, what’s a Regular?” Adam cut in to the muttled conversation.

“None of your buisness” The man in the tux said pushing him out of the group. “But think about it boys, he and that girl with him match the perfect description of the two we’ve been looking for”

“He’s got a good point” Another man mentioned with all the men nodding behind the statement.

“How do we find out for sure?” A man from behind asked.

“We test him.” They said now raising their heads to look at Adam as they were slowly approaching them.

“Hey, do you want a drink?” a man asked, and the test began. One shot of whiskey and Adam was done for. Completely drunk but not so far gone he couldn’t answer questions, it was perfect.

“So what’s your real name? Adam Smith. See that pretty girl over there” he said pointing over at Adla as she danced. “That’s my sister, Adela Smith. I’m telekinetic, and she’s telepathic, and she has the ability to change people’s brain box” He said, then burped and almost fell over from the blow.

“So you’re telling me you have powers” The first man asked.

“Yep, I’m like superman!” Adam replied trying to rip his shirt pen and trying to jump off the bar stool to demonstrate his skills in flying. “But shhhhhh” He made the noise obnoxiously loud shouting over everyone with his index finger up in front of his lips. “I didn’t tell you this, It’s a secret!” He yelled over everyone and everything in the building.

The music stopped, and Adla stopped dancing.

“So what are you going to do to us now that you know our secret?” Adam asked and gave out another belch.

“Ask you both for a job” The man responded.

Adla ran over to her brother, “What?!”

“Yes, we all have powers.” The man said demonstrating his ability to move the ground. “We know you’re the two young teens we’ve been running all over to find. You see, you’ve been brainwashed. Your parent’s worked with us, and when they died you were kidnaped by these people that only want to expose and manipulate people like us, it was our job to keep you safe, and we didn’t.”

“So, your uncle Chase? He was on the other side?” Adla asked.

“Chase never wanted to kill you, but he could never bring you to us, so we searched all over. Unfortunately we had to kill him out of self defence. The trucker man you found was also tracking you. I’m so happy we found you, because we can now finally bring you home.”

There was a moment of blank silence.

“It’s just a lot to handle” Adla responded.

“You made my sister CRY?! Why I otta…” Adam responded drunk as ever.

“Adam shut up!” she yelled. “If you can prove that our parent’s wanted us to be here we’ll take the job.”

“All the papers, letters, and everything else in in my office, swing by on Monday.” The man in the tux offered.

Adla just nodded and took her brother to the hotel.




The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #10

“Hello children, this party is invitation only” The man at the door said crouching down to Adla and looking at Adla.

“Hey man” Adam said shaking his fist standing taller than him.

Adla put her hand on Adam’s fist, and looked into the man at the door’s eyes. “I know you want to let us in” she said in a soft tone. “Don’t we look nice? We don’t need an invitation now do we?” Adla said, as the man mumbled back “No, you don’t need an invitation, please, come in.” He said.

They walked through arm and arm, and then took their place alongside a wall.

“You stay here, I’m going to go talk around and get some answers” Adam said.

“Stay in sight, I can help you out telepathically, I know you’re going to need it. What name are you going to go by?” Adla replied.

“How about? Adam Sharp?” Adam replied.

“Don’t you think that’s a little close to our real name? Smith?” Adla replied.

“Nah, its a cool name, it sounds smooth” He replied. She just rolled her eyes as she motioned him to go on, because she really didn’t want to be there in the first place.

“Hello sir” Adam said walking up to the first person he saw and shook hands.

“Hello young man” he replied, “My name is Jeff”

“Nice to meet you Jeff, I’m Adam, Adam Sharp” He said confidently dipping his hat.

“I haven’t seen you around the company” Jeff said.

“Well, that’s because I was invited by my, sister’s, husband’s second cousin who works here… I don’t really remember his name, but he told me to come and see if I would want a job here because there was an opening.”

“I didn’t think their was an opening” Jeff replied, “but it’s nice that you’re here.”

“Thanks Jeff”

“No problem, heck, if you want, I can introduce you to some people who can tell you about the company and can help you decide if you want a job here.”

“I’d love that! Thank you so much”

Adla just stood against the wall and shaking her head because he was doing so well and gave him a smirk, and as he walked away he gave her a two thumbs up and smiled. Adla rolled her eyes and smiled at the ground. She watched her brother for awhile, then watched all the other people, and all the fancy people dance and mingle.

They all look so happy and normal.

“Hi, I’m Isaac” the brown haired blue eyed, tan boy walked up to Adla. He was tall and strong.

“Hello Isaac, I’m Adla” She said glancing up at his eyes, then looked back at the crowd dancing.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked still looking at her. “I don’t know how, I probably wouldn’t be any good”

“Come on, give it a try.” Isaac said nudging her.

“Okay” she gave in.

He took her hand and they got on the dance floor.

“Now put your right hand with mine, and put your left hand up on my shoulder.” he instantly took his position on the dance floor. “Now, move your right foot back as I step forward. Then bring your left foot around like so and make an ‘L’ shape. Then step forward with your left foot and do the opposite action. And just keep going making that rectangle.”

As he was explaining it she was already being able to lift her eyes up to him and dance smoothly.

“Okay, now we’re coming out for the spin” and he twirled her as her dress flared out elegantly catching the light.

“See, you’re a natural, as well as beautiful” He said looking down and smiling at Adla.

Going back to the original waltz position.

“So why are you here?” She asked.

“My parents work here, and they drug me along because they want me to work here too.”

“Oh, what is this company about anyways?”

“I hear its a company that works with children that are different to better their minds, and it has different levels to it and stuff. They also give them a chanse to live a normal life, one of the levels of employee is someone who takes the kids and gives them a life, but I hear they bounce around”

“Why have I never heard about this before?”

“I heard my parents talking at nights, it’s a secret organization, because sometimes people come after the kids because they don’t believe with the company.”

“Oh, where do they find the kids?”

“Anywhere and everywhere, sometimes they are just donated.”

“That’s insane”

“Yeah, that’s why I don’t want to work here, it’s too weird”

The song ended, and he dipped her. He put his hands on her waist gently and she put her arms around his neck.

“After this, do you want to stay in touch?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” Adla replied and smiled. He pulled her close and they danced.

Adam on the other hand wasn’t doing as good. He was just having fun socializing with all the guys he forgot about the mission. He was actually offered a job.


The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #9

It was finally dark enough. On the streets of a rich upscaled stores, every one of them was closed.

“Time to go shopping” Adam said to Adla with a smirk on his face, hoping it would cheer her up. She just returned a smile and looked forward. Knowing that, that was all the response he was going to get out of her, still smirking he looked to the door of the first upscaled rich store. He just stood there, on the street with Adla beside him, staring at the door. A minute later, you could hear clicking noises. As the tumblurs of the lock started to open up, and as the key pad inside the building started rewiring itself. Then the next thing you know the door cracks open.

Adla walks into the room cracking the door open.

“Wow” Adla said with her jaw completely dropped. Never had Adam ever seen Adla with such an expression of excitement and overwhelming happiness. She slowly approached a little black dress. Sleeves of golden lace, with a sweetheart neckline with rippling and flowing bottom. She turned around and smiled at her brother.

“I can’t” she said. “I don’t deserve this. It’s so amazing, and beautiful, I can’t Adam”

“You can, and you will” Adam replied tying a tie around his forehead like he was going to a rock concert.

“Maybe try the snap on tie champ.” Adla responded sarcastically.

“Whatever, go ahead, try it on!” Adam replied cheerfully pointing to the female dressing rooms.

“Okay, I will” Adla said with a smile.

Meanwhile while Adla was trying on the dress, Adam was looking at suits. He was checking out everything there was in the store. Being careful not to leave too much of a trace. He wasn’t looking for trouble, so he didn’t take any money, he just needed a suit.

Adla came out of the dressing room. Adam smiled from ear to ear. How she looked in that dress was absolutely breathtaking, and Adam was so happy he could provide for his sister like their parents, and like how Chase did once before. Adla smiled, and Adam returned it. She walked over to the full length mirror and twirled.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“You look beautiful Adla” he said in a soft protective tone.

“Thanks” she said with a big smile on her face. “Now, it’s time for you to get your fancy on.” Adla said looking Adam over at his torn up T-shirt, and his worn out shoes. She quickly glanced at the things that the men’s section had to offer and selected a pair of pants, a shirt, and a bow tie. “Now go and try that on” Adla said pointing him to the dressing room with a smirk on her face. Adam returned the look with a smile.

Adla was looking over all the things the store had to offer. She also selected a shiny pair of shoes, a sleek blazer with suspenders, and a fedora to go with Adam’s outfit.

Two minutes later, Adam came out of the dressing room with his clothes all twisted.

“I don’t know what I’m doing” Adam said looking down at his clothes. Adla just smiled, and told him to tuck his shirt into his pants, as she tied his bowtie, and fixed his hair. She threw the shoes on the ground, and handed him the jacket. Once Adam seemed well adjusted, Adla took the fedora from behind her back and placed it swiftly and angled upon his head.

“Dang Adla” He said looking at himself in the mirror, “I look good” he said. Adla just rolled her eyes. “Well now that we’re looking fly, let’s head to the party” Adam said looking down at Adla.

“Oh yeah, we’re still doing that” Adla mumbled under her breath.

“Yeah, we are, we need and deserve answers Adla” he said, and she nodded as a sign of agreement.

Before they left Adam swept the place of fingerprints, set the alarm and everything back up again the way it was before. As they walked away towards the party.

The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #8

It was pitch black. The twins could barely see what was in front of them if it wasn’t for the flickering lamp post outside. They left at 5am. The sun hadn’t lived yet. They packed up and they left to anywhere.

Where are we going Adla asked Adam telepathically.

“We’re going to Tucson, Arizona”

“Isn’t that where we were almost kidnapped to?!” Adla asked.

“Yep, I want answers, and I want them now” Adam said looking straight forward.

“Adam, we don’t even know where Tuscon is or what we’re looking for?” Adla said jumping in front of Adam trying to stop him in his tracks.

“Yes, we do have a clue. I heard something from that trucker that tried to kidnap us he works for a company or something called W.A.L.K.” Adam said looking into Adla’s eyes.

“What does that even mean?” Adla asked looking at Adam.

“I don’t know, but while we were checking into that hotel I saw a pamphlet with the same acronym on it” he said waving it in her line of vision.

“Have you read it yet?” Adla asked.

“Yep, and it turns out that W.A.L.K is having a company party at this fancy hotel in Tucson, and we’re gong.” Adam said bluntly.

“Oh yeah hot shot, the two kids that they’ve been trying to get their hands on are just going to show up and we’re gonna ask them for the job? Adam, you need to have a plan.” She said.

“I do” Adam replied. “The party doesn’t start until 10pm, so come night time we go shopping” he replied looking at Adla with a smirk on his face.

“How?” she asked him with a stern look on her face.

“Easy! You’re the girl that can not only talk to me through your mind but you can also persuade people remember! And I can move things with my mind… say a dress off a manakin and picking a lock to get it out” He replied with full confidence.

“I remember I have the power of persuasion, although I tried to forget after the last insedent Adam” Adla replied to him sternly.

“Yes I remember the incident but you’re not 5 like you were before, and your persuasion is only a backup plan! Besides it’s not like you’re gonna make mom and dad get almost divorced again.” He replied still fulfilled with his idea.

“They never got divorced Adam, and I told you to never bring that up” Adla answered him with a tinge of anger behind her voice.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry Adla. I’ll never bring it up again. But are you okay with the plan?”

“I don’t know how I feel about getting answers and stuff, but I know I can’t control you but you also need me to make you realize your stupidity, so I’ll do it.” She said letting out a huge sigh.

“Yes!, Thanks Adla, you won’t regret it!” Adam replied saying while jumping up and down.

“I’m sure I will” Adla responded letting out a small smile of relief.




Chapter Reviews #2

Hi guys, so… it’s been two months since I’ve written a chapter of The Telepathy Twins. I realize I also have some new followers since then to, which is totally cool.

Brief overview:

The Telepathy Twins is a story about two twins with powers. Adam and Adla. They’ve been through alot together, constantly moving since they were little kids takes a tole on a person. But it also bonds these two siblings together. Ever since the death of their close family friend, they’ve been forced to scatter to different places together and finding more about themselves, their powers, and their background. They meet up with various people along the way too that shapes them into who they are.

Sooooooo, yeah.

In the last chapter, Adla and Adam leave Bert, a kind man that took the kids in, and gave them some money for working with them, and made their way to a motel. Using their powers to get in they finally get some peace before they’re on the move again.

I’m not done with this story yet, that’s why this a chapter review not an actual chapter, but you can expect more from this story in the future. If you want to read some of the past chapters, just click on the Short Stories tab on the menu and scroll all the way down to chapter one.

I apologize for dragging this story out so long, and for dropping if for a while, but I think you can understand why with all the where I’ve been posts. Same with my Instagram, but I’m starting to post on that avidly aswell, and I’m also posting previews of some of the new pictures to be expected when you see the blog page revamped for July and August (@thatgirlissie). If you like the stories feel free to read more, if you have any ideas for new ones, leave them in the comments below,and if you find me tolerable please like and subscribe for more.

I guess that’s about it, catch ya on the flip side.



The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #7

“I think it’s bout’ time you kids enrolled in school!” Bert yelled walking into the little closet that Adam and Adla had called home for the past month.

“Morning’ Bert” Adam responded as cheerful and happy as ever.

“Yall hear me?” He asked. “I think it’s bout’ time you kids went to school” he repeated himself.

In a soft tone “yes, we heard you the first time Bert” Adla responded.

“Well, yer minors and you’ve been here a month, it’s bout time you went to school” Bert said. “I already took the liberty in buying you yer things, as he handed both of them backpacks. “Ya know where the high school is, you’ve seen it before, go up to the main office, and…”

“We’ve been to high school before Bert” Adam cut in.

We’re ditching Adla spoke to Adam telepathically.

“Well, yall will be off now, it starts soon, I think”

Before they left Bert had a nice greasy home cooked breakfast waiting for them. Adla hugged him and said thanks for everything he had done, because those would be the goodbyes of the twins.

They walked out heading out of sight of Bert. They appreciated everything he did for them, and after a month the twins had learned that bert was a kind man who wanted kids but his wife died during giving birth killing both her and the child. That’s probably why he was so great with them. Despite their past he never asked questions and never tried to force them to do something they didn’t want to do, but legally to stay there they had to go to school, and within a month talk went around the small town they were in that the twins were staying there.

Around noon they both started getting more hungry, but instead of going into a place to eat they went into a motel for a place to stay.

“Hey” The guy behind the desk said. He had the blood shot eyes of a smoker, and there was weed next to the cash register. His shirt was dirty and torn. He had a half shaved beard and bad breath. His Metallica t-shirt was torn, sweaty, and stained. Despite all of that, they twins needed a place to stay.

I don’t know Adla spoke to Adam. He glanced at her and took a step forward towards the man behind the counter.

“We need a place to stay” Adam said.

“No shit” the man behind the desk said. “Fine, we have some rooms, you pay when you’re done with your stay. ID’s?” the man asked.

“Oh yes” Adam responded. Adla just stood still behind them. They stood their for a second as the man’s wallet started wiggling.

“You got your ID’s or what kid” he asked.

“Yes sir” Adam replied. The man behind the desk looked disgusted by his manners. The wallet came out of the pocket of the man, and the man behind the desk never noticed. Adam took the wallet into his hands and took out the ID.

“Huh I have a wallet just like that” The man behind the desk said while glaring at him. Adam handed him the ID and the credit card. When Adam handed the man the ID he covered the picture and the man never suspected a thing.

“Looks legit man” and he handed the twins the keys. Just as they were leaving the main office of the hotel to their rooms, Adam popped back into the office and said “Have a nice day” and in an instant without the man behind the desk noticing, the wallet went back to the man’s pocket.

The kids opened up the room of the little motel and Adam said looking at Adla “Hope you enjoy your free stay”. They laughed and walked in.

Adla threw a pillow at Adam “You idiot that could have gone so wrong!” she said while laughing, but tried to stay serious.

“But it didn’t” he said smirking at her “and besides, you said to only use our powers during emergencies, and I think this was a pretty big emergency.” he said.

“Okay fair point” She said flopping on the bed smiling.

“There’s only one bed” Adam pointed out. Adla looked at him, then looked at the ground, then looked up at him again, then pointed on the ground. They hung out in their room watching TV for awhile, and they waited until 10:00pm to order their linner. They decided that it would be best if they ordered dinner at night when it was dark so that the people bringing the dinner couldn’t really see them, and they ordered a lot of food being that they hadn’t’ eaten anything but the greasy diner food.

As time started going by it started to get to be 1:00am and Adam was on the ground making his bed, and Adla was laying on her bed comfortably, just watching Full House. They then turned off the TV deciding that they should get more sleep, because they were going to leave tomorrow morning before the sun came up.

The room was silent, all the lights were out. Adla was cuddled up in her blanket, and Adam was currled up on the ground.

“Hey Adam” she Adla whispered in a soft tone.

“Yes Adla?” Adam responded with his face against the floor.

“Adam we can’t stay here, and we can’t run for the rest of our lives. When we leave what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know Adla, we kind of have to make it up as we go, but if you ask me, I think we have to figure out who is tracking us, who killed our parents, and who killed Chase, who tried to kidnap us, I think only then will we figure out what we are, because you know it Adla, we’re not human” he responded.


“Yeah Adla”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

It Girl: Chapter Five

The two of them sat in silence for awhile. Then Annabelle started to break the ice “Some conversation we are having” she said.

“I’m sorry” Skyler responded. “If I’m being honest I thought that talking to be you would be cool, you seem really cool, but my anxiety always gets in the way. It did the first time we met and it’s still getting away now, I don’t have any friends so I wouldn’t know how to talk to you, I get it if you want to leave”

Annabelle just sat there, and looked at her, then looked forward.

“I’m not gonna leave” she said.

Skyler just decided there and take the approach of shutting up and looking cool like Annabelle instead of overthinking everything.

“Okay” Skyler responded.

The bell rang.

“What class do you have next?” Annabelle asked.

“Nothing, free period” Skyler responded. “How about you?” she followed up.

“Whenever I want is a free period”. Annabelle said while standing up on a chair in the band room dramatically.

The two of them, they had been completely unable to speak for such a long time decided to leave to hang out.

Annabelle jumped down form the chair, and stuck her hand out. Skyler with a curious look on her face decided to take her hand and they left out of the room running.

The End.

The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #6

Day broke through the window. The twins had no clue what time it was. Adam was awake, watching over everything, and Adla was sleeping on a sack of flour. Not the best place ever, but for them it was a new sort of home. They had slept in a small closet with all sorts of bags, Bert said he didn’t have a an extra room for them. Despite the digs, they had amazing food for living in a diner.

Adam eventually woke Adla up. “Hey, good morning sunshine” Adam spoke to her in a soft tone while nudging her to wake up.

“Hey” she said in a grouchy tone, “so our entire life wasn’t just a dream, it’s a real thing, great.”

“Glad I can count on you to be there with sarcasm” Adam responded. She just rolled her eyes, they got out of the little room they were in, and came into the diner where Bert had breakfast waiting for them.

“Good mornin’ kids” Bert said when he saw their tired faces. “Once you’re done with dinner I already got your chores lined up for ya” he followed up.

“Okay, thanks again” Adla responded changing her tone for the sake of whom she was speaking to.

Bert left to check up on other things while the two twins sat there eating their meal in silence. Adla spoke to Adam telepathically no use of powers today, I know that is hypocritical because I am using them now, but do nothing to give away our position. In between chewing, Adam nodded.

The kids finished their meals and Adla went to go find Bert about their chores.

“Say, you must be the brains of this operation, you always seem to be the one doin’ the talking” Bert said while staring Adla down.

“Adam strives to be the strong and silent type, but it doesn’t exactly work” Adla responded. They laughed for a second, but then a bit of silence lingered.

“Well, what was your name again?” Bert asked.

“Adla”, she responded politely.

“I’ll have mercy on you since you are the brains of the operation and start you off with cleaning the dishes, but your brother has to clean out the bathrooms” Bert responded.

Adla giggled for a moment. A greasy truck stop diner, and Adam had to clean the bathroom of it.

They immediately got to work, at least Adla did, Adam did as much as he could before he needed to step outside for oxygen.

Adla and Adam both finished around noon, well, their are two bathrooms at the diner, and Adam had only finished one. Adla somehow managed to clean the two foot tall monster of dishes with half eaten food and stains on them. She figured those were all the dishes this place had. The lower and lower she got to digging in the pile, Adla discovered that Bert probably hadn’t done the dishes in about a month.

For the rest of the day Adam cleaned the second bathroom, and Adla was promoted to working on the cash register.

“Hey hottie” A boy said. He looked about Adla and Adam’s age (17). He was about 5’6 with fiery red hair. Red eyebrows and a red goatee. He was skinny to the bone, and when he walked in everyone turned. A popular kid. Adla thought to herself. A rude popular kid. He approached the cash register with his arms sweeping behind him trying to look cool.

“So hottie” he said looking Adla over. “You’re new aren’t you? Well, you must be from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see.” He continued. The rest of the diner just watched with amazement on the edge of their seats to see if the new girl would be the first girl to turn him down.

“Un, no, and unlike the people here, your ignorance is not appealing to me, but do you want to order something?” She replied. The boy had a confused look on his face as if he did not understand most of what she said, but he still continued with his harassed come back.

“Yeah, I’d like to order you on my table” He said. Adla’s face went red. This had never happened before and she didn’t know what to do. Adam Help!! She sent a message to her brother. Before the boy could open his mouth again Bert came walking out of the kitchen smelling like grease and sweat. Bert standing straight in front of the boy was towering over him with his arms crossed he looked down at the boy, then looked at Adla.

“Honney, is this boy giving you trouble?” Bert asked.

“Uh, I just feel kind of uncomfortable” Adla responded. Adam rushed out of the bathroom smelling like, well crap.

“What happened?! Are you okay?!” He said huffing and puffing for fresh air.

“Yeah, I’m okay” Adla responded.

“Because Matt here was just leaving” Bert said moving his point of vision from the twins to the fiery boy.

“Fine, but I’ll remember this” He said.

“I hope you do” Bert replied. The boy left. Adla’s face was still red like a tomato.

“Adla, are you okay, do you need to take a break?” Adam asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m quite fine now, stop smothering me, I’m fine to keep working” she replied to Adam, then looked up “Thank you Bert”. The rest of the diner went back to eating their food unimpressed.

“Yes, thank you” Adam added.

“Anny time kids, and if that ever happens again, just give me a holer, this is a small town, and some of the boys here think they can go and own everything around here that’s new.” Bert subtly warned the kids.


Midnight. The kids sat outside the diner just looking at the stars. Bert offered to clean up the rest of the restaurant for that night. Their was a soft cool breeze, that filled the warm air, as the twins looked up at the stars, and at the full harvest moon that lit up the night. Thank you Adam, but you must stop smothering me all the time. He looked at her, then looked at the stars, nodded, then smiled.