January 15, 2017 6:50pm

Hello world, hope you are having a lovely day, I did. I did absolutely nothing!

I want to talk… (if I didn’t have something I wouldn’t have a blog.) First of all, I want to talk about how beautiful the world is, despite what the human race has done to alter it, this world is quite lovely and so are you, you amazing beautiful human being. This is probably surprising to hear me say something so nice if you’re one of those people that say I should be nicer. Ha ha!

Like any other Sunday morning my family and I were going to go to church, and we did. I listened to the preacher preach, as I analyze every line of every verse he spoke looking for truth, and lucky me I found it. Ah, the word of God… so much ironic humor.

The preacher (okay, preacher is dramatic, he’s a friend of mine, and his name is Keith, and I’ve known him since I was a little kid.) Keith was talking about how as we go into this new year we make these resolutions over 50% of the time based on where other people are in life, and comparing ourselves to others. In the teenage world, we tend to do that a lot, but it even continues as an adult. As my position of observer of humanity I have found this to be true. We try to make our lives put together on a screen, but we still often compare ourselves to others, and when we aren’t like that other person we don’t consider ourselves normal. And people wonder why they feel such high stress and anxiety?

What is your point where you feel normal? Who do you compare yourself to? Who do you aspire to be?

Listening to those truths made me feel so blessed that I am not live every other American teenage girl. All they do is compare. I feel as though I am very lucky, because lot’s of people my age that I know of tear themselves apart because they’re not like everyone else. And because of that they don’t feel beautiful. Me on the other hand, I wear makeup every day, (and more that everyone else in my class) not because I’m insecure, but because it’s an art form and I love how I look with it. I pride myself on my body and my weight, and I work out not because I let the number define me, but because it’s fantastic, in fact I look forward to working out after doing my homework like it’s dessert after dinner. I hang out with guys, not because I want to date them, but because they’re so much less drama, and normally down to earth. I am sarcastic, not to be rude, but it’s just my personality. I have my headphones glued onto my ears because music makes my entire life better. I am anti social because people can be amazing and ass holes sometimes. Everyone compares themselves, but I never find myself comparing lifestyles, it may seem like I am, but I am not. I am happy where I am, with everyone in my life, and I appreciate all that God has given me. On the plus side you can use comparison of others to not make you feel bad but to drive you. I know who I am and where I am going, but it’s God’s plan for me that is going to happen in the end, and my life isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes life fun. People like mylifeaseva, IISuperwomanII, Jessie Page, my friend JoJo, my mom, my epic new songs I discovered today, they all help push me into being a better person because new years isn’t about being a new person, but it’s about learning from the lessons that the year will soon teach you, and growing with them.

I actually do have girls ask me how I’m so confident? I just fake it until I make it, and right now it feels like I’m living the good life, so how can I not be confident? I guess just embracing that I don’t want to be normal and never will be normal, and I am totally not alone gives me a sense of hope I guess.

The grass is not always greener on the other side, so plant your own seeds.

I am so blessed to be able to know that I am blessed.

I didn’t do anything today, and nothing really good happened, but I just wanted to have a good rant, and elaborate on what my friend Keith was really preaching about. I think all I did was go to church, discover new music, and watch Netflix, and on top of all of that I don’t have to go to school tomorrow… Who wouldn’t be happy?

Tomorrow, somewhat excited, I’ve been nagging JoJo to work out with me for the longest time, and he finally said he’d give it a try tomorrow. It’s gonna be a good workout… then we’ll go get some Subway. So excited it’s gonna be pretty comical. See ya tomorrow JoJo.

If you actually read all of that you are the total champions.

Good Vibes=Good Life

Catch ya on the flip side.

-Issie ❤


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