New Year, Same Me

Hello world. Nobody is probably reading this, but yet I type on. Before I go on into making a statement that no one cares about in this blog, I’d rather introduce myself to you, ye invisible readers.

Continuing to the actual article portion of this blog post. It’s new year’s eve. No plans, on my computer, writing a blog post, watching Ryan Seacrest Rockin New Year’s Eve just waiting to see the Panic! At the Disco performance, drinking apple cider out of the bottle.

I set lots of reasonable goals for myself this year, I’m not the type to make unreasonable, unrealistic goals for myself. I like who I am too. It’s a new year, but I’m basically half way through school already, if I wanted to change my image I would have done it at the beginning of school year. I like who I am, and as I grow and expand, I shall change, but right now I don’t need to change every aspect of who I a to confide to a new year. The year will confide to me, not the other way around, and this upcoming year no doubt will have it’s up and downs, but I will make it so more of the outcome will be positive.

So may you have peace and prosper in this new year, and God be with you. Thanks for reading or not reading.

Catch ya on the flip side

– Issie


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