The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #8

It was pitch black. The twins could barely see what was in front of them if it wasn’t for the flickering lamp post outside. They left at 5am. The sun hadn’t lived yet. They packed up and they left to anywhere.

Where are we going Adla asked Adam telepathically.

“We’re going to Tucson, Arizona”

“Isn’t that where we were almost kidnapped to?!” Adla asked.

“Yep, I want answers, and I want them now” Adam said looking straight forward.

“Adam, we don’t even know where Tuscon is or what we’re looking for?” Adla said jumping in front of Adam trying to stop him in his tracks.

“Yes, we do have a clue. I heard something from that trucker that tried to kidnap us he works for a company or something called W.A.L.K.” Adam said looking into Adla’s eyes.

“What does that even mean?” Adla asked looking at Adam.

“I don’t know, but while we were checking into that hotel I saw a pamphlet with the same acronym on it” he said waving it in her line of vision.

“Have you read it yet?” Adla asked.

“Yep, and it turns out that W.A.L.K is having a company party at this fancy hotel in Tucson, and we’re gong.” Adam said bluntly.

“Oh yeah hot shot, the two kids that they’ve been trying to get their hands on are just going to show up and we’re gonna ask them for the job? Adam, you need to have a plan.” She said.

“I do” Adam replied. “The party doesn’t start until 10pm, so come night time we go shopping” he replied looking at Adla with a smirk on his face.

“How?” she asked him with a stern look on her face.

“Easy! You’re the girl that can not only talk to me through your mind but you can also persuade people remember! And I can move things with my mind… say a dress off a manakin and picking a lock to get it out” He replied with full confidence.

“I remember I have the power of persuasion, although I tried to forget after the last insedent Adam” Adla replied to him sternly.

“Yes I remember the incident but you’re not 5 like you were before, and your persuasion is only a backup plan! Besides it’s not like you’re gonna make mom and dad get almost divorced again.” He replied still fulfilled with his idea.

“They never got divorced Adam, and I told you to never bring that up” Adla answered him with a tinge of anger behind her voice.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry Adla. I’ll never bring it up again. But are you okay with the plan?”

“I don’t know how I feel about getting answers and stuff, but I know I can’t control you but you also need me to make you realize your stupidity, so I’ll do it.” She said letting out a huge sigh.

“Yes!, Thanks Adla, you won’t regret it!” Adam replied saying while jumping up and down.

“I’m sure I will” Adla responded letting out a small smile of relief.





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