It Girl: Chapter Two

School ended. Sky and Annabelle didn’t meet up. Sky went home like the good girl she was. In many aspects she did the right thing. Although Annabelle was ditched, but her friends ended up picking her back up.

The next day Sky came to school and sat alone like usual. She minds most of the time, but today she had a lot of work to do, so she slipped in her earbuds playing “Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco compelling, and motivating her to be productive. People passed by her sitting alone, but she didn’t mind. She started humming along to the song, and when she suspected no one was watching she played the drums with her pencil and pen.

Annabelle watched Sky for a while, but then she found a place to sit too before school started. She was listening to some soft acoustic indie music. Surprising for a girl that looked slightly on the grunge side.

Annabelle didn’t talk to Sky for a while, because underneath her careless punk demeanor it hurt, but Annabelle needed Sky as much as Sky needed Annabelle.

The Mind of Annabelle:

Fake it all

Shake it off

Let it go

Fuck it all

The normal people scare me

Maybe when they look through they see

My heart screams instead of sings

But it’s okay, because someday I’ll be free.

Till then, listen to music so loud that I don’t feel a thing.

Annabelle lived in suburbia. One of those places where everything seems okay from the outside. Her mother died giving birth, her dad left her when she was five, and her foster parents were hard asses that only cared about their child, but adopted her anyways so that they looked good to the rest of the community.

She sometimes got abused.

But she always tried to know their was a better way, and she had hoped, just hoped that maybe, just maybe Sky might make it easier.



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