February 6, 2017 10:58pm

I have not stayed up this late in maybe a month. Yes, I know, I am your grandma not a teenager.

I made it through today. Went to church with my family like usual, and had a great time with some friends there. Came back home, did some homework, and work. Had a meeting with an Ag advisor about my market and breeding goat project. That went well. Discovered some new music.

(side track) MUSIC RANT:

I just discovered Hey Violet. Oh, my gosh. They are the band that sings “Guys My Age” (very relatable song by the way), but looking for where to begin. Their sound is kind of like a pop-punk band. They have bubbly pop, and guitar solos in one song. It can make you want to flick your hair around like a girl in the beginning of a 90’s movie in her own little teenage world thinking everything is swel, to playing air electric guitar pretending your at your favorite rock concert. I love their sound, and their songs are so good, the words, the concepts, the sound it all goes together. So, so good. I adore their entire I Can Feel It album and love their song “Brand New Moves”.

Back to the regular blog.

Not looking forward to going to school tomorrow. I just have to make it through this one exam I have. I am still sick, but getting over it. I plan on playing in my soccer game tomorrow. I am not ready to go back to the drama, heartbreak and over all depressing truble I have to deal with at school. I have great friends that have my back, and I know I still struggle to have good vibes, but school is emotionally and physically draining. Yes, I know I sound annoying, but those are my exact emotions right now towards school. Tomorrow JoJo’s  sister comes back to school, I’m worried about her but I think all will be okay, I’ll still hang around more just to make sure JoJo doesn’t pull out her hair.

In other news. I finally finished this song I wrote in State Requirements class. I think it sounds alright. It took some work, but I like it. Thanks to my main music man Victor, it sounds good, but for the most part I did it myself. I also set music to the song too. Comment bellow if you want to hear an acoustic version. I do that a lot, writing poetry and songs, but now that I am getting more familiar with the anatomy of the guitar and the workings of sheet music, I can set music to my songs in innovative ways, so do comment below if you want to hear more of that.

That’s about all I have to say for now, if you liked it, please drop a like bellow, and if you find me tolerable please subscribe. Till then I wish you all a good life, with good vibes.

Catch ya on the flip side.



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