My Life Monday #4

Okay so this isn’t much of a post but I am caught up studying for finals, it’s 10:26pm. I wanted to make sure I posted for you guys, and I want to try to give you an extra real post tomorrow. Hope you have a good day.

Catch ya on the flip side, and wish me luck!



Photography Friday #3


This is the story of my fist FFA market goat project and my first FFA trip to the fair. I have been showing since I was nine so I am used to fair vibes, this wasn’t my first rodeo. I had a lot of help from my Ag. Adviser but I also tried to be independent. A lot of perpetration went into this project (mainly because I had raised this goat since he was born). It was two weeks ago we went to fair. Fair is a really cool experience, junk food, roller coasters, and animal exhibits and shows. It can be a very fun and sometimes educational experience. You keep your animals in barns, and you basically hang out outside all day doing absolutely nothing. One of my friends thought we hung out in a room with WiFi and AC… nope it’s almost like camping, but you come back home every night, then come back bright and early.

You weigh your animals one day, then you sit around awhile until you show. When you show you are in uniform almost all day, and where I live it’s normally about 90 degrees when I show, but it’s worth it, it’s really fun. Then you sit around some more for a few more days until auction when all your hard work gets rewarded.

This was my reward

My showday was all day. I was so tired at the end of it. I won 3rd in showmanship, 3rd in market, and first in breeding. and the picture right there was my reward. At fair the most important thing to get is a cinnamon roll. They are the best things ever and I look forward to them every year all year long, and so I had a cinnamon roll with ice cream, and that was the best thing of life.

My placing

You have to be at the fair every day all day, and it’s fun because you’re with your friends. We snap chat each other or play cards all day long, or sometimes we’ll even pr-ooze through the fair grounds looking at all the free stuff, educational exhibits, and how much fried stuff is offered.

Accurate representation of how tired you are and how you’re willing to sleep anywhere.

On an added note to the picture above I tend to do a lot of reading and sleeping at fair… more sleeping than anything. I made a bed out of a box slightly shorter than my length and a pillow from a bag of hay… good times, good times.

There’s always free stuff that people use to promote their business, and this year a tire center had a Frisbee, so my friends and I would go out in a grass area and throw that Frisbee all over the place, and when it got lost, we would go get another one.

I am a sucker for fast rides and I love a good adrenaline rush. Lots of my friends (despite the agricultural background of our hometown) have never been to a fair, and have no idea what it’s like so this year I took them on what I call a ride night. We pay to eat junk food, buy cheap lame stuff, and almost puke on roller coasters. The day that we went on was the day after JoJo’s birthday so I just called this his birthday party.

Bright and early I picked he hyperactive boys up, and we went down to the fair grounds listening to my sick playlists (Spotify ispat1000). They ran around like dogs, they helped me change the goat’s waters and their feed. We played the game ‘Ninja War’ so much that you would think we were little kids, and we walked around the fair so much. At the fair we went to they had an abundance of anime march so the boys and I went crazy. Of course, I bought a Fairy Tail necklace.

We went on all the rides… except the zipper… the zipper can burn in hell that concussion giver! We had a blast, when JoJo and John weren’t about to puke. Juan and I were having a lit time and we were dabbing on every ride.

Far left with the Gryffindor hat I gave him is JoJo, the creep with his tongue sticking out is Juan, the girl with the double chins is me, and the boy eating my hair in the back is John.


While we were there we decided to play some hopelessly riged games, and John actually won! (Shocker to everyone) He won the dinosaur you see, we named her Dina… yew we checked it is a she… originally we thought she was a he and the original name was Dino but I saw it more fitting to change her name.

The little stuffed animal polar bear is Polly… Polly the Polar Bear. Juan won that little guy and decided to give it to his girlfriend… but he eventually forgot to do that.

Me in my uniform for auction

Looking back that was such a good time with all of them, I just wished Victor could have came, because then the insanity squad would have been complete. I was so caught up in the moment of having fun with them but reflecting back it really felt like a great trip with such good vibes. Love you boys although I doubt any of them are reading this. Ah, my boys, my closest friends.

Good vibes=Good life

Catch ya on the flip side!


My Life Monday #3: Where I’ve Been…

May 21, 2017

Not that any of you were worried, but I clearly was gone for a week… no big deal this isn’t like a youtube video when a beauty guru is gone for awhile and then comes back saying that their life was changed. But I basically didn’t post for a whole two weeks. Heck, I posted Quote Wednesday #12 on a Thursday!

As you already know two weeks ago I went to fair, so the week after that I was catching up on homework. The week after the first of May I had no time to write posts because all weekend I was still caught up with fair, once I got home the first thing I did was sleep, then the next thing you know it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted. I have caught up on all my late work, but the reason why I didn’t post last week was because a teacher assigned a big project, and I was caught up in that.

I’m getting my blog back in order. I know I don’t have that many followers, and I don’t have many people that like my posts but this blog does mean a lot to me and I appreciate everyone that has subscribed and does like my posts.

It’s almost the end of the school year, I’m counting the days until June 1st… (11 days) But because of that I’m also going crazy getting ready for finals. In addition to that, my school gets out on a Thursday, and on Saturday I have a horse show, and on Sunday I am going into the fair with my goats for another week of good vibes and crazy. But if the week after school gets out is fair that means I have to balance studying with finals and working with my goats and horse.

It’s all good, but if I do start drifting from the blog, that’s why, but I plan to be completely consistent over the summer.

With all that said let me let you in on some of the fun stuff that has been going on the past week.

My school puts on this thing called mud volleyball. They make every class 25 minutes and we get out at noon. The teachers still try and teach us stuff although nobody is focused! The Ag department BBQ’s and it’s freaking amazing! they have several games of corn whole for anyone, and they have canopy tents for people to chill. They have grass volleyball courts but the fun part is the three side by side courts with canal water being pumped into them to make the mud. It’s a blast.

This was our team, Victor has me on his back, the other girl next to me on Adam’s back is my bestie Andrea, and Angela and Miguel are on the bottom. We were the Eliminators… and we didn’t last past the first game.

My girl Andrea

But that’s fine because the school hired a DJ, and it was basically a big dance floor on the grass, everyone was barefoot dancing their life away. Of course I was freaking owning it because I love to dance. I was sometimes forced in the mosh pit of sorts, but I prefer dancing off to the sides sometimes with Victor because I have trained him from 6th grade how to waltz, chacha (well he already kinda knew how to do that), the swing, the twist, and a little bit of salsa. It’s so much fun doing the chacha and breaking into a twist then spinning into him and having him dip me. We’ve never really had lessons on dancing, but sometimes the middle school would have dances and we would dance together and it would look like crap but four years later to 9th grade we make a great duo.


So I danced like a crazy person for about five hours until the day ended. JoJo played volleyball with us, he’s actually crazy good. His dad plays and coaches volleyball, he played on the JV team, but then got moved up to Varsity. He left to play video games after playing volleyball but I begged him for a picture.


Before I left school I went to the ag building. So for the entire week before this day I had been campaigning to be my FFA’s chapter reporter, so I went to go check and see if I had got it. I didn’t get the position, but while I was heading to my dad’s truck I saw Andrea and Victor so I took a pic with some of my favorite people.


That was a great day!

The week after that my FFA chapter was holding and award ceremony for all the kids that participate a lot. They gave out tons of scholarships, made food, and thanked everyone that had been supporting us.

I won Outstanding Freshman in Agricultural Science and Outstanding Greenhand because of all the stuff I had taken part in this year with my FFA. I also won a spot in the point award trip. They take the top 20 kids that participate in the FFA they take them on an all expense paid day trip. I think we’re going to Santa Cruz. I’m pretty stoked.

I’ve also been hanging out in the band room a lot, one of the fair’s I go to has a competition for who can write and perform the best original song, so I have been working on that as much as I can. I have to figure out the strum pattern for the song before school ends and recorded it before school ends if I want it to sound especially good, because the band teacher will let me use the box drum and record it in high quality.

In addition to all of that I’ve also been trying to train a little bit here and there. Because this week I have a cross country meeting to attend, and I must admit I am quite intimidated, so I’m trying to be as ready as I can be for next season. Although I understand I won’t be able to progressively train until summer break.

So that’s where I’ve been doing and what I’ve got going on. Please like and subscribe for more. I hope you have a good life, and comment bellow what you’re excited for in summer… or don’t, your choice.

Catch ya on the flip side!


Fitness Friday #3

Call it what you will. Death, heat stroke, hell their is no denying the fitness of fair. 

Hello everyone it’s Issie. I hope you’re having a lovely day. For those of you whom didn’t already know I am a bit of an aggie, and I love to show. I show market goats breeding goats horses, and I will soon be showing a beef bread heffer next year but I still work with her during the weekends.

For you city people poorozing the internet for something exciting to read to give your life, well, life this livestock thing may sound easy but I will assure you it isn’t. 

I have been showing goats for six years and I love it but it’s also one of the reasons I don’t always sleep in and sometimes I can’t hang out with friends. But in reality it’s worth it. 

So my Fitness Friday is dedicated to all the farmers and agriculturalist that work ever day so others can have it just a little bit easier. For the past month I have been riding my horse ever weekend, and working with my goats every day after school. I am a member of the FFA, and I do more than just livestock too. I also do speaking completions and team competitions as well. You learn so much responsibility and hard work and relatong fitness back to livestock you will definitely develup biceps when you have to pull a 75 pound goat around in 90° F.

I showed goats in my inch thick boots all day. I showed my two goats 7 times in 97° F and I was out by the end of it. I had a cinnamon roll and ice cream and somehow in the morning I saw I went down a loop on my belt and I looked even better than before. And I am not a girl with a fast metabolism. 

Farming and agriculture in general is the greatest workout of you life.

Catch ya when I’m out of this heat!



Music Monday #3

Oh my gosh I am so excited for this, their is so much new music that has came out, and I just want to talk about it because I am as my friends call me ‘Band Trash’. This post will probably be super long but just scroll through to the music you want to read about. I will be reviewing The Chainsmokers new album Memories… Do Not Open, and I will be reviewing one of the remixes for the song “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers. I will also be reviewing the last three songs All Time Low has released “Dirty Laundry” “Last Young Renegade” and “Life of the Party”, “Thunder” and “Believer” by Imagine Dragons a swell. “Now or Never” by Halsey, and “No Vacancy” by One Republic. “Kissing Strangers” by DNCE and finally “Young and Menace” by Fall Out Boy.  So much new music. 😀

The Chainsmokers: Memories… Do Not Open

The Chainsmokers are my third favorite band. This album features The Chainsmokers themselves as well as Coldplay, Emily Warren, Florida Georgia Line and more. Before the album came out, their were some teasers that came out such as “The One” “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” but I tired to stick to the songs that aren’t on the radio and didn’t come out early, so I will be reviewing and describing my three favorite songs from the album.

“The One” this is a song about how people get caught up in the things that mean absolutely nothing, and how we get caught up in our own self centered world that we forget all about anything else that actually matters, and that’s where the self absorbed anxiety comes in thinking that everybody hates you and things like that. But this song is more than just that. It has nice harmonies, and it doesn’t have a huge remixed beat, witch I like making more emphasis on the words and not the music.

“Breakup Every Night” this song is about the cliche one night stand. I adore the part about the girl having seven personalities but every one is a tragedy. I think many people can relate to that. The song about how somebody just wants to feel whole so they think this is the only way to do it, the reason why I like it so much is because it has a good beat but the way they use the words to describe the words are amazing.

Finally “Young” this song has no huge remix or anything but it is about two teenagers that think they’re in love, completely reckless, completely clueless, but that’s what it’s like when you’re young.

The Don Diablo Remix of “Something Just Like This” is probably the best. The remix is light but something good to dance to. If you listen to the words of the original song you can hear how it is something light about a girl that want’s something just like this it’s very cute all the other remixes tried to make the song into something like “One Dance” by Drake. It was horrible. But this by far out of all six of the remixes was the best.

All Time Low:

“Dirty Laundry” clearly a song about sex but I love listening to it because its sort of different than the rest and although the intro and the bridge sound like a sad pop song, it still is filled with rock guitar sound.

“Last Young Renegade” I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG it’s got a pop rock sound. Electric guitar, and young love. It didn’t have to be about sex like the rest of them but this was about two young kids in love running in the night having adventures and living. I love this song.

“Life of the Party” This song is about the drugs the drinking and all the rest that comes when you’re the life of the party. You want to give up the lifestyle but when you give it up it’s like you’re giving up a piece of yourself, and everything about it. The vocals are like nothing All Time Low has done it before, it clearly has strong value to the band.

Imagine Dragons:

“Believer” This song is about how all the pain makes you, how all the struggle hurts, and sometimes it makes you who you are. Believer that nothing worth it comes without some pain and how the pain of the past comes back and haunts you. The music video is very abstract but I get it and I think it represents the song pretty well.

“Thunder” this song when I think about it is like how you can stand above all of the lightning of the world and you can rawer louder. I like it, but they repeat the word thunder so much it somewhat becomes obnoxious.

“Now or Never” Halsey

I love the beat an sound of this song. The words are pretty good too. What I probably love most about the song is that it’s got a good beat to dance too, and I just adore listening to it.

“No Vacancy” One Republic

When you listen to this song you think it means one thing, but when you really pay attention to the words you find it means another. It’s about how this man was so lonely and sad now he has somebody in his life, that void is filled an their is no vacancy.

“Kissing Strangers” DNCE

You hear this song and you know it’s DNCE it’s so diverse with a weird beat, you know it’s them. Their first song “Cake by the Ocean” gave you a preview of their weird diversity. I like how the beat makes you come alive, but I think what I love best is the rap during the bridge. Oh my gosh its so funny, just the way she says it her voice is pretty funny, but I think it brings it all together for the DNCE flair.

“Young and Menace” Fall Out Boy

I don’t know, I have no clue. How to describe the song, how to figure out what this song means but at the same time I know exactly what it means if that makes any seance once so ever. This is so different from anything FOB has came out with before because it is so absolutely remixed, I love it. For any FOB fans that didn’t already know this is their teaser for their new album that is coming out in September.

Okay I know this was long, but I tried to make it as put together as possible, and this is all the new music that I love that has came out. Hope you check them out, and if you want a good playlist to listen to with diverse taste check out my Spotify, ispat1000, more about it on my home page.

Well, catch ya on the flip side!



I am going to fair, I am trying to have everything prepared and ready for you to enjoy this month’s makeover. Oh, and the whole like and subscribe, like the post if you like it, and subscribe if you find me tolerable. Okay, byeee.