January 29, 2017 9:01am

Holy crap! The month is almost over. It was a good month.

Good morning to all you lovely humans that God has created. I’m sick! Yay… said only the little kid that got out of school.

Last night I went to sleep at 8:00pm. I am definitely not a normal teenager, because when I get the chance to go to sleep early now, boi I take it. JoJo stayed up all night, and he sent me a few memes on instagram (we will scroll through our instagram and randomly send each other memes and funny videos.) I woke up at 3:00am and decided to check my phone because I woke up so early with nothing to do. I responded to his memes, and then we ended up talking until 6:00am. He was up all night gaming, reading fan fiction, and rocking out to music. See, me on the other hand, I love the night, the night is the best part of the entire day, but I love to sleep. So when he went to sleep, I decided I would go to sleep for another hour, only to have my Mom wake me up at 8:30 to get ready to go to church, then to discover I was too sick to go. So now I am here. I texted JoJo that I am totally sick, and sent a few memes over to him, but knowing him, and how much he stayed up, he’s probably not going to wake up until noon, maybe 2:00pm.

It is a lovely day, I am sick and I have a plefora of things to do. That’s good because now I can get some of my slow pace sit down things done. I have a worksheet due, and a chart on Elizabethan pick up lines for English class due. Not to mention being somewhat immobile while being sick means I can blog, edit pictures and maybe finally finish The Telepathy Twins chapter two for Friday!

Let’s be productive today!

Recap of yesterday and the day before that because I have been off my blogging game (if you’re interested):


It was a good day. The week came to an end. I had a fantastic time at the band room… up until my friend Edgar texted me saying we had a livestock meeting. At the end of the day, I walked to McDonald’s after school like every other teenager in my small town school, and I met up with one of my teammates. (Our soccer practice got cancelled once again). We sat at McDonalds and talked for about an hour, real talking without phones. She told me about how her friends were drifting away from her, and I tried to help because I just went through that. I shared my good vibes and positivity, and how I became happy, and less insecure about life, and she felt a lot better, the day before she was very down about her friend situation. I was just very blessed that God put me in a position where I could make her feel better, and help her, because most of us have a fear of being alone.

I was so happy that Friday was over. Because that meant the weekend was here.


Yesterday my Mom and I went to go look at a goat, because I show market goats, and that goat was really sick. So we went on this spur of the moment trip to go to Dixon, and oh my gosh. You could see the snow on the Sierra Nevadas and it was so beautiful. We tried to mark down exactly where we went so we can come back for a photography trip. I was so sad that I forgot my camera. Because yall know this website needs to have a theme change by spring, summer and fall.

So when we finally got home it was around 2pm, and when we got home we got so much stuff done outside, and on top of how much crap we were getting done (internally plays taking care of business). We even went to town and got some shopping done.

Damn yesterday was a good day, and I think my productivity goals are rubbing off on her.

So, today is going to be a great day, and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll do a second blog today about how it went just because I feel like it.

Carpe Diem right?!

Good Vibes=Good Life

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Catch ya on the flip side!



Sorry that these posts have been all over the place, I have been so busy, and I have the sleep schedule of a Snorlax. If you get that reference you are the MVP’s also, if you are still reading you are the MVP’s. I will most likely not have a chapter of It Girl up yet, but I will have The Telepathy Twins up. Comment bellow a storyline for the next chapter of It Girl, and I will give the idea credits to you. Hope you have a lovely day! Hi, to Gabby, JoJo, and my Mom who are all reading this post! Love you all. Byee


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