My Life Monday #17

Hello people of the internet. Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve put up a post, but in my defence soccer season is officially here and in full force. I’ve had games almost every day. I am on the girls JV soccer team, and this was the first year we ever went to a tournament. Most girls are new to the team, some aren’t and we placed fourth out of five teams. Not too shabby. I am the new team captain. It honestly meant so much to me when the coach handed me the band that said captain on it and asked if I wanted to take over. I’ve been playing soccer for seven years. It’s my sport. I’m not the best player in the world, but I love playing this game. It’s so stupid but being aggressive makes me feel like a badass, and my friend Andrea and I can vouch for this, when you play it feels like you have a connection with the ball, and as I’ve grown with the name I’ve learned lots of strategy. Besides, I’m definitely a competitive girl that loves to win, so soccer means a lot to me. Oddly it’s a piece of me that I’ve had with me growing up, and it meant a lot to me that my coach recognized me for it and trusted me with getting the team going.

But I also miss running so much. Running joined my life about thid time least year, and it has changed my life. It changed my body, my mindsets, and so much more. I don’t have the energy to run with homework and soccer practice, but I try to make time for it on the weekends, because I miss ab workouts, and just running a straight three miles with headphones on. Funny story, the day after Thanksgiving I think it was. I knew I had soccer practice the next day, and I was feeling kind of flabby. So I just decided to run three miles. I wiped it out like it was nothing. It sucks that most people my age don’t understand how much running can do for you. It’s hard at life, but you push through the pain. When you run through the emotional and physical pain in your life it’s like breaking down a wall. I feel an indescribable high, and it makes me so happy. That and the fact that I can binge whatever I want and not gain fat.

This entire post is going to be a talk about my life right now, perspectives, and thoughts of the moment stuff like that. Like and follow for more if you find me tolerable.

Happy December everyone! Merry Christmas! And all that jazz. I really enjoy Christmas season. It makes me feel at peace and in the moment, and filled with joy giving stuff to my friends and just spending time with them. And with end of December comes new year! This is such an insane thought, but I’ve had this blog up for a year. Wow how it’s grown. But that’s another post for another time.

It’s Christmas time! So I’ve been scrambling to get presents. Actually now that I’m older it’s nice to understand the financial situation of my family, and to not want everything for Christmas. Getting presents for my friends hasn’t been anything super stressed so I honestly went to Dollar General (my favorite store) and bought all my friend some small gifts for Christmas. My boyfriend is the harder one to ship for because I want to get him something really special but not over the top and definitely not expensive.

But the other thing I have to concern myself about in December is finals. Oh the ‘f’ word I’ve been begging people not to say, but it’s here. I have to start studying for it. I am talking all advanced classes, but because I am a Sophmore I cannot take AP classes (kinda happy about that). I can normally handle my advanced and honors classes, but I’m struggling as I always am with Algebra 2 and Spanish those have always been my hardest classes. I have a C in algebra and I am 1% away from a B and this test can make or break my grate for the semester. Ah the stresses! I’ll get through it, but I just can’t stop hustling for a second. Especially with a band concert this week, and lots of games in between. I also have to finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in a week and I’m not even half way through, so audiobook here I come.

I haven’t been stressing about it at all really, but at the same time my acne is so bad. I haven’t been insecure about anything in a long time, but this is really starting to get to me. I am trying to eat healthy, and drink water I’m not really stressed at all but it is so red. My bad spot is normally on my chin. It’s red and it hurts so bad. If you have any tips please comment them bellow.

Anyways, thanks for being here if you read to the end, remember good vibes = good life, and the hustle never stops. See you on Wednesday.





My Faith Monday #6

Hey, it’s Issie. I wanted to talk about the Bible. At first I thought it was this big intimidating book of how to be the perfect person, seemed like something I’d absolutely never achieve. I always struggled with a relationship with something I couldn’t see or hear.Β But I’ve started to develop an even stronger relationship with God than before, I started this year devotional reading through the whole Bible start to finish. The whole point of the Bible is not only to learn to be a better person than you were before, but to develop a relationship with God and actually hearing what he is saying through the Bible. I’m an only child and their have been parts in my life where I have felt so alone, and it’s comforting hearing His words and knowing this is actually true based on historical fact.

I also know I stress a relationship with God, but that’s because I believe in a heaven and a hell. I mean, anything is possible, and it’s somewhat satisfying knowing that some things are historical fact in the Bible, and some things science can’t prove.

I believe that my creator is God and after all the crazy shit you read in the Bible I’d rather have the big guy on my side, so I think I’ll continue to attempt to make myself a better person, thank you.

THe Bible is also something important to me, because I do honestly believe in this, and their are many people that have ditched faith because being an atheist is the new cool. So when that time comes that people question my faith which happens a lot in high school, I can stand my ground as a Christian.

So yeah, that’s my piece for this Monday. Give Christianity a try, you don’t need to be afraid, or perfect, or the salt of the earth to join. You just have to be willing to make yourself better.




My Life Monday #16

Helloooooo internet. It’s Issie! How’s life? I hope it’s going well. You know what? I’m pretty happy right now. School is hard, but I make it through.

Okay so what’s been going on in my life recently… Let’s start with FFA. I joined the Job Interview team at my school. For this I have to get recommendations, fill out an application, and create a cover letter. You choose a job based on the 7 Ag pathways. I don’t remember what all of them are, but I remembered one of them was animal science, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do because I have such an experience with animals. So, Job Interview you pick a fake job that is created for the sace of the competition. You fill out all the paperwork like you would do in a regular job application, and you get interviewed. It’s a competition, but it’s also a simulation of a job that you would apply for so that you get proper experience for when you apply for a real job that you’re interested in. I have applied for the position of a part-time Assistant Swine Herder. I am not too experience with swine but the job description just said you needed to have experience with animals, and I totally do.

Another thing I’m doing in FFA is Project Competition. I love doing this, I did it last year, but it’s a public speaking competition where the judges come to your house and you give a presentation about your animals. I love talking about my project and I just enjoy speaking competitions I think I’m pretty good probably because I’ve been doing speaking competitions and winning (if I do say so myself) since I was 9. But I have a lot of paperwork to fill out over this week for both of of these competitions, but it’s super fun.

Next thing in my life! Hmmmm. Music! Guitar. We’re starting to do do or Christmas songs for our concerts. I’m playing harmony and bass for different songs but I feel like I suck at this but I’m working on it but it’ll get better.

Formal was three days ago, and that was absolutely great. My boyfriend and I had dinner at my house. My mom hit dollar general and bought some table covers and cute paper plates and napkins. We had a nice dinner together my mom made this super easy pasta dish (my boyfriend’s favorite food is pΓ‘sta). We also had fro-yo, and watched Supernatural on the couch before we went. When we went to the dance we had a good time. He doesn’t dance too much but he doesn’t sit up against the wall. He holds my hand and stares and laughs at me while I dance like an idiot. And when we slow dance I yell the lyrics to the Ed Sheeran songs that’s playing. Then he kisses me and says I’m cute, he’s right. I had a good night with friends, and it was nice to spend time with him, and my friends, and to not have to spend money.

It’s Thanksgiving break now, all of my teachers tell me to enjoy my break but it’s hard to do that when they give you homework. I have lots of things I want to do this week, and one of them is a fall photoshoot. I am so excited because the leaves around my home town are so colorful and their are so many colorful walls I want to take pictures in front of.

I also have my first game tomorrow, wish me luck.

But hey! It’s Thanksgiving, and I am so thankful for everything in my life, my animals, my school, my friends, my life, my country, my boyfriend, my sports, food, the fact that McDonald’s finally opened back up in our home town. There’s so much to be thankful for, I’m very blessed. I’m surprisingly not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, I don’t know why, but I do adore food so it works.

Comment below what you’re thankful for. So this is my life right now. If you liked this and you find me tolerable, like and subscribe below. Remember good vibes=good life.



My Life Monday #15

How to Survive High School: Relationships pt. 2 (Friendships)Β 

Hello people of the internet, it’s Issie, and I’m here to talk to you and give you advice about friendships in high school. How to Survive High School has grown into a mini series on my blog, so if you want to find it, scroll to the bottom of the page, click that search bar, and search ‘How to Survive High School’. Because I have done a part one on relationships for the dating aspect. But let’s get started.

Everyone needs friends in high school. Even Jughead needs Betty and Archie (Riverdale reference like and follow if you get it). Everyone needs someone they can share their secrets with, or talk to about the shit they’re going through. If you have no friends, get out there and do things. Things where you’re out of your comfort zone and meeting people, because then at least you know you have common interests with your friends.

Or if you already have friends here’s a piece of advice. People change. Especially in high school. You may have been friends since before you came out of the womb, but people change, in high school people figure out what things they really like, and sometimes they do stupid things for stupid reasons because we’re young. Another piece of advice, people leave. People leave because they outgrow you, they think that the better option is to replace you maybe for more attention, or sometimes you just naturally separate. It sucks, but it happens, you grow as a person.

When people, especially friends leave it’s like a shot through the heart. I had two of my best friends leave me when I needed them the most, and I could do nothing about it. But now looking a back, before they left it felt like I was in a friend group with such fake friends, but things had to break before they could get better. Because once they left I was left with my best friends in the whole world that are mentally insane but the best things that have ever happened to me.

So in the end.

  1. You have to get out there and actually socialize to meet people. (I know, I know its not my favorite thing either.)
  2. People leave and it hurts
  3. People change

In high school nobody really knows who they are, some are just better at faking it than others. People leave for the stupidest reasons and sometimes it hurts, even when you naturally separate, but the thing is their are people out there, and friends out there. It sucks to be left but all hope is not lost. Just keep your head up and keep on going, because high school is really good experience if you make it one.

Good Vibes=Good Life


Photography Friday #7


Hello, I’m Issie. For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s probably because I can do my makeup however I like and it’s socially acceptable, I also like supernatural stories and free candy any time of the year. Like my church youth does every year, we go to the corn maze near by where I live. I had a good time with Andrea (my best friend) and some other people in our group. Andrea decided that we were going to go into the haunted maze, hilarious because she cried, and screamed, covered her eyes, and attempted to latch onto my arm. Every clown we passed by, I flagged them down and pointed at her. They would walk right next to her and follow us and one even whispered in her ear “I’m never leaving” it was so funny. Once we got through the haunted maze she shook it off like nothing happened. We went into the regular maze, and walked almost five miles through it all. Three hours later we look at the clock and we finally realize it’s ten o’clock and so we decide to head home. It’s a great feeling spending time with friends, and being present in that moment. We got some good pictures too.

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The day of Halloween. My friends and I had been planning our costumes for a month now. We voted on our group costume for this year (Alice in Wonderland). It was honestly super fun. Although we got lots of attention and I’m not a huge fan. The yearbook took tons of pictures of us, and we won the costume contest that our school put on (we had no idea they even had a costume contest). It was such a good time. I love Halloween, and before that day I was getting super anxious about a lot of things, and as stupid as it sounds it felt great to be with my friends and to not care about what others thought and have a good time. I was the Cheshire Cat, and I went full out with my makeup.

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It was a good Halloween, and a good month.

Good Vibes=Good Life


Feels Friday #3

“The Little Things”

I feel genuinely happy.


It’s the little things that mean everything.

Friday night lights,

And stargazing nights.

Harry Potter books,

Trying new looks.

Kisses that taste like coffee,

With his green eyes gazing at me.

Being with the people I love.

It’s just the little things that make me happy.

My Life Monday #14

How to Survive High School: Relationships (pt. 1 dating)

Hello people of the internet, it’s Issie. Continuing the series of How to Survive High School here’s another post all about relationships and for this post I’m talking about the dating side of relationships rather than friendships. So let’s jump in.

I’ve made a list of things to talk about so hopefully all my talking points make sense.

When you have a crush and you’re flirting with your crush before you jump into a relationship think about what you want from this relationship, and where you want it to go. My boyfriend asked me out today one month ago (9/22/17). I as I mentioned in a post before I have a fear of any sort of relationships but when we were flirting I thought about the relationship I wanted to have. I thought about where I wanted the relationship to go. When you can visualize the relationship, and you visualize it going well you attract the vibes you put out. Personally when I date I date thinking about the long run , marriage, as crazy as that sounds as a teen saying that to you. But it’s true, and that is the idea of dating to get to know and make connections with the person you like so you can eventually make a permanent commitment to each other, and I think that’s what people forget. That’s why it’s so important to know what you want even before you get into a relationship.

Going along with before the relationship, you need to trust your gut, and your friends about the person, just because you like them and you like the idea of the relationship doesn’t mean you have to compromise yourself. You also have to be able to read the signs when flirting, if the dude sounds like he just wants to get into your pants while texting and flirting and you want a long term relationships, don’t get into it. You have to be smart. Do what’s best for you.

When you finally get to the place where you’re dating this person, it;s important that you don’t replace your best friends. I have seen so many people do this before your best friends were there for you long before you found this guy who you think is the love of your life. In fact you’ll need them because one thing you should definitely remember is when you’re in high school everyone makes your relationship everyone’s business. I’ve seen people spread rumors, people jump to conclusions, and they just make it their business and it’s definitely to have friends by your side for that.

Next thing that I felt I should put in, don’t cheat. That’s just wrong.

As I mentioned before on the knowing what you want out of the relationship before you get into it, you have to define the relationship with the other person. It’s important to set a Godly example. And to tell you what you do or do not want to do, where you want to take this relationship, what’s your end goat (usually mariage) but you have to let them know.

And probably my best and most important piece of advice is before you love someone else you have to love yourself. Ed Sheeran said it best.

So yeah that’s all I got and just things I think that are important values if you want a long, strong, and healthy relationship.

Remember, good vibes=good life, talk to you on Wednesday.