January 11, 2017 6:46pm

Hello again, how are you? I am doing good, thank you very much.

It didn’t rain today, but everything is wet.

I started the day once again barely able to get out of bed. How sad? Shame upon me. Somehow I made it to school on time. I made it through the day, my friends and I got to play guitar, piano, and sing a little. My friend Adam and I were messing around on the piano, and he said if I didn’t get the note right he would spray me with water that they use on the instruments… of course, I got it wrong. And like the weirdo he is he sprayed me with the water, which in reality was vinegar. Yay. I only smelled like vinegar for about a period and none of it got in my eyes. Thank God.

Lots of chatter from the chattering girls went around about the Sadie Hawkins dance. I want to go, but I have no one to go with, I could ask someone, but it’s more of a date type of dance and most of my friends already have dates. I have a half a month to decide if I want to go, and to ask someone.

Soccer practice was actually really enjoyable and fun today. We went from gym to gym looking for a place to practice. Because girls basketball, guys basketball, and wrestling have every other room. But we were lucky enough to have the weight room. We got a good work out, had some fun, and listened to some really dope songs. I feel as though I love working out more than any other teenage girl, and it is somewhat unnatural. Ha ha!

Long story short, it was a good day. My thoughts and prayers go out to JoJo whose sister is having horrible vision issues, if you want to see more, it’s in one of his latest blog posts chaoswriterblog.wordpress.com go check him out some time.

Catch ya on the flip side.



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