Fitness Friday #3

Call it what you will. Death, heat stroke, hell their is no denying the fitness of fair. 

Hello everyone it’s Issie. I hope you’re having a lovely day. For those of you whom didn’t already know I am a bit of an aggie, and I love to show. I show market goats breeding goats horses, and I will soon be showing a beef bread heffer next year but I still work with her during the weekends.

For you city people poorozing the internet for something exciting to read to give your life, well, life this livestock thing may sound easy but I will assure you it isn’t. 

I have been showing goats for six years and I love it but it’s also one of the reasons I don’t always sleep in and sometimes I can’t hang out with friends. But in reality it’s worth it. 

So my Fitness Friday is dedicated to all the farmers and agriculturalist that work ever day so others can have it just a little bit easier. For the past month I have been riding my horse ever weekend, and working with my goats every day after school. I am a member of the FFA, and I do more than just livestock too. I also do speaking completions and team competitions as well. You learn so much responsibility and hard work and relatong fitness back to livestock you will definitely develup biceps when you have to pull a 75 pound goat around in 90° F.

I showed goats in my inch thick boots all day. I showed my two goats 7 times in 97° F and I was out by the end of it. I had a cinnamon roll and ice cream and somehow in the morning I saw I went down a loop on my belt and I looked even better than before. And I am not a girl with a fast metabolism. 

Farming and agriculture in general is the greatest workout of you life.

Catch ya when I’m out of this heat!