It Girl: Chapter Four


“Oh, sorry”


“Oh, hey”

Annabelle looks in the mirror rehearsing a possible situation in the mirror. Anxiety takes you over, who knows who you can bump into. That’s normally her worst fear, having to make conversation, because she’s so bad at it. Normally when it comes to her thoughts she just writes them down.

“Okay, bye Dad, I’m going to school!” she leaves before he can reply.

She starts to walk, as she pulls out some ear buds, plugged into a small MP3 player. She listens to Ed Sheeran as she starts to think to herself it’s okay, everything will be okay. This will be okay, if you sit alone again you can get your homework done, everything that happens to you happens for reason, and you have to trust that something good will come out of this. Her normal morning ritual.

When she finally makes it to the parking lot, she starts to hid her eyes behind her hair, and hide her head over her hood, as she retreats to her usual place under the tree most distant from the school, but still technically on school grounds.

She’s given up all hope that anyone will come up to her to be friends as she writes once again.

The bell rings.

For a moment she watches all of the students rush to their classes like bees buzzing, then eventually she gets up to go to her English class.

Mrs. Lumos was her English teacher. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, (probably because of her name.) So when you walk in you see the entire room looking like a muggle version of Hogwarts.

“Ear buds off Annabelle” Says Mrs. Lumos.

So Annabelle silently takes off her earbuds and takes her seat.

Everything that Mrs. Lumos says is just a blur to Annabelle, until the very end of class when Mrs. Lumos comes up to her.

“Annabelle, I just reviewed your last essay on your view of the human race, and I thought it was amazing! You know, you should really put this into our next open house, in fact, if you’re interested I’d love to make you a member of the Wanderlust Writers club.”

“No thanks Mrs. Lumos” She says in a soft tone thinking out what to say next.

“I write for myself, but thank you.” she adds on to her previous phrase.

“Well, if you change your mind PLEASE tell me” replied Mrs. Lumos.

Annabelle nodded.

After a long day, somehow Annabelle made it to lunch where she decided to go to the band room for a change instead of under the tree. Her worst fear was that she would meet up with Skyler again. It had been a month since they had last spoken, but that just makes it even more awkward.

“Hey” said Skyler from behind the cello. Her cheeks were flushed, half scared to death to say anything, but she thought it was the right thing to do after the last time they had met.

“Oh, hey” Annabelle responded exactly like she had rehearsed in the mirror before.

“I’m sorry I ditched you the last time I saw you, I…”

“It’s okay, it’s just, whatever.” Annabelle responded cutting her off.

“Well, since you’re here, you wanna hang out?” Skyler asked half scared to death.


Neither of them had any idea where this was going to go, and neither of them know how to talk to each other, but it was worth the risk.



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