Quote Wednesday #28

“Be still and know that I am God”

-Psalm 46:10


My Faith Monday #6

Hey, it’s Issie. I wanted to talk about the Bible. At first I thought it was this big intimidating book of how to be the perfect person, seemed like something I’d absolutely never achieve. I always struggled with a relationship with something I couldn’t see or hear. But I’ve started to develop an even stronger relationship with God than before, I started this year devotional reading through the whole Bible start to finish. The whole point of the Bible is not only to learn to be a better person than you were before, but to develop a relationship with God and actually hearing what he is saying through the Bible. I’m an only child and their have been parts in my life where I have felt so alone, and it’s comforting hearing His words and knowing this is actually true based on historical fact.

I also know I stress a relationship with God, but that’s because I believe in a heaven and a hell. I mean, anything is possible, and it’s somewhat satisfying knowing that some things are historical fact in the Bible, and some things science can’t prove.

I believe that my creator is God and after all the crazy shit you read in the Bible I’d rather have the big guy on my side, so I think I’ll continue to attempt to make myself a better person, thank you.

THe Bible is also something important to me, because I do honestly believe in this, and their are many people that have ditched faith because being an atheist is the new cool. So when that time comes that people question my faith which happens a lot in high school, I can stand my ground as a Christian.

So yeah, that’s my piece for this Monday. Give Christianity a try, you don’t need to be afraid, or perfect, or the salt of the earth to join. You just have to be willing to make yourself better.




My Faith Monday #5

Hello people of the internet! I’m back with another My Faith Monday. I’m here to talk to you about relativity. And how relative it is in our lives. School, work, life in general. Things like that get in between a solid relationship with God.

There’s no denying God when there is so much historical evidence at our fingertips, and at the access of the internet. The only denying of God is when we deny God the access into our lives. I feel you. I have trust issues, so it was so hard for me to let down my walls at one point to believe in something so much greater, but what was amazing was that once I gave in, things got harder, but then they got easier. Some things are like a glow stick, they have to break before they get fixed, and then you realize the illuminating reality of having a relationship with Christ. Others of you might be thinking, your life is great, you don’t need God, there’s no point. That’s were things like satan comes in.

Your life is like a cage with the door open, you sit there, you enjoy it, but when you realize that none of it is real you’re trapped.

This is why having a relationship with Him is so important.

I fall off of having a relationship with Him all the time. I get busy with school, and I forget to pray, maybe non believers get in my mind that some things are okay that go against my values that I have set through Christ.

In history my teacher was teaching us about the Glorious Revolution, and how in England they completely changed the religion, and he then asked the class a question “Why is religion important to society?” nobody answered. Then he responded saying “Because any religion implements good moral values.” he then used Christianity as an example also mentioning that he was Catholic. He pointed out the 10 commandments, and how they are somewhat similar to the Bill of Rights.

Having a relationship with Christ not only pushes you to be the best version of yourself. That might be overwhelming to some people, heck its overwhelming for me, but you have to understand the historically proven Bible also mentions how God accepts you no matter what you do.

To have a relationship with Him you don’t have to read the Bible every day, you don’t have to pray 5 times a day or something crazy, you just have to believe in Him with your whole heart and trust that something good will come out of whatever situation you’re in.

I hope this helped someone. If you have any questions, please comment bellow, like and subscribe for more.


My Faith Monday #4

July 6, 2017

Hello to the internet. How is everyone doing? I’m sore, but I’m doing quite well. I am so focused on training it’s ridiculous, but I love it. I want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and has liked and subscribed and commented on my post, that means everything to me.

So I decided to do a My Faith Monday post because my faith has come a long way. In the last post I described that you get into habits with faith and you find the most amazing things happening (My Faith Monday #3) and I also go over how to get into those habits. This is the evolution of those habits. My body hurts so much but I’m pushing myself more and more in every run. I call on God when I need strength, and sometimes the pain is eased, or even better the big guy blesses my playlist with that epic track that makes me sprint after already running for 30m. And when you’re a band trash freak with Spotify, but not spotify premium because you can’t afford that as a teen (shameless self promo Spotify ispat1000) and you get blessed with that epic track it means everything.

Speaking from experience when you call on God when you’re going through a hard time times can get even harder, but you have to keep the faith. Because when things seem to get worse God is working in your life. It may not seem like it but when it gets hardest is when you need to have His faith and support to help you face your fears. That’s the hard thing, when you call on him, and things ultimately get as bad as they seem they can get that’s the time you need to stand up and face your fears, because it will always get better.

I was so scared of Cross Country for awhile. Scared of the pain, scared of falling, and failing. But I made a commitment, and although I may be slow, I am running the right amount of miles I should be. I had to face my fear. Sure I go through pain, but when I get out there to run I feel free and alive, and I feel stronger than I ever could be when I sprint when everything hurts,  it’s like cutting through air and sometimes I actually scream because of how much  it hurts but I know I can handle it. I’m not pushing myself too hard. It may be hard, but Philippians 4:3 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (I wrote that on my Nikes, that’s why I remember it. )

So remember when you call on God amazing things can happen and he will meet you halfway, as long as you take his hand and face your fears, you will never be alone. Things can always get better.

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Remember I’m speaking from experience, I’ll catch you on the flip side!


My Faith Monday #3

Hey guys, its Issie. Hope you are having a wonderful day, and I am posting just like I promised. Today’s post is a My Life Monday because God has always been something very important in my life, but it wasn’t until now I’ve been trying to deepen my relationship with Him.

Lately I’ve found myself just saying little prayers even though they don’t sound like prayers. Just these moments where I go “Oh God help me right now” it may sound sarcastic but I’m actually implying His help. With someone like me I find that to be the easiest thing to do, and I am legit so shocked when looking back and thinking that most of the time, it does work! It’s shocking what can happen when you let Him into you. It was never some big habit I had to get myself into for the type of praying I do but now it’s like second nature, if I need help I almost sarcastically say “Oh, God help me” but I mean it, and it actually works because despite how I may sound sarcastic I submerge myself in the possibility.

Sometimes if I remember, I also pray for all of my friends at night and for stuff that’s going on in my life.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t have the perfect relationship with Him, but it’s real and it’s mine, and something real is all I’ve ever wanted. For a long time it would feel like I was just wishing on a star that was just a plane, but I feel like I’m connected to Him.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and last Father’s Day… kind of ironic but my mom and I had to get away from my dad for a bit, and it has turned a full 360. I do believe that one of the reasons for this is because of Jesus Christ.

It’s a matter of continuation, and giving your trust to something so unbelievable that it’s true. I know it’s hard, trust me I know, but with this little spark of a relationship I have with Him, I’m going to turn it into a fire.

So, hang in there everyone who doesn’t feel okay, and is depressed, and broken. This too shall pass, and it always gets better. Catch ya on the flip side!


My Faith Monday #2

Hey. Happy late Easter. So I have been meaning to write on the topic of a My Faith Monday for a while now. I could have done a review of The Chainsmokers new album (I love it), but with Easter I decided it would be most fitting to do a My Faith Monday. If you didn’t already know I am a Christian. I am going to be honest I am not a huge ‘Bible Thumper’ that preaches 24/7 and I’m not 100% close to God. I don’t completely understand the bible, and all the history but what I do have is my faith. I was trying really hard to feel God in me. The thing is though I was raised in a Christian family so I grew up knowing him. My church is very laxed, very small, and very much so my home. I wasn’t always exposed to all the things that the rest of my friends were (because where I actually live everyone is Catholic, not that that’s a bad thing) but as I grew up I started learning more and more.

Then some… things occurred within my family. It was like the glow stick being cracked. I had been in the dark so long, and I felt like life was breaking apart but then in the end life started to glow. That part where life kind of broke, was when God was working in my life, and now life is honestly great.

I still don’t completely feel Him in my life. When everything was breaking in my life, I would pray and yell and scream out to Him when I was alone and it felt like I was talking to a wall. I still don’t have an air tight relationship, and I am so bad at trusting sometimes I wonder if this is actually doing anything in my life, if this is real or not, but today I got a reminder that God is real, and He is alive, and that He is something true to believe in. You never know what to believe in sometimes, and you never want to be tricked and look like such an idiot for believing something that was never real because you were desperate but today I got a reminder that God is real giving me something real to believe in.

When we were talking about Easter at church today, I was reminded of not only the story of Easter, but I was reminded of the pure and true historical facts proving the real existence of God and those facts not being able to explain everything. Easter isn’t about a giant bunny that lays eggs for children all over the world, (which by the way makes no sense) but it is historically proven that Easter is the celebration of when Jesus the son of God was crucified, he was put away in a tomb, the very next day (Easter Sunday), he was found gone. He had conquered the grave and when He died and rose he took away our sins so that we may have an eternal life with hi. I don’t know it just kind of resonated with me. I don’t have any huge tight relationship with God, but I think I can feel him.

February 27, 2017

My Faith Monday #1

Hello everyone, I’m trying out My Faith Mondays for a chance. I think I totally have stuff to talk about. I have absolutely no clue where to start. Life has been good, but I don’t think my relationship with God has been as tight as it used to. I was seriously tossed into a hurricane last summer, and out of it all I was alone, but I figured out who I am, who I want to be, what I do and don’t like, what I believe in, and what I don’t, and so on, so fourth. One of the things I learned about myself is my top five fears.

  1. Not living
  2. Failure
  3. Being left
  4. Relationships
  5. Scorpions

So, I have randomly started being paranoid about my third worst fear, being left. I have been left by a lot of people last year, and it felt liberating, but I really cared about them. I have never had such a good set of friends until this year. Every other friend I had put me down. It hurt but I had nobody. Because of the summer I spent getting to know myself, I learned how to love myself, and adore being alone. But now that I have a good group of friends they mean so much to me. I’ve gotten close with a few of them. I’ve known my friend Victor since 2nd grade, and I actually confide in him sometimes
(surprising, because I have really bad trust issues). JoJo, now he’s my best friend. I’ve only known him this year, and to be honest I think he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and as a friend I love him and all my boys to death. We have just finally started to connect without having to play truth in our conversations, we can actually talk, but like last time right when we both got to know each other, and I cared about the other person, they decided to leave. Now I am so afraid it’s going to happen.

Back to the paranoia, so now that I have a group of friends I really love I have been so worried that they’re going to leave. I know they most likely won’t but last time I loved my friends and they left. I am fine with being alone, but as I’ve said, I really care about these guys. I’ve been trying to do a short bible study on my mobile bible app, to help with my anxiety and today’s devotional brought up something so important. If I want to trust in God I have to actually let him be within me. I have to actually let my guard down. Anyone who actually knows me knows I have real trust issues, and to even let God in now that I think about it is difficult. I would be hanging out with my close friend my mind would tell me not to get to close, and not to get attached because they were all going to leave me. You’d think I’d have more faith and less fear in both my friends and my God.

I can’t believe myself. The guys and I hung out for a long time yesterday, and they put up with my annoying self, and my inability to play pool, and I still think that they don’t like me, and that they want to leave. I have that quality that sometimes annoys people, especially now that people are so sensitive.I don’t think I’d be able to handle being left again if anything did happen.

Even when I went to church the pastor was talking about telling the people you care about that you care about them. Who knows maybe this is my way of saying thank you, and I love you to my friends.

In the end I think I need to get out of my own head, and let God in, because being paranoid of  being left. I have never had such good friends that I could depend on until this year, and it means so much to me. I am grateful to be able to have them. Freaking anxiety making me get in my own head.

This might have been annoying, but I really needed to talk, thanks for reading this if you actually read it all. Please like and subscribe for more.

God be with you, have a good life, and catch ya on the flip side.




February 17, 2017 9:28am

Good morning world. Where I live all we did our last four years was pray for rain, now you need to pray for no floods. Man, God works in mysterious ways, but their is nothing to fear, because when He wiped the world and Noah had to take all the animals on the ark God showed him a rainbow at the end of the 40 days and 40 nights representing his promise to the world. The promise is that he would never do anything like that again, so hang in there California.

Right now I’m sitting in the chair in my room, right next to my window listening to the wind howl, and my trees suffer looking like they’re almost gonna break. It’s Friday I think. I don’t know, once I’m out of school, I never know what day of the week it is. I’m not cool enough to ditch, but our school combined a few holiday breaks so we got out Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (duh), and Monday. It won’t stop raining. I love the rain, and we need the rain even if it is more than necessary you have to know that God is going to make something good come out of this.

On the down side this means I can’t go on a photoshoot like I was wanting to this weekend to change up the theme of my website for spring. I also can’t hang out with JoJo because he’s in Modesto, and I was going to work out at the school with Victor, and run the stairs at the football field at my school, but it’s raining.

The cold has always made me feel fresh and has made me feel fantastic and motivated, but right now I am having a hard time finding motivation to work out, or even write! Writing is my everything and as I was writing this I realized I had three drafts of posts I tried to write, but lost motivation. I love to work out, it’s what I look forward to, but I can’t bring myself to do it. But if we’re being honest though if I actually went to the gym or to the weight room I would be going full out just because the machines make me work more, but these at home workouts are getting old because I have to be self motivated. If that makes sense. If I go to the gym the machines make me do the work, but if I’m at home I have to be motivated because all of my workouts are basically body body based, so I have to make my body do the workouts on it’s own. I think that’s an only me problem, but whatever.

I am just so happy I don’t have school. Sleeping in was long overdue.

This past week I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon Showdown, and writing poetry. If you want to see some, comment bellow, but I don’t know that’s a super weird combination of hobbies. Not to mention I’ve been trying to play “Peace of Mind” by Boston on electric guitar, but I can’t find any videos or guitar tab, or sheet music that actually help.

I’ve also had this weird obsession lately with wanting to try winged liner for everyday looks, and I’ll watch tutorials, and look at pictures, I know how to do it, but I don’t. For one I don’t have a good liner, I have eye liner, but not a good liner. I also haven’t been wearing makeup to school much. I just do my eyebrows, because I have none, curl my hair, then I go to school. But when I think about putting on my foundation to to a full face of makeup for doing eyeliner and eye shadow, I just get lazy thinking about blending my Tarte Shape Tape concealer because it’s so thick, and I think that I’m just so lazy.

Being unmotivated is fantastic. (High levels of sarcasm.)

But aside for being unmotivated about some things I have tried doing a few things new, and pre writing some things. I am not sure what all I’m going to do for Mondays, but I’m liking Short Story Fridays, but sometimes it’s hard with school to write a new chapter and make it something meaningful. Maybe it will get better now that soccer is over, sadly, but I am tring to recognize my limitations. I am going to start doing quotes on Wednesdays. I don’t know if you’ll like it but I’m going to do it. So I ‘ll either just put a quote and a picture together, or insert a quote and explain/reflect upon it. Finally Fridays are Photography Fridays. So I will eather have a group of pictures, and tell the story behind them, or I do stories like The Telepathy Twins, that I tell with pictures.

I haven’t gotten much foot traffic on the site, but I’m worried. It might be better once I change the site for spring, but I can’t go on anny photoshoots any time soon. Although I think at rainy photoshoot might be so fantastic, but I don’t think my parents would let me. They have strong paranoia about me getting sick. Mom I know you’re reading this, hi, I love you, you paranid amazing mom you.

God bless you, and I hope you are doing good.

Thanks for reading, like and subscribe for more. Till then,

Catch ya on the flip side!