February 10, 2017 9:51am

I have the hardest time keeping my life together. I’m doing okay, but I’m just trying to keep up assignments and make it through the endless labyrinth of clothes that is my room. Mentally I am doing just fine, but physically I am blessed that today is Friday.

Before I go to school, I check my computer to see the blog, probably one of the reasons why I’m almost late, and I have found that two more people are subscribed to my blog now, and several people find the need to like my blogs and I am very grateful about that.

I started writing this blog yesterday if I’m being honest, but once again life decided I wouldn’t post it.

Soccer season ends on monday… How insane is that? Maybe just for me. Normally I am the strong introvert with high anxiety of talking to people, but I was a part of a team. It felt great. I’ve been playing soccer for over six years now. This was the first year I got to be apart of a school team. Now, if I ever felt anxiety while talking to new people I sure as heck feel it when I talk to people from my school. When, in actuality I didn’t fit in all completely, it’s high school, but I made a few new friends, and got closer with a few people. I can say that #6 Andrea is one of my friends, we would walk to McDonalds when practice was canceled and talk, and I would give her advice, and I got closer with Itzel whom I have known forever, she was actually the Coach’s Assistant. Her sister got on the team, but she didn’t. We had a great time together, she would braid almost the entire team’s hair before games. I remember our P.E teacher got mad when Itzel showed up in the girls locker room when we were changing getting ready for a game, because where the team goes, Itzel goes too. Or as we call her Huera.

JoJo must be feeling it too, his last basketball game is on Tuesday. Although, he’s going out for gus volleyball, I have heard from many accounts that he is “kick ass at volleyball.” Excited to see some of his games, it’s a good reason to get out of the house, because it sounds like once soccer season’s over it’s all about FFA and livestock, I agree to disagree. It’s about having some livestock that will change the game for the three county fairs that I am attending, to eat healthy and stay fit for cross country, to continue to have a relationship with my friends, and to grow and expand with this blog. Now, that sounds good do me.

We have a five day weekend coming up this week, and my parents promised me a photography trip, so be expecting a change in the site, and some spring pictures. Maybe, just maybe, I can keep up with my stories once soccer season is over too, maybe I’ll have time to make a schedule, maybe I’m asking for too much, but I just want to try.

I guess Valentines Day is coming up. I could care less, I’m not exactly wanting a boyfriend. I enjoy being single, but every single person gets a little lonely now and then, but when I think about all the political drama it is to have a boyfriend in highschool I realize it’s too much work. I barely understand how to say ‘hello’ to a human. If you’re one of those that feels lonely, don’t be. If you have good friends make them your valentine, but I think the whole holiday is stupid, but I’m just in it for all the candy that goes for discount the next day. Ooh maybe they’ll have those huge teddy bears on sale the day after valentines!

I am so all over the place, like usual, but like usual, please subscribe for more, and if you find me tolerable please like.

Catch ya on the flip side!



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