The Telepathy Twins: Chapter Three


Winter Homecoming 2k17

Photography Friday February 17, 2017

Winter Homecoming 2K17

Picture one is my guy friends and I in Pre Wrap for our first winter homecoming. They asked for Pre Wrap and I told him that we had to take a picture together. These dudes are the coolest guys despite what the status quo of high school says. They treat me like one of the guys but respect me like I’m a woman. Ladies get yourself a man that can do both, these guys are single by the way.

Looking badass in Pre Wrap

I normally don’t like taking selfies, but I felt selfies were in order for this occasion.

I wore this all day, and all night when I went to JoJo’s homecoming game. I had a great day with him and his family.

Shaggy and Minne. Dress up days with my bestie.

I have had people come and go through my life, but these two guys have stayed constant. I have know the guy in the Minnie ears since 2nd grade, and we’ve always been able to talk to each other. The handsome man up top with my beautiful self is my best friend JoJo, him on the contrary I have only know since the beginning of freshman year, and he was the one who stayed, and he’s probably the best friend I will ever have.

Minnie and me.

Note about high school: always do the dress up days, even if it’s a low key detailing for spirit, always do the dress up days. And above all, whatever you do, take pictures.

My instagram is basically just a lookbook of the evolution of me.

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The Telepathy Twins: Chapter Two

“Adam, where are we supposed to go from here?!” Adla yelled at Adam with a hint high pitched terror in her voice. “I don’t know, you’re the smart one, what do you think we should do?!” He yelled at Adla in more of a up beat sarcastic tone.

Adla laughed, Adam was always good at making things easier. She was silent for a moment sitting there thinking about who to call. She had know no other family to come and help them. She was standing there just staring at the phone. The twins had been at the gas station for two hours now, it was starting to get dark.

Adam was strongly pacing, while Adla was now sitting, still staring at the phone, still lost in thought. Cars came and went, but one pulled over right beside the kids. It was an old man. Looked about in his late 60’s. He had a very thick gray beard with gray hair. His eyes were an ocean blue, with thick black circles underneath them. He had a very old hat on, almost torn to shreds, and some old clothes that look like he had worn to work that day.

“You kids need a ride?” he asked with his old scratchy voice. “Might we inquire who you are?” Asked Adla in a sweet fake voice. “I’m Billy Ray Joe Bob” he said, “but most people call me Billy Bob… I’m not a fan of that name though it’s not as fun, and not as good as Billy Ray Joe Bob in my mind, but feel free to call me Billy Bob.” “Okay… Billy Bob… so, where are you going?” Adam asked. “Why, I’m going to California!”

Adla quickly sent a message to Adam telepathically and said, we’re going to California.

Adam started laughing to break the ice “Funny, that’s where we’re going! We have some family we need to meet up there.” “Well, hop in, I’ll take you” responded Billy. Adla in a softer more sympathetic tone commented “But, we have no money.””Ah, no sweat, hop in.” Said Billy Bob. Adla and Adam looked at each other and had a slight smile, because with all the misery they’ve been through, it finally had seemed like things were going their way, even if they had no clue what lies in store for them in California.



It was a silent ride for the most part. Adla fell asleep in the car overnight while Adam stayed on his guard watching over Adla. Soon enough they both fell asleep, but little did they know that Billy Bob had plans of his own, because instead of heading straight for California he started heading towards Texas.


Billy Bob got his phone out and called a strange man with a raspy voice. If we’re being honest he sounds like a mafia leader. “Hello Gray, how are you” the man with the scratchy voice said. “I’m doing fantastic, and so are you, because I have the kids.” Responded Billy Bob. “Really” said the man with the scratchy voice, he sounded astounded and excited now. “Okay, Gray, if you’re not pulling my leg, bring the little bastards to me. How’s their unkle?” he asked. “Gone and dead, just like their parents” responded Billy. “Good the man replied, bring them to me” he said. “We’re already on our way” Billy Bob said with a new arising smirk on his face.



The next morning when the twins woke up, they found themselves feeling good, and happy. For once, they were normal… or somewhat. THey felt like they were finally going somewhere. Although, there were some concerns about mone, living, and more. But they decided not to focus on that for now.

“Good morning Mr. Bob” Adla proceeded to say in a soft innocent tone. “Why, good morning darling, nice to see you up and at ’em.” “I agree” Adla responded. “Good morning everyone” Adam decided to say while having his arms extended liaw he was yawning, and stretching at the same time. “Do you kids want some breakfast?” Dilly Bob asked. “Yes, if you don’t mind, but we still don’t have any money.” Adla responded so innocent it made you want to give her everything you had.

So, they stopped at a nearby Quick Stop restaurant. Clearly everyone in the restaurant knew who Billy Bob was, and they all called him by his real and more fluently amazing name, Billy Ray Joe Bob and said it very fast with a twinge of southern accent. Billy Bob told the man looking ready to take our order that he wanted his usual, whatever that was. “I’ll have the Super Grande breakfast Burrito” Adla told the man. “I’ll take the All American Meal, hold the salsa” Adam added. “Make sure to add a little extra to em'” Billy Bob added, and winked at the waiter. “You got it boss” the waiter replied.

Fifteen minutes of straight silence. Adla just peered out the window the entire time, while Adam was playing with his straw, and Billy Bob was checking the time.

The View Out the Window

Once the food finally arrived the waiter gently set it down and said enjoy. Not a word was said, the silence continued. Adla and Adam were shoving their faces because they hadn’t eaten in three days, while Billy Bob gracefully took his time.

Once they finished, they headed back to the truck where, although the kids were filled with energy, they soon fell asleep from the drug that the waiter slipped into carefully transport The Telepathy Twins to Texas.

January 5, 2017 5:43pm

dscn3744Hello world. Man I enjoy writing, its where I really feel free. Unless you live under a corrupt government where you can’t write, say, or do anything freely. So, God bless America despite our troubles, but this blog is not meant to be a political dispute, if it was, well this post would go on for awhile.

Not that anyone cares, it was a very nice day. Where I live, it rained basically all day yesterday, meaning that the air was so fresh today, and fresh air felt like something long overdue. I didn’t do much, went shopping… hate going shopping. But on the bright side it was grocery shopping, so purchasing food was fantastic. I don’t mind cooking for myself every now and then.

Towards the end of the day, I had to take my dad’s truck into the mechanic. We just dropped it off. Luckily for me, while I was shopping I purchased an aux cord, so I was rocking out to my fantastic playlists on Spotify (ispat1000 supper dope playlists) it was amazing. I was also incredibly happy for remembering to bring my camera with me. The mechanic we go to lives out in the country, so I was able to get some good shots.

I’m not a fantastic artist, although I do paint and sketch occasionally, but photography and writing are my two main artistic outlets, not counting music, or dance… of course. I was indeed overwhelmed with good vibes to be able to listen to my music, and take pictures, and capture the moments. Even though these moments were less relevant and important in the grand scheme of life, but it was more about capturing the moment of the beautiful day that God gave me because the skies were so clear after it rained. God definitely bless.

And about that soccer game, that you’re all probably dying to know about, first game of the season. We tied. Afew injuries, we gave it our best shot and now this will make us work harder. Proud and blessed to be on the team.

Catch ya on the flip side =]