January, 2017


Normally this is a somewhat early time to start my daily blog. I enjoy writing them at the end of the night while I’m netflixing (a term commonly used to describe a long period of time where one finds themselves watching Netflix until the “Are you still watching?” comment pops up on the TV screen, and the answer always is… yes Netflix, I am.) I like blogging about my day once it’s all over but if you couldn’t tell I have a strong love for writing and I just felt compelled to write about my emotions. I don’t plan on sharing much, but I was reading something when my mind started to get clouded, and I just felt this sort of tinglingly happy feeling. I’ve felt it before but it was quite strange this time, I was strongly compelled to just smile, and I did. Emotions always seem to get in the way for me, but this is a new story so let’s see what happens. More on the tingly happy sensation later. Ha! Don’t judge, but the rest of the post is going to be completely irrelevant and will describe my day and how I was feeling in that moment.


School hasn’t even started and I’m already stressing. The anxiety is overflowing. I forgot to do some things over break, and I’m not looking forward to seeing some people, but yet I will put on a happy face and show them demons whose da bawse (it’s more badass if you write it with slang af… I guess.)

I don’t have practice tomorrow, so I’m planning on doing my own work outs. I have meals and smoothies prepped for breakfast and lunch, everything is packed, and I know what I want to wear tomorrow, but yet I’m nervous like it’s the first day at a new school. Ah, the anxiety. I try and tell myself it’s all in my head, but when I stop to realize it, I already know it’s all in my head but I still let my head controll my heart like every other human, except I’m a time lord.

I should be happy I’m going back to see my friends, but I just shudder to think about having to fake a smile and a conversation with all the plastic people.

I had a very relaxing day up until this point. I edited some pictures, played some electric guitar, napped, did laundry, prepped for school, wrote in my journal, read Harry Potter. All the things I wish I could do on a daily basis, but I have to go to school by law. On the bright side I’ll get an education so I can do all of those things for the rest of my life and get paid for it. The anxiety, depression, stress and the world may be getting to me, but a life with God in it has provided more happiness for me so that none of those things define who I am. Living a life of faith and good vibes, not a life of misery, and discomfort. Ironically as I was writing this “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors came on shuffle (Spotify, ispat1000 dope playlists, but whatever), hella good vibes up in this place!

I wish good vibes upon all of you amazing people of the world. Because life is full of misery, but you can make them hella good vibes. One playlist at a time. Just kidding! Although playlists do help me and how I view the world, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Look man, find what makes you happy and go for it, everyone will always try to drag you down, and some days are better than others, but life is too good and too short to live it with such misery!

Hoped you liked that. Leave a comment below saying what you’re into or leave a comment giving story ideas for short stories coming at ya every Monday, yes, that will become a thing.

Catch ya on the flip side!



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