My Faith Monday #2

Hey. Happy late Easter. So I have been meaning to write on the topic of a My Faith Monday for a while now. I could have done a review of The Chainsmokers new album (I love it), but with Easter I decided it would be most fitting to do a My Faith Monday. If you didn’t already know I am a Christian. I am going to be honest I am not a huge ‘Bible Thumper’ that preaches 24/7 and I’m not 100% close to God. I don’t completely understand the bible, and all the history but what I do have is my faith. I was trying really hard to feel God in me. The thing is though I was raised in a Christian family so I grew up knowing him. My church is very laxed, very small, and very much so my home. I wasn’t always exposed to all the things that the rest of my friends were (because where I actually live everyone is Catholic, not that that’s a bad thing) but as I grew up I started learning more and more.

Then some… things occurred within my family. It was like the glow stick being cracked. I had been in the dark so long, and I felt like life was breaking apart but then in the end life started to glow. That part where life kind of broke, was when God was working in my life, and now life is honestly great.

I still don’t completely feel Him in my life. When everything was breaking in my life, I would pray and yell and scream out to Him when I was alone and it felt like I was talking to a wall. I still don’t have an air tight relationship, and I am so bad at trusting sometimes I wonder if this is actually doing anything in my life, if this is real or not, but today I got a reminder that God is real, and He is alive, and that He is something true to believe in. You never know what to believe in sometimes, and you never want to be tricked and look like such an idiot for believing something that was never real because you were desperate but today I got a reminder that God is real giving me something real to believe in.

When we were talking about Easter at church today, I was reminded of not only the story of Easter, but I was reminded of the pure and true historical facts proving the real existence of God and those facts not being able to explain everything. Easter isn’t about a giant bunny that lays eggs for children all over the world, (which by the way makes no sense) but it is historically proven that Easter is the celebration of when Jesus the son of God was crucified, he was put away in a tomb, the very next day (Easter Sunday), he was found gone. He had conquered the grave and when He died and rose he took away our sins so that we may have an eternal life with hi. I don’t know it just kind of resonated with me. I don’t have any huge tight relationship with God, but I think I can feel him.


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