The Telepathy Twins: Chapter #6

Day broke through the window. The twins had no clue what time it was. Adam was awake, watching over everything, and Adla was sleeping on a sack of flour. Not the best place ever, but for them it was a new sort of home. They had slept in a small closet with all sorts of bags, Bert said he didn’t have a an extra room for them. Despite the digs, they had amazing food for living in a diner.

Adam eventually woke Adla up. “Hey, good morning sunshine” Adam spoke to her in a soft tone while nudging her to wake up.

“Hey” she said in a grouchy tone, “so our entire life wasn’t just a dream, it’s a real thing, great.”

“Glad I can count on you to be there with sarcasm” Adam responded. She just rolled her eyes, they got out of the little room they were in, and came into the diner where Bert had breakfast waiting for them.

“Good mornin’ kids” Bert said when he saw their tired faces. “Once you’re done with dinner I already got your chores lined up for ya” he followed up.

“Okay, thanks again” Adla responded changing her tone for the sake of whom she was speaking to.

Bert left to check up on other things while the two twins sat there eating their meal in silence. Adla spoke to Adam telepathically no use of powers today, I know that is hypocritical because I am using them now, but do nothing to give away our position. In between chewing, Adam nodded.

The kids finished their meals and Adla went to go find Bert about their chores.

“Say, you must be the brains of this operation, you always seem to be the one doin’ the talking” Bert said while staring Adla down.

“Adam strives to be the strong and silent type, but it doesn’t exactly work” Adla responded. They laughed for a second, but then a bit of silence lingered.

“Well, what was your name again?” Bert asked.

“Adla”, she responded politely.

“I’ll have mercy on you since you are the brains of the operation and start you off with cleaning the dishes, but your brother has to clean out the bathrooms” Bert responded.

Adla giggled for a moment. A greasy truck stop diner, and Adam had to clean the bathroom of it.

They immediately got to work, at least Adla did, Adam did as much as he could before he needed to step outside for oxygen.

Adla and Adam both finished around noon, well, their are two bathrooms at the diner, and Adam had only finished one. Adla somehow managed to clean the two foot tall monster of dishes with half eaten food and stains on them. She figured those were all the dishes this place had. The lower and lower she got to digging in the pile, Adla discovered that Bert probably hadn’t done the dishes in about a month.

For the rest of the day Adam cleaned the second bathroom, and Adla was promoted to working on the cash register.

“Hey hottie” A boy said. He looked about Adla and Adam’s age (17). He was about 5’6 with fiery red hair. Red eyebrows and a red goatee. He was skinny to the bone, and when he walked in everyone turned. A popular kid. Adla thought to herself. A rude popular kid. He approached the cash register with his arms sweeping behind him trying to look cool.

“So hottie” he said looking Adla over. “You’re new aren’t you? Well, you must be from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see.” He continued. The rest of the diner just watched with amazement on the edge of their seats to see if the new girl would be the first girl to turn him down.

“Un, no, and unlike the people here, your ignorance is not appealing to me, but do you want to order something?” She replied. The boy had a confused look on his face as if he did not understand most of what she said, but he still continued with his harassed come back.

“Yeah, I’d like to order you on my table” He said. Adla’s face went red. This had never happened before and she didn’t know what to do. Adam Help!! She sent a message to her brother. Before the boy could open his mouth again Bert came walking out of the kitchen smelling like grease and sweat. Bert standing straight in front of the boy was towering over him with his arms crossed he looked down at the boy, then looked at Adla.

“Honney, is this boy giving you trouble?” Bert asked.

“Uh, I just feel kind of uncomfortable” Adla responded. Adam rushed out of the bathroom smelling like, well crap.

“What happened?! Are you okay?!” He said huffing and puffing for fresh air.

“Yeah, I’m okay” Adla responded.

“Because Matt here was just leaving” Bert said moving his point of vision from the twins to the fiery boy.

“Fine, but I’ll remember this” He said.

“I hope you do” Bert replied. The boy left. Adla’s face was still red like a tomato.

“Adla, are you okay, do you need to take a break?” Adam asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m quite fine now, stop smothering me, I’m fine to keep working” she replied to Adam, then looked up “Thank you Bert”. The rest of the diner went back to eating their food unimpressed.

“Yes, thank you” Adam added.

“Anny time kids, and if that ever happens again, just give me a holer, this is a small town, and some of the boys here think they can go and own everything around here that’s new.” Bert subtly warned the kids.


Midnight. The kids sat outside the diner just looking at the stars. Bert offered to clean up the rest of the restaurant for that night. Their was a soft cool breeze, that filled the warm air, as the twins looked up at the stars, and at the full harvest moon that lit up the night. Thank you Adam, but you must stop smothering me all the time. He looked at her, then looked at the stars, nodded, then smiled.


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