The Shadows

The shadows are everywhere. The sun sends someone down so that you’re not alone. They’re everywhere. Even in the nights when you roll out of bed to go to the bathroom at three am you still find shadows lurking about. Skyler loved shadows, she found and attraction to the way the shadows formed, changed, and moved. She would always be reading books about how movements in the sun effect time, and numerous other things.

On any normal day you could find Skyler approaching the town’s library same time every day. 3:30pm. Who knows what she did in there, iluminati, or probably read more about movements in the sun. Nobody came into the library until yesterday. This is when all the peculiarities started, when she arrived. She was almost identical to Skyler, 5’5, blonde, sixteen, pale, thin, with emerald green eyes, except she had freckles. The librarian in fact thought The New Girl was strange too.

The New Girl immediately approached Skyler as one of the perkiest humans on the planet. She approached Skyler as a friend. She never mentioned her name. Skyler and the new girl proceeded to have a day on the town. Unusual for Skyler, normally she goes people watching after the library, and watches the shadows that follow the people. But she was having so much fun with the new girl she could not be bothered to notice that the new girl didn’t have a shadow, and neither did Skyler.

As it started getting dark Skyler invited the new girl to dinner. She was delighted to go. And Skyler was delighted to finally have a friend besides her books. While the new girl was dining with Skyler’s family didn’t seem to care that she didn’t have a name, then again, nobody did. Finally Skyler’s mom took The New Girl back to her house.

Skyler woke up saddened by the thought that she would never see her new friend again, but once she went outside to proceed with her usual 3:30 library appointment, she noticed her shadow was waving at her. In that moment Skyler realized her best friend was in fact, her shadow.


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