Manifesting Lions

Can you believe I’m two weeks away from being halfway through high school and two years away from the rest of my life? It’s kind of mind-blowing. Not saying that I wasn’t ever living before, but when you’re growing up you’re ever growing and expanding. You’re learning lessons from your parents and figuring things out for yourself the hard way. We never stop learning, but it’s when we go out on our own that’s when we really start to live. My dad told me this once, “Isabel right now you are just existing.” Sometimes it really feels like it, but other times with the people I love I have never felt more alive.

I’m feeling a bunch of different ways about that, but I can’t stop dreaming about summer. All the things I’m going to do, and the adventures and the nights that are never going to end. Sure, Jr year is going to be crazy busy and riddled with testing but it seems like lately, I’ve been dreaming about the future. But even better I’m excited about these two weeks with my best friends last days of being a sophomore.

My guitar concert is coming up in a week. Our amount of songs that we were playing got cut down but I auditioned to play “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw with the choir, and I got it.

There are so many things I’ve got to do but I’m manifesting happiness and lion inside of me.

In my English class, we have been doing a unit on happiness and the manifestation of it, and how to bring it into your life.

All the Ted talk speakers agree that gratitude is happiness and I completely agree. When you are grateful for what and who is around you, you can enjoy it and be happy. They also say being vulnerable brings happiness too. I think I can agree. My happiest moments are when I am with my best friends, and when I am with them my guard is completely down. I think when you can let your guard down and be vulnerable you can enjoy those happy moments to the core.

The past two weeks that I have been at fair, and working really hard to get my grades in order. I aced my algebra test. I feel very burnt out, and I’m trying to take as many hours as I can to rest. Through all the chaos the last two weeks I have stayed happy and have not panicked once. I feel healthy emotionally and mentally, but for the first time in a long time, I recognize the need to take care of myself. It’s almost a proud feeling. Self-care was one of my goals this year and the conquering of my anxiety, and I’m doing just that.

So go out there and achieve greatness, and manifest the lions in your life that can conquer anything.


Also, expect big changes this summer.

Lion at Heart

Hey. This post is more of an update on how I’m doing and where I’m at, so if you’re interested, then keep on reading.

So, starting. My boyfriend and I broke up. We both wanted to break up, so it was extremely mutual, but I am a little sad because it killed our amazing friendship. We were only together for two months. This is the first time I’ve been single in maybe over a half a year. I’ve been thinking about my first relationship a lot recently, my 5-month relationship that ended back in January. I don’t want to go back to it, I believe it ended for a reason, but I have been thinking about how good it was, and how I want that, someone like that again. Definitely not for a while, but at least it helps me once again recognize what I want. I believe that after any relationship you should try and find a lesson in it. I have no doubt in my mind that I am going to find something better than what I had before, but the lesson is always something to remember to think about.

I’ve also been studying like crazy. Homework is non stop, and I’m trying to get my driver’s permit. I have one week and a half until my test and I am completely and totally nervous. Not to mention having an unbelievably horrible amount of homework because the hustle never stops.

Speaking of stuff coming up in two weeks, Merced County Spring Fair is in two weeks, and I am working with my animals every day. When push comes to shove, I always remember I can sleep when I’m dead.

But it sounds like I’m complaining about all I’m doing, and we don’t need that negative energy. Today I played guitar for the second time with my church band, and I took my new acoustic-electric guitar (Jessie) out for a spin. I was great. I love music, it’s such a huge part of my life. I always tell people my playlist says what I can’t, and all my walls are down when I am listening to music and that is when I am truly myself. Since we’re on the subject of music, my high school’s spring concert is coming up. Where the band, choir, and guitar will be playing. The setlist for guitar includes:

  1. “Another One Bites the Dust” Queen
  2. “Heart Shaped Box” Nirvana
  3. “Elanor Rigby” Beatles
  4. “Stand By Me” King
  5. “Peter Gun” Mancini

Now, that sounds like fun. It’s even more fun playing it.

I don’t even want to think about finals, but if that is what stands in the way of my summer I am all for it, but that’s a month away.

Anxiety-wise, I haven’t had a single panic attack since my ex-entered my life. He was a really good friend for a while. I was lucky to have him in my life while I did. Sometimes I shake, but I feel healthier and better, and it seems like my body and my mind are handling situations that normally ended in wasting time panicking, in a good and healthy way. I also honestly think I am taking care of myself better. Even though I will always put work and especially my friends over myself.

I have a new plant family. I love watching them right by my window, and they’re succulents so I don’t have to take care of them 24/7. They say having live things around you makes you feel more alive, and it does.

Ooh, and I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I got M.V.P for soccer. That meant so much to me. I was the team captain and then M.V.P. My coach didn’t even show, only the assistant one. That says a lot about the season. He didn’t say much about anybody, but he did say that he believed that I would do great things and become a great leader, and that meant everything to me. I have a lot to live up to next year if I want to be varsity goalie, but I will work hard every day because I have to if I want to prove myself and gain respect.

I guess this is a good way to lead into why this is titled ‘Lion at Heart’. The breakup wasn’t that bad, but as I mentioned it kind of sucked, but it felt like I was my lion self again. I never changed myself, but I was sad for awhile that’s why the breakup occurred, but something changed. I feel free again. It’s like a part of me, the lion badass part of me turned on again. I am working non-stop, and I can handle it, and I feel ready to take on and conquer this week to come. I have been looking at my phone a lot. The Quote Wednesday #33 is my phone lock screen to remind me.

There’s a fire inside me, and it’s back and I can do anything. So can you if you really want to. I have a new lion logo in the works hopefully to be up by the new may changes. Follow to be a part of the pride, and give this a like down bellow too.

Have a good week and a good life.




I am a Lion

Hello, people of the internet. Today’s post is going to be a weird one, but try and keep up with me. I hope you guys are doing well, and are having a good week and a good life. But I’m going to jump into it.

This is something I haven’t told too many people, I think just my boyfriend my mom. I always thought this was so weird, but I think I would love to bring this into my life more. I feel spiritually connected to my core to a lion. I don’t know where this started but I do. I was born in July, and I am a Leo, but I feel like the connection goes further than my zodiac.

“The lion is one of the most widley recognised animal symbols in human culture.”


When I hear or see a lion my first thoughts are about how the lion is considered the “king of the jungle”. They are a sign of leadership, strength, and courage. Ancient Egyptians even worshiped them for their strength and fierceness. So in my mind, I have always looked up to the lion for the symbol it is.

The character of a lion does also say a lot about my deep connection with it. They are some of the only animals that live in groups called Prides. They are also the only animals that attack with females, and are very strategic and intelligent as well as lazy and sleep a lot.

Taking the lion description do another perspective. I mentioned at the beginning that I am a Leo, and the traits of that zodiac almost completely relate to me. (Disclaimer: I don’t take zodiacs to heart, but there’s a certain amount of connection I feel to them).

So the Leo zodiac is based on a lion, our planet is the sun (makes sense), and our element is fire. Leos are very confident, headstrong/stubborn, strong, loyal, fiery, fearless/adventurous, etc. My personality and life actually accurately relate to the traits of a Leo, even the faults are similar to mine.

I didn’t connect the dots on this connection until last year. As a person, I find that I am a very strong person that can stand on her own two feet, but I need my friends and they really are my Pride. Lions are just so strong and majestic, and I think that’s so amazing to look up to something so pure and amazing like a Lion, and I love incorporating the traits of strength and loyalty to make myself a better person. The lion is so badass and bigger than me. Even before I felt this connection I always loved the lion’s breath in yoga and called my crazy curly hair my ‘Lion’s Mane’. Because in my mind heart and soul not only am I connected to a lion, but some part of me is a lion.

I am also going to be making a logo soon that might have some lion incorporated into it. Always work to make yourself better, and like and follow more down below, and hustle harder every day.



Pray for the Wicked Teaser Review

Hello, people of the internet! Hope you’re having a wonderful day and a great life. As some of you may know, Panic! At The Disco, (or Bendon Urie) has finally revealed what they have been working on for almost a year and a half. I know I have been begging for this and having waited for so long for these new songs, it was like becoming a Panic! fan all over again. Their sound is so different and distinct it’s not for everyone, but you’ll know it when you hear it. There’s no other word to describe it but, Alternative.

Before we jump into the review and the songs I want to give you a bit of background about the band. As I mentioned before Brendon Urie is the sole original member of this band. Their career jumpstarted when they were still in high school with their first album ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’. Soon enough their American Alternative Rock music shaped a generation of LA emo rockers. While still in high school and have yet to ever play live Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy caught wind of their music and Panic! At the Disco became the first band ever signed to Pete’s record label (Fueled by Ramen). Then their exclamation point after Panic! became an iconic symbol for their sound. With this label, they have dropped several albums with the future coming of ‘Pray For the Wicked’ as their sixth studio record to be dropped. Without getting into too much detail, people of the band started slowly leaving. Some for mutual reasons, some for more than that. Either way, you could hear a change as Brendon’s ideas came to the forefront, and they’ve never looked back, and never stopped making great music.

‘Pray For the Wicked’:

Panic! At the Disco, having been silent since after their Death of a Batchelor tour left their fans in a shock, or in this case a panic when they noticed two new songs released. March 22, two teaser songs were dropped from the album “(Fuck a) Silver Lining” and “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” Quoting a Tweet I saw somewhere:

“Brendon, putting parenthasis in the title doesn’t make them any less long”


Very true, but it also doesn’t make these songs less iconically Panic!.

The album ‘Pray For the Wicked’ is an eleven track record including:

  1. “(Fuck A) Silver Lining”
  2. “Say Amen (Saturday Night”
  3. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”
  4. “High Hopes”
  5. “Roaring 20’s”
  6. “Dancing’s Not a Crime”
  7. “One of the Drunks”
  8. “The Overpass”
  9. “King of the Clouds”
  10. “Old Fashioned”
  11. “Dying in LA”

Brendon said that after his tour, and staring in ‘Kinky Boots’ he needed to take some time for himself to work on music and himself, and man was it worth it. Speaking of the tour, along with the new album dropping Panic! also announced the dates for the ‘Pray For the Wicked’ tour up on his website: And just so you remember to mark your calendars, ‘Pray For the Wicked’ will be released June 22, 2018.

1.”(Fuck A) Silver Lining”

I personally believe this first song being released with “Say Amen…”  makes this song very misunderstood, and the lyrics are confusing, to begin with. I knew I liked it. With the bazar sounding opening:

To the old, and to the new
We dedicate this song to you

Then to pick up with a full beat shouting “Fuck a silver lining, because only gold is hot enough” I got the concept, but I think the Pop Song Professor on YouTube (who is a professional lyricist and analyzes songs and lyrics for a living) said it best. In the English Language, we have the saying of a ‘silver lining’ to look on the bright side of something or the good points after a storm. Brendon is essentially saying F**k that, only gold is good enough.

No wings of wax or endless mountains
Tragedies with penniless fountains
It’s just cherries, cherries
It’s coming up cherries on top
Sunset shadows through the trophies
I guess it just ain’t big enough
Say it one more, one more, one more

The waxwings referring to the story of the man who flew too close to the sun and his wings of wax melted, and the cherry on top is another term in the English Language referring to that something extra in your life. “Sunset shadows through the trophies” is trying to show that in the end, he wants to look back on all he’s achieved.

For the full analysis go to: It’s incredibly interesting to see all the literally influences Brendon uses in this song to just describe how he wants nothing but a good kick-ass life. He has no time for the negative, and he just won’t stop. Listening to this song you either want to dance or move in some way. You can feel a sort of connection to it, and with the curse word in it, it gives a stronger emphasis. You can only enjoy this song to a certain extent until you figure out the hidden meaning.

2.”Say Amen (Saturday Night)”

Out of the teaser songs, this one takes the cake with not only an audio-video but a music video too. This music video could be linked to those of “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “This is Gospel”, but before we get into theories it’s time to break down the song. For this analysis, I had my own theories, but I watched another video made by the Pop Song Professor, be sure to go see him on YouTube.

Been traveling in packs that I can’t carry any more
Been waiting for somebody else to carry me
There’s nothing else there for me at my door
All the people I know aren’t who they used to be
And if I try to change my life one more day
There would be nobody else to save
And I can’t change into a person I don’t wanna be, so
Oh, it’s Saturday night, yeah

This first verse is about how Brendon is trying to be himself. He mentions that his friends aren’t who he thinks they are and he’s been carrying them, but they don’t do the same for him. In the end, he doesn’t want to lose who he is so he says well it’s Saturday night.

This song has an interesting concept. I think everyone can relate to having two-faced people in their lives, but saying it’s Saturday night is a different way of bringing out who you really are. Whether you’re going out to get over something or binge-watching Netflix I guess it’s one way show a pure version of yourself.

Swear to God, I ain’t ever gonna repent

He doesn’t care, he’s not gonna apologize for who he really is, as this line is repeated in every chorus.

Brendon makes it so he almost sounds sorry for himself in the first verse but by the chorus, he shows his true self, and his true vocals as he takes over singing that this is who he is and if you don’t like it, deal with it. What a great way to go through life? But finally in the true fashion of Panic! At the Disco Brendon whips out a high note to end all high notes. It could probably shatter glass, but then again Brendon can do that with his good looks too.

Music videos:

In “Say Amen…” An artifact called the Devils Key is stolen by Brendon. People sneak into his place and he starts killing them when he defeats all the bad guys (it’s pretty intense, but that’s Panic! for ya), his girlfriend comes in. They start kissing, and as Brendon takes his shirt as she sees the Devil’s Key, and ironically kicks him in the crotch right as he hits the high note. She eventually takes the key and his heart starts beating like the opening of “This is Gospel”. Everyone thinks the storyline goes “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”, “This is Gospel”, “Emperors New Clothes”. But I think “Emperors New Clothes came first, and that’s where the Devil’s Key was formed, then moving to “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” To finish off with “This is Gospel”.’

I hope you enjoyed the background of these songs. I’m excited for the release of the new album, and this is just what I’ve been waiting for. Comment on your music video theories, and like and follow for more.




Out of Hybernation

There is finally a break from all the rain! Sunshine is here and in a pleasant amount! (Generally, in the Central Valley of California it’s either one extreme of wet and cold to the other of triple number degree temperatures.) I have been waiting for spring to finally, well, spring up from the earth. I always find when the temperature gets cold I always find reasons to have the blues, even if it is from external forces that are out of my control. Spring means school is almost over, I can wear flip flops and run more. Even better it means that summer is almost here! But I am not mentally or physically prepared for heatwaves that feel like they last from infinity.

As March is winding to an and it felt like it wasn’t quite my month. I was very busy with school, and I ignored the things that I want to manifest into my life or some things I should do to take care of myself. Not a single panic attack and I never stopped hustling.

Some of the biggest things I’ve wanted to manifest into my life include:

  • New blog logo- I want to create a logo that goes at the top of my website for the tab and a logo that represents me and I can put on everything.
  • Lions- Follow up post on the reasoning for Lions next week, follow to hear about it when it goes up.
  • Plants- It’s spring! I want more plants, and I want to work hard not to kill them.
  • Better outfits- Because California has been in a drought since I was a baby child my wardrobe is mainly equipped with warmer climates. Despite how much I love my sweater that I wear every single day of my life, I want to change things up now that it’s warmer to boost my confidence a bit.
  • My driver’s test!- I forgot to study a lot this month for it.
  • Acoustic electric guitar- I’ve wanted one for a half a year now and my playing has gotten much better.

Since we’re talking about playing guitar. I’ve been playing for three years. I am a pretty solid rhythm guitarist. I want to get better at playing lead electric guitar solos and improvising. But now, I am playing acoustic guitar at my church every month. I play three songs and strictly rhythm. I can sing, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket in the keys that the church plays in (G and B).

I have three guitars now, two electric and one acoustic. My electric’s name is Jay Fender, he is a Fender Stratocaster, the new electric guitar was given to me by my boyfriend that plays blacksaphone and got this guitar when he was a kid. He no desires to learn guitar so this is the newest member of our family. His name is Tiny Tim, being that he is a Stratocaster Mini. Finally, my very first guitar is a red acoustic Jhonson guitar, his name is Martin. I can’t use Martin on stage because he’s not electric, and he’s getting too small being that I got him 5 years ago when I was small.

This month for me has been an amazing transition from all the problems I was having to kicking ass. If you would like to hear me play guitar, or just hear more about guitar let me know in the comments. As I am coming out of hibernation I will continue to learn and make myself better, as well as take care of myself and do some things to make myself happy. I hope you all will do the same and continue to grow into some amazing human beings.