February 4, 2017 7:57pm

Wow, first post of February. Hello world, how are you? It’s been a few days. Still haven’t gotten up chapter two of The Telepathy Twins, but at this point I’m just blessed I made it through this week. I am still sick. But within the last two days I have felt very good.

I have so far had a pretty epic weekend.


Winter homecoming. I live in a small town, so during fall homecoming we shut down the busiest road and we have a parade, then we have our football game, and a dance, not forgetting all the dress up days leading up to the massive community event.

I always by Pre Wrap for homecoming (if you don’t know what that is, look below at the pictures or google it). For fall homecoming being that it is a bigger deal, I’ll get some black paint to put under the eyes, pre wrap, and because Halloween is not too far off the dollar store is stocked with colored hair spray, so I will stalk up on some of that for cheap. My friends are easy to spot with colored hair, headbands, and what looks like war paint on their faces.

So for Winter homecoming I just bought Pre Wrap, and my other guy friends wanted some, because duh, it was homecoming! So I let them use some Pre Wrap as long as I got to take a girly pic with em’.


Winter homecoming is for basketball. It’s not as hyped, but as a freshy whom has only attended her first homecoming football game this year, and has barely ever gone to a basketball game, let alone the fall homecoming game, I thought it was pretty cool. This is the stuff that movies are made of. Freshmen game, lost. One of JoJo’s teammates flat gave up in the first quarter, but JoJo played more than expected, and played really well, just look where you pass bro ;). I hung out with JoJo’s family. His dad is pretty cool, he tried to kick me when I walked into the game. I hung out with his family a bit. We stuck around the JV game until after the half time. JoJo was reading Percy Jackson fan fiction as usual, but I was too busy making fun of all the prince and princess cliches I had known since High School Musical. After that his dad took us all out for food. To a small Mexican restaurant that I hadn’t been to since I was in elementary school. It was just JoJo, Shae (his sister), their father, and I. We made some general conversation, and despite the fact that Shae can’t see that well, her and JoJo can still put up a sibling fight. Most of the time I took Shae’s side, mainly because JoJo was being obnoxiously bitter because of his team’s loss. (Can’t blame the dude, I’d be the same way).

We got back in time for the varsity game. JoJo and I sat at the top of the bleachers, while he read fan fiction, I rested my head on his shoulder, and listened to music. Unless the game started to get interesting, then I did a lot of yelling. Over all, good night. Once again I thank them, and JoJo’s dad Mr. Alvernaz for taking me out for food, and inviting me over.


I had a lot of work to do, messing with my goat, and taking care of them, because we are expecting rain tonight, but I got to watch Sing with Gabby, my mermaid daughter. We sang and clapped along to the surprisingly amazing soundtrack of classic rock, Frank Sinatra, pop, and other remixes. We had a fantastic time together, and it was so great to see my Gabby the Gazelle for the first time in forever. We ate a large popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, Milk Duds, Junior Mints, and some sour gummy worms. Let’s just call it a major cheat day. We took a few strips of pictures at the end of the night, and took a few polaroids too, I miss her, and we had a great time. If her mom would let her, we’d do more of it.

All in all, a pretty epic weekend at that, now tomorrow I have to do some epic loads of homework…Pray for me. I also have an away game on Monday, so pray that I am well enough to win, thanks. Thank you to all who like and subscribe to my blog. Which reminds me, if you find me tolerable and you liked this, like the post, and subscribe for more. You are the MVP’s for reading this much.

Catch ya on the flip side!


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