January 22, 2017 5:23pm

Hello world. Currently where I am the thunder is raging with loud, deep screams, as the lightning flashes like a brilliant piece of heaven falling to Earth. It’s currently raining outside, and the struggle continues to keep all the animals on the ranch healthy. If lightning strikes the soaked pastures, the consequences would be catastrophic to the animals.

The other day I had an FFA competition. I don’t do that good, but that’s okay, I was the only freshman in my school that actually tried. Before I left home to go to the competition I had a panic attack. Like I mentioned I felt overwhelming stress about last week, but I still managed it, but I basically had a panic attack that acted like my body’s aftershock to all of the eventfulness, but we are past that, and we are going to have a fantastic week together.

For those of you who don’t know, I hate motivational speakers and most things along those lines, but I’ve been getting into reading, listening to audiobooks, and watching IISuperwomanII blogs. I don’t know she jut not only inspires me, but motivates me to be productive and make every day great. I’ve started getting into reading more, which I definitely enjoy, but something’s changed. I’m just feeling good vibes all around, and I’m becoming this badass of positivity, and productivity. I swear most of it comes from watching IISuperwomanII vlogs, she gives you a good outlook on life. But I’m also currently listening to a book called You Are A Bad Ass quite fantastic actually. I’m just feeling good, and I want to keep that up for as long as possible.

Tomorrow I have a soccer game, and there are also possible thunderstorms.

Chapter two of It Girl goes up tomorrow at midnight I believe. Not much to tell about the chapter, but I’m taking this story step by step.

The Telepathy Twins chapter two is still a work in progress, I apologize for not uploading it on Friday, but I was not finished, and there was a lot I wanted to say in that chapter, so as I progress through this week, I want to work on that story so I can make something great for those eleven followers, two hundred views, and the same six or seven people that like my blogs.

JoJo just asked me if Sadie Hawkins dance is this week, it isn’t, but I wonder why he asked. I hope he realizes that this dance is girl ask guy. *face palm* What a freshie?! Just kidding. I’m still wondering if I should go, I might if I had anyone to go with. I don’t need a date, but it is a date-type dance, so to have a friend there to laugh at all the couples slow dancing horribly and making out in the corner would be a really good night to me. Besides, I love to dance.

But whatever!

Good Vibes=Good Life

Catch ya on the flip side!



Totally looking forward to being back in the band room playing piano tomorrow, and JoJo if you’re reading this, don’t lose hope man, I’ll become a gamer soon enough.


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