March 30, 2017

It’s actually March 29th, Wednesday. I’m sitting here trying to get the blog squared away for the rest of the week. I tried to pull a chapter of The Telepathy Twins out, but it ended up just being horrible. Nothing’s wrong but I’m getting into a rut I think. It’s so stupid. Life is fine and dandy but something has to go wrong in my mind. Nah, not this time. I am literally fighting my mind a bit because while life is being all fine and dandy my mind is doubting itself trying to screw everything up. NO, NOT THIS TIME. I’ve been doing a lot of work. I’m trying to get my grades up, maintain the blog, clean the house, take care of my parents, work with my animals to make show goats out of them, I’ve also been trying to get over my anxiety, trying to really be closer to God and try new things. I guess it runs a person down. Now I know my mom is reading this, and saying you should take some of it off of your plate, and I should, and I think I will. The most time consuming thing keeping me from being able to do all these things is my mind, not this time. Geez man, I procrastinate, and my mind just makes up all these reasons why this thing I need to do is going to suck, and I don’t do it, or I do a bad job.

I had a pretty big week last week, but I need to bounce back. Maybe with experience this will come, but I want to be able to bounce back faster. When I got sick last week I totally shut down. I started eating bad foods, and when I would go to write, I just wouldn’t. Not anymore.

So the goals:

  1. Take care of my parents, and let them take care of me
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Work out every now and then
  5. Walk the animals twice a week
  6. Have a social life
  7. Do things
  8. Do your homework
  9. Keep in touch with the people you love
  10. Do more of the things you love
  11. Have a relationship with God got damn it let your guard down to let Him in

Life is actually pretty great, but I think my mom is right, and this is going to sound crazy but the devil tries to get in our minds and screws everything up. It sounds crazy, but I’m crazy, and I’ve had a lot of crazy happen to me in my life. Nah boi, not today mind, not today satan, I got God, and I got a good life.

I literally took the day off today. It was great, I tried to get as much work done as possible without overexerting myself. Could not get everything done. Not enough hours in a day, What’s that one saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Oh, damn it’s 8:13pm oh crap it’s almost my bedtime!

Catch you on the flip side!

Oh, hey, thanks for the people who stuck with me, and keep liking and subscribing although I was feeling like poop. I appreciate it, if you made it this far, please like and subscribe for more.



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