It Girl: Chapter One



The girl’s name was Skyler, but all of her friends called her Sky. Well, they would if she had any. Sky was a confident, beautiful, proud, and happy girl… in her head. In reality she spent most of her time in the school’s band room. It was quiet there, just like her.

Sky was a very conservative girl. She had high anxiety and almost had a panic attack every time the teacher would call on her. She loved listening to Beethoven’s symphony number four. She was also quite ingenious, she played cello, and dabbled a bit in piano. Her closest friend was the school’s band teacher Mrs. Kay. She had a wonderful voice and unlike Sky, Mrs. Kay was quite confident.

Sky was a senior in high school. High school had been the most dull and tragic years in her life to her, probably because she had never taken any risks. She had never had a boyfriend (that is perfectly okay because high school boys tend to be quite atrocious), she had never attended a school dance, or had a group of friends to go with.

“Hello I’m Annabelle” Said a strange red headed girl that approached Sky.

“Hello” Sky replied in almost a whisper tone.

“That’s a lovely piece you’re playing”said Annabelle as Sky was sitting at the piano.

“Oh, why thank you, I’m not that good” Sky replied.

“Better than anything I’ve heard, why have I never seen you around before, are you new?” asked Annabelle.

“No, I am not new”Sky replied. Thinking of a snarky remark to reply back, but thought not say it, too risky.

“Oh, well, I’m sorry if I embarrassed you” said Annabelle. Then she followed up by asking “Do you come in the band room to hide away every day?”

“I don’t know if hiding away is the exact term I would use for this situation, but if you are implying that I come here every day at lunch, yes I have for the past three years” Said Sky (one of the most insulting sentences she’s said her whole life.)

“Oh, I’m sorry, don’t you have any friends?!” Asked Annabelle.

In a depressing, slow, and silenced tone Sky replied “No.”

“Well, you do now” replied Annabelle in such a lively tone that it eluded Sky.

Skyler and Annabelle ❤



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