January 9, 2017


Oh, no, I’m blogging during class. Ha! I’m so lame. Right now I’m in the middle of A.V.I.D class, one of my most dreaded classes, but Spanish trumps A.V.I.D most definitely if we’re talking about which classes are the worst in my schedule. Lunch is in fifteen minutes, I’m trying to hold on. Luckily I have a stick of gum that still has a sliver of flavor to help me survive.


Somewhat excited for lunch to arrive to just chill in the band room, maybe play some piano, but I may or may not have forgotten my sheet music. I’m not in band but I will be taking Guitar 1 next year. Besides the fact that I have been playing since I was 10. But since I’m not in band I have to borrow my friend’s guitar and use the beautiful grand piano that they have in the center of the room.

My friend Victor and I are always messing around with the piano although he has no piano background and neither do I. He actually plays tenor sax. Pretty dope right?!


School’s been over for about an hour, but the fire wall on the my school’s interntet kicked me out of wordpress.com :'(. Annyways, now I’m procrastinating doing homework, normally I would be at soccer practice, but with all of this rain, our coach canceled it. But I’m honestly in dispair, because my favorite class, advanced english got a new teacher because our old one got sick! God be with her. But this new teacher is strict. I’m known as that girl at school with headphones glued to her head, and she won’t allow me to listen to music! Do you want my writing to be good or not? Because music gets my creative juices flowing, so get off my grill lady. Honestly needed to rant about that, sometimes we just need to rand about crap. If you want comment something you need to rant about wether it’s happy angry. It really feels good to get it out. Well, back to the homework.


I am super tired, as usual. I had a major dance and cardio work out.

Today was a tolerable day considering I had to go back to school, I saw my friends, played some piano, did a work out. All in all, God had my back and I survived.

Good night, and catch ya on the flip side.



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