February 8, 2017 7:22am

What am I doing with my life? I should be going to school right now. Pass.

Good morning world it’s been awhile, what is today, Wednesday? *checks calendar* yeah, its Wednesday! Wow, it’s already Wednesday. Hope your week is going good, if your life is falling apart it’s the middle of the week, so turn it around. *Checks clock* damn I really should be getting to school.

Let’s recap!


Felling a lot better. I had an away game. Duh Duh Duhnnnnn. We tied 1-1, and one of our players got sent to the hospital, she’s fine now, but she won’t be able to play our last game. *realization* We have one game left. Wow, then I start my personal training for cross country. Wow. Why is the world revolving around the sun so fast?!


I have no clue what happened, it’s all just a blur. I was very sore from not being active for so long, then playing the game. So I decided to do some dancing, felt a lot better.


I am refusing to do homework at all costs, but eventually I will get it done on time. I feel like I’m losing sight of my goals, the goals I have for this blog, the goals I have for the day, and for the future, and I’m sort of just dragging myself through the day again. Not a good thing. I need to be more productive, and just turn it all around.

Yo, I woke up this morning… went back to bed… got back up again, and checked my computer to find that lots of people liked my telepathy twins chapter two and my January 30th post. I don’t know why, but the fact that people are stalking me is a weird kind of cool.

I feel like talking, so let’s do it.

My mom just addressed that I need to get my act together in Geom, but in my defence, it’s only the beginning of the semester. I’m not that bad at math, in fact, I kind of like it, algebra more than anything.

I am still trying to get through Spanish class, but we’re actually reading a book, I read last year so the knowledge of last year is what’s keeping me alive.

I haven’t had practice the last two days. It’s been kind of wonderful, although I haven’t done any homework.

I did a lot of dancing yesterday. It makes me feel alive. Takes me to another place, and I can get all my energy out. Today, I worked out very hard, and as I danced I got everything out I just got mad, and gave it all I had. I just let it all out. I am still frustrated, but I still feel a lot better.

How are you feeling? I hope you are feeling okay, I would not wish anything else but amzing upon you.

Thanks again, for liking and subscribing, and if you find me tolerable, then please subscribe for more.

Thanks, catch you on the flip side.




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