Short Story Monday #2

The girl opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit hallway.

She took her next steps confidently, as the blood was racing through her bulging veins. She drew her sword. The silver blade glistened in the florescent light. The gold handle; a perfect fit for her hand. She started thinking about life before this moment. When everything was normal She clenched the word even tighter as if the only thing keeping her alive. Standing in hall of what once was her school.

It was silent, but the noise in her head was louder. Racing with the thoughts: Why me? Why must I do this? She had just moved here, and now had to face something greater than herself to not only save herself, but the people around her in the miserable town of Cogsville. These people meant nothing to her, and she was a nobody to them.

Her heart was beating like a drum, loud, overbearing. She choked. Her mind turned against her. It was too much to handle. Her head was throbbing. She dropped her sword, crouched to the ground, and clenched her body to get through the pain. Her hands started to shake.

All her demons, everything was rushing to her. Her shaking hands lifted up the sword as she pierced her own stomach. She fell back with the blood coming out of her. Instead of saving everyone, she only saved herself.


Photography Friday #6

One of the things I haven’t done since July is take pictures, and I miss photography so much as I mentioned before in monday’s post. Today is Friday October 13, 2017. Despite what people may think I am having the absolute best day. I woke up to the cool air, and for the first time in a long time I went on Instagram. It was cool seeing the inspiration from my favorite artsy youtubers and to send memes to all my friends. When I finally got out of bed I woke up alone, put on my slippers, and read my bible verse of the day.

“Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, nut always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.”

-Thessalonians 5:15 NIV

Walked out to the living room. The house was silent. I was alone, and so happy. I popped on chromecast and connected to my Spotify playlist, and put on some indie tunes perfect for waking up in the morning.

I made myself some black tea because I need caffeine, and with my music whaling in the background I made a list of all the things I wanted to do, and at the top of that list was to have a photoshoot, and I did.

As soon as I could I threw on some fall makeup, a cute outfit, grabbed my tripod, Rose (my Canon) and away I went. I initially looked for some walls to shoot on. I found this shed with some shadows, set up my camera so that it’s level and away I went. I began with black and white.

Depending on the picture I clearly was playing around with the ISO levels, and the angle of the camera was pointing down more for the lower shots.

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The last few are the only ones in color with this background.

Right next to that their are some trees, and stuff so I decided to take pictures there for more of a fall forest kind of edge. I also figured it might work for a banner picture. I had to change the angle of the camera upwards for these pictures, and for the darker it is the higher the ISO level is I don’t think I went past 1600.

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Neked I moved over like two steps and changed the angle of the camera to this fence on the road and took some cute kind of adventurous renegade pictures.

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Once again just moved the camera in the form of another right angle and found this wood wall.

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Those were all the pictures I took for this short photoshoot. All of these are unedited, and taken today. It made my heart so happy to pop on my playlist, and go crazy with my creativity, and I finally have some decent Instagram pictures! Not to mention the website needed a change from the picture of the spring butterfly, and my friend at the beach… it is fall after all.

Do what makes your heart happy, and take time for yourself. Remember, Good Vibes=Good Life.



My Life Monday #13

Hello people of the internet. Welcome to another post where I tell you about my life, and how I’m doing. I guess I’m a basic white girl because my favorite time of year is fall, and my favorite holiday is Halloween.

I am also taking all advanced classes, running cross country, and helping out the band. I am running around doing the things that make me happy, but I haven’t been able to take anything in.

What makes me feel happy:

  • Running my race, and reaching my goals, screaming for my team, and when they cheer me on too.
  • Football games, taking in the friday night lights, helping and being with the band and all my friends.
  • Hanging out with my boyfriend and my friends, not doing anything, just being together.
  • Taking pictures
  • Writing stories

I know I can’t do everything, but I just came to a realization that this is my favorite time of year and all I have done is run around from thing to thing, and I haven’t been able to do anything that makes me deeply happy but little things have.

Homework and sports get hectic, and I’m so sad that cross country is almost over. But I just need to enjoy all that’s around me. Maybe sometime I can hang with my friends, and I really need to schedule a photoshoot for fall, badly. Or even try out some new fall makeup for school.

So the reason why I’m writing this is for anyone who feels like they’re in a rut, or they haven’t been able to take anything in, and you’ve just been going about life day to day. Sometimes you need to stop and take in a big breath of that fresh fall air, and look at everything that’s around you. Do something that makes your soul happy as cheesy as it sounds. Maybe make little changes to your routine, and take time to appreciate the world around you, and how the leaves change.

Lately I’ve been feeling sad for no reason, but then I started taking in fall. I started doing the things I love this time of year. Things like watching Halloweentown and Harry Potter. Things like using my string lights, and drinking coffee. Taking time to pray more often, that sounds weird, but just taking time for my relationship with God is something very important to me, and sometimes life gets in the way.

Take time for you, take time to look at the things around you, and take time for the thing sthat are important to you.

Also, so excited for pumpkin carving, photoshoots, corn mazes, and halloween squad costumes with my boys (thinking about going as memes from 2017).

Good Vibes=Good Life



Photography Friday #6

Hilmar Homecoming 2017:

I live in a great little small town, and nothing makes me feel more like a community than homecoming. We get have a rally, we get out at noon, we have a parade, and an epic game.

This years theme was agriculture. Which fits our community so well because Hilmar runs on Ag. I didn’t take part in making my classes’s sophomore float, but we did win second out of all four classes.

Homecoming started the day before. I had revived my class t-shirt, and decided to crop and bleach it. And mad the more than necessary trip to Dollar General.

What I bought/homecoming necessities:

-White acrylic paint

-Three rolls of yellow pre wrap

-Gold acrylic paint pen

-Stick on gems

(I was mainly in the craft section…)

I was all ready for homecoming. That morning when I got to school, I painted all of my friends.


Every class drug on. But in the band room, I had a line of people that came because they wanted me to paint their face.

I was so happy when the bell rang. I changed into my Cross Country shirt and rushed to find my team amongst the chaos. We walked over to the house of our team captain, grabbed a slice of pizza, then walked over to where the parade was starting. It was a great time walking with the No EXCuses banner down Landar. I saw everyone I knew and threw out candy. It’s just a nice thing to feel present and to experience it. Then I hung out in the band room until my mom picked me up. I went back home, then back to the school.

Hillmar v. Livingston. It was going to be on TV, and I was going to see my Livingston friend after a year, and win money because he was going to lose the bet we had placed on the winning team.


Livingston lost to the JV team with a shutout. I got $10 and a picture.


I spent most of the game with my boyfriend and his friends in the spirit booth, it was so much fun we watched the game, and messed around. But the best part was looking up at a full harvest moon, watching the floats pass with the band and my boyfriend. Just being present in that moment that made me completely happy surrounded by the people that lift me up.

Present, and happy in the moment, that was my fall homecoming 2017.

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My Faith Monday #5

Hello people of the internet! I’m back with another My Faith Monday. I’m here to talk to you about relativity. And how relative it is in our lives. School, work, life in general. Things like that get in between a solid relationship with God.

There’s no denying God when there is so much historical evidence at our fingertips, and at the access of the internet. The only denying of God is when we deny God the access into our lives. I feel you. I have trust issues, so it was so hard for me to let down my walls at one point to believe in something so much greater, but what was amazing was that once I gave in, things got harder, but then they got easier. Some things are like a glow stick, they have to break before they get fixed, and then you realize the illuminating reality of having a relationship with Christ. Others of you might be thinking, your life is great, you don’t need God, there’s no point. That’s were things like satan comes in.

Your life is like a cage with the door open, you sit there, you enjoy it, but when you realize that none of it is real you’re trapped.

This is why having a relationship with Him is so important.

I fall off of having a relationship with Him all the time. I get busy with school, and I forget to pray, maybe non believers get in my mind that some things are okay that go against my values that I have set through Christ.

In history my teacher was teaching us about the Glorious Revolution, and how in England they completely changed the religion, and he then asked the class a question “Why is religion important to society?” nobody answered. Then he responded saying “Because any religion implements good moral values.” he then used Christianity as an example also mentioning that he was Catholic. He pointed out the 10 commandments, and how they are somewhat similar to the Bill of Rights.

Having a relationship with Christ not only pushes you to be the best version of yourself. That might be overwhelming to some people, heck its overwhelming for me, but you have to understand the historically proven Bible also mentions how God accepts you no matter what you do.

To have a relationship with Him you don’t have to read the Bible every day, you don’t have to pray 5 times a day or something crazy, you just have to believe in Him with your whole heart and trust that something good will come out of whatever situation you’re in.

I hope this helped someone. If you have any questions, please comment bellow, like and subscribe for more.


My Life Monday #12

How to Survive High School: Confidence

Hello people of the internet, welcome back to my page. I hope you’re doing okay. Today we’re talking about a key quality in the process of surviving high school, confidence. Confidence is key even if you don’t have it.

Confidence (according to wikipedia):

1.Β the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

2.Β the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

3.Β a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Normally when we think of confidence we think of the third definition, but it’s really a bit of everything when you think about it. Confidence is about being secure in yourself, and being able to trust, appreciate, and love yourself. Of course it’s much easier to have confidence in yourself when you know yourself, but let’s be honest if you’re in high school you’re trying to figure out who you are along with how to do more than order Taco Bell in Spanish… I hate Spanish.

Confidence isn’t about even being cool, it’s about being yourself and not giving a crap about what others think. That can be so hard, but you also got to remember although this feeling and state of mind is completely internal, it helps to have good people around you, that lift you up.

To have confidence:

-You need to love and appreciate yourself:

Don’t try to be like everyone else you have to be yourself and truly know that, that’s cool

-Surround yourself with people:

Not just any people, people that, love, appreciate, accept you, and lift you up

-You need to believe in yourself:

As the definitions stated confidence is also having firm belief in something. You need to believe in yourself when doing anything don’t make stupid doubting jokes, believe in yourself.

Confidence isn’t like magic, it takes time, but the most important thing to remember is what my band teacher always tells us “Fake it until you make it” same thing with confidence, and it will come.

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My Life Monday #12

It’s a little late, but this is my 9/11 tribute.

I live in America, and on this day, everything changed. This was the day that defined a generation. You remember exactly what happened when the planes struck those two towers, and you remember how things haven’t been the same since. My history teacher gave us a lecture about this on this day and I very deeply remember it. This was the event that defined their generation, and that changed everything that we knew. Terrorism wasn’t a thing before. It was a confused term before 9/11. Now, despite my ideals terrorism is more of a norm now in my society. And from this act I, born on July 28. 2002. I have never lived in a world without war. Before 9/11 America was at peace basically. But now we have been fighting a war in different parts of the world for 16 years.

Their was a huge loss of privacy trying to figure out who cause the terrorist act, and many people felt lost, and confused. How can this happen? Who did this? Why would someone do this?

Well in my generation it doesn’t come to a surprise when people are having shootings in colleges for white supremacy, or having acts of terrorism, well anywhere in the world, at any time. And that’s so, so wrong. So I thought it was important to make a tribute to the day that changed the world, for the people that died when the towers fell, and to the people that have died from the acts of terrorism that are now normal because of it. That’s why I think, that this is something to remember.

So, I’ll catch you on the flip side. Good Vibes=Good Life



Fitness Friday #6

How to Survive High School: Staying Fit for School

Hello people of the internet! Welcome to a Fitness Friday on ThatGirlIssie. So today’s post is all about how to stay fit for high school, and how it really will help you.

I know for most people my age, working out is something people would like to do, but it’s just too much work. Well, I’m here to tell you the best outcomes will be from working out three times a week but pushing yourself for a solid hour and making little changes to your diet.

First things first. Working out should be about setting goals to improve your body and lifestyle with reasonable standards. But at the same time anything is possible. So set goals for yourself, for example I told myself I would get abs and get on the cross country team, I just ran varsity in my first race, and my stomach is getting so much flatter. Also remember things come with time and don’t expect jurassic differences.

For most teenagers my age you goals should be about toning and tightening your body to feel as fit and happy as can be.

For a three day workout I would normally focus on one thing for each day. Say you workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make Monday a leg and butt day, Wednesday an arm day, and Friday a core day. You can easily look up workouts for these individual areas on Pintrest or YouTube. And remember, you don’t have to stick to this overbearing workout that you hate. You can make it fun by dancing, playing soccer with friends or just doing things that you enjoy.

The thing to remember is you will have to try and skip out on junk food if you actually want to see differences in your body, but their are so many easy healthy substitutes for all the junk food out there and it’s just a click away. When you workout three times a day your body is burning off fat but not enough where your metabolism can handle you intaking more food than before even though you think that might work.

To me, fitness is an important part of my life because being healthy makes all the difference when I get anxious or when I’m not feeling good. You learn more about your body and how to take care of yourself. What makes you happy, what makes you feel good, and that’s what this is about.

Comment bellow if you want individual workouts, and check out the fitness tab for healthy meals to prep, and old workouts.

Good Vibes=Good Life


Music Monday #6

Imagine Dragons:Β Evolve

Hello people of the internet. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a nice rant about some good music. Now I know this album was released over the summer but I think I’m finally ready to review this album.

Imagine Dragons dished out 10 unique songs on their album. They definitely have more of a unique remixed sound (as usual) while also giving the taste of some pretty good guitar solos.

Each song has it’s own theme, and the lyrics are actually pretty good, but even just listening to progressions in the song makes me even more motivated and focused.

My top three songs:

  1. “Walking the Wire”- This song has a nice subtle intro, and I like the uplifting chorus. It’s very calming and motivating to me and definitely one to check out.
  2. “Whatever It Takes”- I absolutely love this song! It’s very modavating, and such a cool song. Wow I’m so bad with words, why do I have a blog? But honestly though there’s something “Whip whip run me like a race horse, pull me like a rip cord.” every time I hear it that makes me feel like a badass, and there’s nothing better than that feeling.
  3. “Dancing in the Dark”- This song is so autotuned, bud it doesn’t matter. It’s so peaceful, and to put on noise canceling headphones and work while listening to this song is amazing. It honestly calms my anxiety and my mind and that’s why I really love this song.

Honorable mentions:

  • “I don’t know why”
  • “Believer”
  • “Rise up”

I love Imagine Dragons, and I absolutely love their new album. I honestly like it MUCH more than Smoke and Mirrors. I hope you enjoy it.

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