January 31, 2017 7:07am

Good morning or good day, or good night. I’m not going to judge when you read my blog, I’m just happy that you’re actually reading it. Speaking of which, thanks to the eight people that liked my last blog post and to the two people that felt the need to subscribe.

I am still so sick, I’m not going to school or soccer practice today. Yesterday my team had an away game. I was so nervous, I couldn’t play, and we tied 1-1… a girl from the other team scored our goal. I was just so happy and so proud for us, because I was frantically texting JoJo about how anxious I was about the game. I am still sick and going to stay home today, I’m surviving, but I have this nasty dry cough. I just hope I’ll be healthy by homecoming. Hopefully be healthy by tomorrow, because tomorrow I have an awards banquet. Now looking back, I feel bad, because between the banquet, and being sick, I have basically missed an entire week of practice! Oh, well, I am trying the very best I can.

Yesterday I tried so hard to be productive, but it’s very hard when all you want to do is sleep. I have to be productive today, and catch up on my school work. Pray for me.

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Good Vibes=Good Life

Good Naps=My Life Currently

Catch ya on the flip side!



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