January 26, 2017 9:33pm

I kinda didn’t want to blog today or yesterday or the day before that, but here I am.

How rude of me? Good day everyone… well, it’s about night now for me. I hope you have been well. I have been doing the very best I can with homework, my faith, soccer practice, blog posts, and managing everything else that I have to do. I feel like I have been quite busy, but only with the normal things like soccer practice, and homework, so I have had no time to do things I enjoy like reading, and listening to audio books. I’m proud of how productive I’ve been, because in high school their is like a forcefield of negativity that covers the entire school, so when you step onto the campus you just get filled with negativity, and this infinite amount of tiredness that just overwhelms you. It’s basically a battle every day to be positive, and I fight through. I have been so productive, but I still manage to have homework that is a day late! I am trying to do the best I can, so I can’t worry about it.

(One day later)

I had a game yesterday, we tied 1-1. It meant a lot to me that my friends Victor, and JoJo made it to it, I’ll miss their support as I go to my last three away games over the next month. I find that when I have my friends there, by my competitive nature I want to show off how good I am in front of them, therefore I try harder.

(Next day)

Like I mentioned, in the first paragraph, I have been battling positivity in the force field of negativity. My friend Graciela and I agreed that in school it’s cool to be negative, so we would be positive. It was fantastic, we were also making jokes about how cliche being positive is, while spreading good vibes.

It’s been a fantastic day. Not only did I have a sort of productive day… sort of, but I also had such a fun day. At lunch the band room was closed, so me and all my gamer friends played games. I’m having a fun time with it. Pokemon Showdown is like my favorite right now. Victor and JoJo gave me a hand making a team. They showed my way around, but luckily for me I have some pokemon experience in the game, but I was still a failure because I didn’t have a full team when Victor, and JoJo battled me. But I will progress but I’m having a great time.

Finally, the end of the day our FFA group took us to Boomers to have a good time. It was fantastic. Most of my school is Hispanic people, not raised or bad, it’s just a fact. So my friends that are Hispanic actually call themselves the “Mexican Squad”. This is about 15-20 people, and I’ve known them since pre-school. Being that I was in the dual immersion program, I can also speak Spanish, so I hang out with them all the time, and blow their minds because I’m a Gringa that knows, understands, reads, and writes Spanish. I had a great time with them tonight. We took so many pictures. Made so many memories, and yelled a lot because we’re teenagers and we felt so alive and free. I dominated at lazer tag, ran into my friends and won at go karts, got soaked from the water bumper cars with water guns, spun around like a record on a roller coaster, went on the bumper cars more times than I could count, ate an Oreo churro, played truth or dare on a bus ,and took lots of pictures with flash.

Such a fantastic day, and I just barely got home about fifteen minutes ago and knew I needed to write. My story will not be up on Friday, I wasn’t able to write every day, or stay up to at least 10:00pm let alone write a chapter of my story. Sorry to anyone that cared.

Taking this time to thank everyone that likes my blog posts, and that has subscribed, you all mean the world to me, thank you!

Good Vibes=Good Life

Catch ya on the flip side!!



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