Music Monday #1

Happy Monday everyone! Said no one ever. Monday sucks, but what doesn’t suck is music. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. You listen to music in one ear bud and go about your day, and everything just has a certain vibe, and you feel more alive. In our playlists you can find the evolution of us, and I have been a hard core, band trash, music loving freak for about three years now.

Spotify: ispat1000

I have 5 playlists all with over 200 songs, and I am constantly updating them.

Now to talk music!

I have been into Hey Violet lately. They ar the band that sings “Guys My Age” All my friends know I’ve been raving about them so, so much. All of my friends know I talk about them way, way too much. Their old stuff is Pop Rock, and I love it. But if we’re talking about their new stuff, “Brand New Moves” is so good, and I have found that this band is so good at playing songs stripped.

Let’s talk about The Chainsmokers. Holy crap The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers released their new song “Paris” Not to long ago, I think last month actually. I just found that this song gave me the best good vibes. It made me think wanderlust, and made me super calm. Ugh it’s so cool. But the have released about six remixes so I am going to review them. And then review the new music video.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Pegboard  Nerds Remix)

I am not a fan of this one. This remix is my least favorite. It starts out with vocals almost sounding like a wedding song, band then it has this weird beat drop and complete transition into this sound that is nothing like the intro of the song and nothing like the original, I think this remix is all over the place and annoying, but that’s just me.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (LOUDPVCK Remix)

I like this one. The original “Paris” song is something hard to remix and doesn’t give many bits and pieces to remix but I feel like these people did a good job. Especially in the chorus, it feels like something that you can dance to, but not particularly, it’s got more of a remixed tone that you would use in the background of a travel video, or you would play in the car for good vibes.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Jewelz & Sparks Remix)

They use the original intro with a bit of a twist, which I like because it doesn’t give away too much. They add a nice beat, and you can tell the song is slightly sped up. The bridge is interesting. I like it. Chorus is definitely made for dancing, especially more hip hop dances, and dances that incorporate more footwork to a deeper beat. But this song always makes the original song more alive while still keeping the good vibes.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (VINAL Remix)

I like the intro, and it uses what in the original song is the final bridge to make the intro. The build up is original but still ties to the song. The song is pitched in a higher tone. Definitely better for dancing in my opinion. I’m not a fan of this one as much as the other ones, but this one is definitely beautiful.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (Party Thieves Remix)

The intro is awkwardly sped up. It’s got more of a forest calm with whispering voices vibe. I’m not a fan, but let’s hear the chorus. The chorus has parts I like and don’t like, but overall I think the sound is unique. I may not like it that much, but It’s great to dance to.

Last, but not least.

The Chainsmokers – Paris (FKYA Remix)

This one is more contemporary, and I like it. It stays true to the original while being original in itself. This gives you shiver down your spine good vibes, this one is most like the original song. I really like it.

Now for The Chainsmokers “Paris” Music video

The music video has this girl sitting on a bed, with a fiery eye shadow. She looks depressed, and scared. As she wanders this home where she finds a bae window. Soon as she looks out it you get a view of the people on the ground. The house is floating she looks relieved, happy, and wanderlust. She seems so happy. She shouts out it, she leans out it, until finally she jumps. Halfway through she looks like she’s thinking that that was one hell of a bad idea, until she wakes up in her bed.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the new The Chainsmokers “Paris” remixes. If you find me tolerable and want more, please like and subscribe for more, until then…

Catch ya on the flip  side!



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