January 10, 2017 7:21pm

The struggle continues, I keep on writing 2016 as the date on every document. I know I’m not the only one.

How was your day?

Mine was lovely. It rained all day. My favorite sound is sound of rain on a roof. Despite the fact that I had to go to school, I survived, it was good.

The night before I didn’t have soccer practice so I decided to do a dance cardio workout. My Mom and I worked out to Just Dance 2017. Although I’m a dancer, she beat my butt. (Because I let her of course.)

Long story short, it made it really hard to wake up today. Ha! In fact, my Dad drove me to school in the morning, and I fell asleep on the way to school! Now, that’s tired. I completely comprehend that every teenager is tired all the time, even if you get the proper amount of sleep, it’s just in our genetic system. I was also half awake walking to all my classes, how sad right? By lunch I got some food, and I started to thrive (when I say thrive, I made it through the day, and had enough energy for soccer practice, because no one thrives in high school.)

If you were wondering, (probably weren’t) my English class wasn’t too bad, but I still miss my old teacher. God be with her.

But after school was when the fun started for me, we had soccer practice in our old gym today. We did lots of running (love it), and we did some sprints. I survived the first round, but the second round involved running backwards… I lost my shoe, and fell backwards. At the end we had a scrimmage, and as usual it was amazing because I love being aggressive. I scored more goals than I thought I would. Definitely proud of that… as a defender.

After soccer practice some friends of mine and I went to go watch the home basketball game. For me, it was high anxiety, I was cheering for the team and making weird faces every time they had a free through because of the anxiety and adrenaline levels. JoJo (chaoswriterblog.wordpress.com) played too, and I got to hug him when the game was over, I thought I should return the favor because he huggd me after one of my home games. Total bestfriend goals. :’D

Definitely a good day. Catch ya on the flip side!



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