The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #7

“I think it’s bout’ time you kids enrolled in school!” Bert yelled walking into the little closet that Adam and Adla had called home for the past month.

“Morning’ Bert” Adam responded as cheerful and happy as ever.

“Yall hear me?” He asked. “I think it’s bout’ time you kids went to school” he repeated himself.

In a soft tone “yes, we heard you the first time Bert” Adla responded.

“Well, yer minors and you’ve been here a month, it’s bout time you went to school” Bert said. “I already took the liberty in buying you yer things, as he handed both of them backpacks. “Ya know where the high school is, you’ve seen it before, go up to the main office, and…”

“We’ve been to high school before Bert” Adam cut in.

We’re ditching Adla spoke to Adam telepathically.

“Well, yall will be off now, it starts soon, I think”

Before they left Bert had a nice greasy home cooked breakfast waiting for them. Adla hugged him and said thanks for everything he had done, because those would be the goodbyes of the twins.

They walked out heading out of sight of Bert. They appreciated everything he did for them, and after a month the twins had learned that bert was a kind man who wanted kids but his wife died during giving birth killing both her and the child. That’s probably why he was so great with them. Despite their past he never asked questions and never tried to force them to do something they didn’t want to do, but legally to stay there they had to go to school, and within a month talk went around the small town they were in that the twins were staying there.

Around noon they both started getting more hungry, but instead of going into a place to eat they went into a motel for a place to stay.

“Hey” The guy behind the desk said. He had the blood shot eyes of a smoker, and there was weed next to the cash register. His shirt was dirty and torn. He had a half shaved beard and bad breath. His Metallica t-shirt was torn, sweaty, and stained. Despite all of that, they twins needed a place to stay.

I don’t know Adla spoke to Adam. He glanced at her and took a step forward towards the man behind the counter.

“We need a place to stay” Adam said.

“No shit” the man behind the desk said. “Fine, we have some rooms, you pay when you’re done with your stay. ID’s?” the man asked.

“Oh yes” Adam responded. Adla just stood still behind them. They stood their for a second as the man’s wallet started wiggling.

“You got your ID’s or what kid” he asked.

“Yes sir” Adam replied. The man behind the desk looked disgusted by his manners. The wallet came out of the pocket of the man, and the man behind the desk never noticed. Adam took the wallet into his hands and took out the ID.

“Huh I have a wallet just like that” The man behind the desk said while glaring at him. Adam handed him the ID and the credit card. When Adam handed the man the ID he covered the picture and the man never suspected a thing.

“Looks legit man” and he handed the twins the keys. Just as they were leaving the main office of the hotel to their rooms, Adam popped back into the office and said “Have a nice day” and in an instant without the man behind the desk noticing, the wallet went back to the man’s pocket.

The kids opened up the room of the little motel and Adam said looking at Adla “Hope you enjoy your free stay”. They laughed and walked in.

Adla threw a pillow at Adam “You idiot that could have gone so wrong!” she said while laughing, but tried to stay serious.

“But it didn’t” he said smirking at her “and besides, you said to only use our powers during emergencies, and I think this was a pretty big emergency.” he said.

“Okay fair point” She said flopping on the bed smiling.

“There’s only one bed” Adam pointed out. Adla looked at him, then looked at the ground, then looked up at him again, then pointed on the ground. They hung out in their room watching TV for awhile, and they waited until 10:00pm to order their linner. They decided that it would be best if they ordered dinner at night when it was dark so that the people bringing the dinner couldn’t really see them, and they ordered a lot of food being that they hadn’t’ eaten anything but the greasy diner food.

As time started going by it started to get to be 1:00am and Adam was on the ground making his bed, and Adla was laying on her bed comfortably, just watching Full House. They then turned off the TV deciding that they should get more sleep, because they were going to leave tomorrow morning before the sun came up.

The room was silent, all the lights were out. Adla was cuddled up in her blanket, and Adam was currled up on the ground.

“Hey Adam” she Adla whispered in a soft tone.

“Yes Adla?” Adam responded with his face against the floor.

“Adam we can’t stay here, and we can’t run for the rest of our lives. When we leave what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know Adla, we kind of have to make it up as we go, but if you ask me, I think we have to figure out who is tracking us, who killed our parents, and who killed Chase, who tried to kidnap us, I think only then will we figure out what we are, because you know it Adla, we’re not human” he responded.


“Yeah Adla”

“I love you”

“I love you too”


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